My sister was overwhelmingly superior in family status, and since she is the second princess, it seems that the other party would rather be quiet…
but my sister said that it is fine on that side as well.


 “Thank you for your concern.”


My sister say while stroking my head.


It doesn't seem like she's going to let go of this childish treatment yet, but it's not bad to be protected like this.


That said, she never forgets to treat me like the third prince in front of others people.


I want to look cool in front of Philia, but I have few opportunities to look cool in front of her because I somehow always feel at ease.


Yeah, let's do our best.


When I will become an adult with a grown-up face that is different from when I was a child, it will make her heart skip a beat…


That being said, Philia's maternal side that sometimes shows on her face makes me nervous and deepens my affection for her, but…
it is definitely the devil temptation. 


Call me a lolicon, but it can't be helped because it's true that I fell in love with her.


I will accept that title with equanimity.


Well, in terms of physical age, I am not  even in the lolicon square.


We have the same age.


More than anything else, marriages with age gaps in this world are not uncommon stories.


People in positions of responsibility such as royalty, aristocrats, kings, and family heads are obligated to leave descendants while they are relatively young, for example, a young daughter married as a concubine, or legal wife.
There are many situations in which lolicons would be delighted to hear such things as choosing a younger wife as a second wife after the death of the first.


Conversely, there are cases where women are older and men are younger.


For example, it's quite common to hear stories such as children of powerful people marrying beautiful women close to them after they grow up, or female family heads with preference on the younger side.


Consanguineous marriages are also allowed to some extent.


It is not good if it continues for many generations, but it is tolerated in some case.


Well, I don't want to cuckold my brother in law.


A sister is a sister, not a romantic target.


Besides, I don't have time to steal other people's happiness.


 I'm busy flirting with Philia and chilling out.


For same-sex marriage…
I hear there are people who do it in secret because the church is noisy.


I've never awakened to homosexuality, but I'm secretly rooting for yuri because imagining it makes me excited.


Well, I won't forgive you if you try to run Philia down that road.


Like that, after having a pleasant chat with my sister, I handed over the sweets as a souvenir and looked at my nephew's face one last time before heading home.


 After all, children are cute.


Well, I'm a kid too.

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