ry we can be proud of…”


“Is it still incomplete?”


 “Of course.
It's better than before, but after all, the long-standing troubles of the country won't go away easily.
brother-in-law understands, right?”




It's a meaningful conversation, but it's probably about the unpleasant negative parts of the country that can't be openly said.


When it comes to a large country, there will be many dark things that can't be revealed even after many years.


To get rid of it and make a clean country…
easy to say, but incredibly difficult.


To be honest, I can only think that, this young king who is trying to do that is amazing.


I savor the food while thinking like that.


Oh this is delicious.


 “Hey hey, Sirius.
Can I borrow Philia-chan and the others tomorrow as well?”


 “If you can return them in one piece.”


 “Of course!”


I unintentionally gave agree with Rosa-nee-sama , but…
Philia and the others look like they're having fun, and I have some errands to do, so it's fine.


 “Why don't you come with us, Sirius?”


 “I'd like to go, but I have a few things to do.”


Besides, if it's just my fiancées and my older sister, it's fine, but if there are the four concubines of brother-in-law, I'm afraid being the only man will be awkward, so I refrain from doing so.


……don't say that there will no sense of incongruity even if we are together.


“Uncle Sirius”


 Suddenly, Rosa-nee-sama's eldest son, Roosely, who was supposed to be with the other children, spoke to me.


“What's wrong?”


 “Uncle Sirius can use magic, right?”


“Well, just a little.”


 “Calling that little”


Brother Regulus smiled wryly.


 No, well, compared to the general public, I am probably better, but there's still a possibility that I am still far from the goddess standards, so I'm not going to be complacent.


“What are you good at?”


 “Maybe light healing is the best?”




 Other concubines's children also asked me various questions, but it's strange to be called uncle by this many people.


“If it’s uncle, can you cure older sister’s illness?”


“Older sister?”




 “She's my little sister.
Her name is Flora, the eighth princess.”


brother-in-law Hermes's sister and the 8th princess…
That's amazing, this is really different world.


 “Well, I can't say anything without seeing it.”


That's right.
Sirius, can you try it even if it's no good?”


 “It's fine, but…”


If she hasn't been cured until……
does that mean that even the healing magician in the church could not do anything about it?


If that is the case there is a chance that would need to that method, but I don't want to use it if possible…
I think Philia and the others will be jealous.


With that thought in mind, I enjoyed the rest of my dinner.




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