Suddenly, I wanted apricot fruit punch with almond tofu.

Why do I know foods like almond tofu and apricots fruit punch even though I used to work at an inn?

Well, to be frank, there was a time when it was served as a dessert at the inn.

That exquisite sweetness and that texture, I personally liked it quite a bit, but until recently I completely forgot about it.

There is no powdered gelatin like in Japan, so I made it by boiling cow bones.

Gelatin is really important.

Without this, jelly will not harden, so it can be said that it is essential for making sweets.

It would be different if there was agar, but I'm sure agar is made from seaweed.

How do I know that?

Even though I was in a different department, I helped a lot with things like preparing food!  (Hig..Hig)

Why I am crying?

I thought I was in charge of customer service, but for some reason I got up at 4:00 to help with food, you know?

At that time, the talkative head chef was talking about various things…
isn't it amazing that I remembered that?  Even I am surprised. 

I really don't want to think about those bad memories that won't leave your mind.

With that kind of feeling, almond tofu was completed while remembering the bitterness of my previous life.

I think this white, jiggly object is unexpectedly cute.

“ah!  Uncle!”

When I was checking the almond tofu in the kitchen, I heard such a voice.

The owner came towards me and dumped into me .

 I already know who it is  without looking…

“Thee, what's wrong?”

 “I was looking for you to play with me uncle! ……By the way, what is that?”

Thiffany, who is the younger girl of Brother Regulus's twin daughters, looked at my hands and asked me.

“It's almond tofu.”

 ” Is it delicious?”

 “Want to try?”


“Wait “

And, I beckoned the child who was looking at me from outside the kitchen.

“Come on, Suwa too.”


Her older sister, Suwa also approached with discreet footsteps.

To the sisters, I divide the almond tofu neatly and give it to them along with a spoon.



The reaction of the two was simple, yet honest, which made me happy.

 “Uncle is a cooking genius!”

Recently, the two of them often come and eat sweets when I am making them, and it seems that they pass that information on to  their mothers and the other wives of brother Raul and brother Regulus.

I'm making a lot of them because I'll be reminded later, but I am happy to make it if I can get this kind of reaction.

Of course, I plan to bring it to my  fiancée, Philia, when I have time.

Girls like sweets is common in all worlds.

“Uncle, please!”


A cheerful voice and a silent appeal.

While thinking they are a pair of interesting sisters, I didn't forget to say, ” this is the last for today ok?”

The obedient sisters smiled at those words and nodded, so I deeply thought that in the future, I would also like to have such a cute daughter with Philia.

A little girl with the same silver hair as Philia or with the same odd eyes?…I feel like I will not stop crying when her time to get married come. 

If it's a boy, I am sure that he'll be


After all, it's normal if the mother's genes are good

Eh? Me?

I don't feel like I'm beautiful like my mother, maybe just ordinary?

The color of my hair is similar to my mother's, but other than that…
well everyone says we are similar.

Especially our personality.

I have my doubts whether it's like that, but…well, it is not that important.

By the way, the almond tofu recipe was later used at the restaurant that use the recipe I taught, and the jelly also became popular .

I was a little surprised that jelly-type sweets didn't exist in this world yet…
well, I just made them because I wanted to eat them, so it's okay.

Also, the apricot jam was consumed by my brother's family for breakfast, but I decided to store the apricot juice in another space with space magic for my personal enjoyment.

If they want it, they can ask the chef for it , but why is apricot less recognized than apples and other fruits?

The fruits in this world seem to be less affected by the climate, and many of them bear fruit even if the season and climate are different from the fruits in my first life, but apples are still the standard.

Speaking of juice, is there apple juice?

 Also, grapes wine.

 Grapes If I'm not mistaken, the territory next to mine is famous for grapes, so maybe I should make grape juice next time.

I like the smell of wine, so it might be nice to drink it when I'm a little older.

 Well, I didn't like alcohol that much since In my first life, I was made to drink even though I didn't like it in order to recommend it to customers, and the hangover was terrible. 

So let's drink in moderation.

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