Wen Li felt a bit embarrassed when he brought up what happened two years ago.

“Why was I crying…” She clutched the bedding, finding it difficult to articulate, “Everyone has a time when they're emotionally fragile.”

Song Yan looked at her calmly.

“So you liked him,” he stated matter-of-factly, pausing for a few seconds before continuing, “If you don't have feelings for him anymore, there's nothing wrong with admitting it.
It's all in the past.”

Wen Li replied, “No, I didn't…”

“Go to sleep, we have to wake up early tomorrow,” He released his hold on her waist, reached out, and tucked the blanket around her, “Good night.”

Then he turned his back and switched off the bedside lamp.

Wen Li pursed her lips.

Compared to people knowing that she cried because of hateful comments from netizens, it seemed even more embarrassing to be misunderstood as having liked Lu Ming.

Stubborn Wen Li wouldn't allow Song Yan to misunderstand her liking that trash.
It was an insult to her taste and integrity.

She jumped up from the bed, using her hands and feet to flip over him like a little dog, and crawled to his other side, forcing him to face her directly.

Song Yan was slightly taken aback, “What are you doing?”

Wen Li tugged at the corner of her lips and explained emphatically in the darkness, “I cried out of anger! Those were tears of fury!”


The more Wen Li thought about it, the angrier she became.
She complained to Song Yan, her words pouring out, “That garbage had a girlfriend and still stirred up a CP with me.
Before the publicity stunt, I specifically asked Lu Dan to confirm with him, he said he was single.
Well, as it turned out, he had been secretly dating Zheng Xue for years.
I was dragged into it for half a year, facing relentless criticism.
If it weren't for Lu Dan advising me that we all exist in the same circle and can't escape each other's sight, and also because my career hadn't stabilized at that time, it wouldn't be good to expose the truth.
So I had to endure and wait for it to pass.
If I had known that he had been dating Zheng Xue for years, I would rather not have earned the money from those CP fans.
Even if I became popular a few years later, it would be fine.”

Song Yan remained silent for a long time.
Wen Li couldn't see his expression in the darkness.
She felt a bit disheartened, “Hey, you also  don't believe me either?”

“I believe you.”

After he said those words, Wen Li suddenly felt his warm breath on her face, inching closer.

Instinctively, she leaned back, but Song Yan was already sleeping close to the edge of the bed, and when she crawled over, there was only a small gap left to lie on.
With half her body suspended in the air, she would fall off the bed if she tilted even slightly.

Wen Li exclaimed as she fell down.
In a panic, Song Yan called out her name and quickly turned on the light.
He saw her lying on the ground, her face wrinkled in pain.

Song Yan was momentarily stunned, then sighed and chuckled.

“What are you laughing at?” she grumpily shouted.

Song Yan got off the bed and lifted her up, “Did you hurt anywhere?”

“Of course,” Wen Li lay on the bed, pointing to the back of her head weakly, “I might have a concussion.”

A broad hand immediately came up and began to rub her head.

After a few rubs, Wen Li indeed felt much better.
Her tailbone was also a bit sore, but it was a sensitive spot, so she reached over and pressed it herself.

“Does it hurt here too?” he asked.

“Yes, I can do it myself.
Just keep massaging the back of my head.”

“No need to be shy,” Song Yan noticed her hesitance and calmly moved his hand to her tailbone, “I've touched it before.”

They had only touched each other in that way during intimate moments.
Now, with the lights on and both of them fully awake, Wen Li still felt a bit uncomfortable.
However, his massage felt too comfortable, so after a moment of hesitation, she let him take care of her.

“Oh, don't tell anyone that I cried because of something like this.
If it gets out that I cried because of the hateful comments, those anti-fans will probably enjoy criticizing me even more.”

Wen Li crawled forward like a tortoise, picked up her phone from the bedside table, and opened Weibo to check.

She often visits her own fan club, where she knows there is a dedicated anti-black group of fans who are responsible for reporting posts and Weibo accounts that personally attack her.

As she scrolled through, she noticed that her fans had identified several more anti-fans and were urging everyone to report them.

One of the accounts was named [Li Ji Must S].

——「Li Ji, you are despicable, despicable, despicable.
How come you haven't caused your despicable parents' death?」

——「You're so despicable, Li Ji.
Why haven't you killed your despicable parents yet?」

She only glanced lightly at the following insults, which were too unbearable to look at.

With a calm expression, she glanced at Song Yan and muttered to herself in a low voice, “My mother passed away a long time ago, but my father is in good health.
He will definitely live to be a hundred.”

Then she said to Song Yan, “So you have to keep it a secret for me, okay?”

Song Yan frowned.
Although he knew that no celebrity is without anti-fans, seeing these insults face-to-face still made him feel complicated.

He suddenly lifted the person lying on the bed, holding her in his arms and patting her back as if soothing a child, “It's all in the past now.”

But Wen Li didn't care at all.
She spoke cheerfully, “Ah, it's fine.
I'm invincible now.
They can insult me to my face, but if I furrow my eyebrows, my last name won't be Wen.”

She heard him chuckle and whisper to her, “Stubborn little donkey.”

Wen Li furrowed her brow, “You really love giving people nicknames, huh? And this nickname is derogatory, right?”

Song Yan replied, “It's a term of endearment.”

“Don't try to deceive someone who's well-read like me,” Wen Li pushed him away, wanting to prove to him that she wasn't pretending to be strong but truly had a strong heart, “Really, luckily you agreed to sign the contract with me back then.
The news of our marriage overshadowed all those things at once.
And I also have a miraculous remedy.”

“What remedy?”

Wen Li quickly searched on her phone.
She hadn't changed her phone brand for several years, so it was easy to import data.
There were screenshots from several years ago in her photo album.

They were private messages sent by fans, dating back two years.

——「Sanli, I don't know if you will see this private message, but I want to tell you not to care about the rumors in the outside world.
Although you have a big temper and can be arrogant, always arguing with fans, we all believe in your character.
'I didn't come for you when you were at your peak, nor will I leave you when you fall into the abyss.' We will always love you.」

——「Sister qwq, my heart aches for you.
Those people who insult you don't understand you.
In the variety shows, you voluntarily took on the responsibility of speaking ill on behalf of the female artists in your group, exhausting yourself to the point where you couldn't get out of bed the next day and even skipped breakfast.
I became your fan during that time.
In my heart, you are a beautiful and kind-hearted little fairy, and all the litchi fruits know that! Keep up the good work, leave the clarification and reporting to us.
We will accompany you through this difficult time!」

She saved these messages as screenshots in her photo album.

That's why she acted high and mighty with everyone except her fans.
During every outdoor event, she would wave and greet her fans, telling them to study hard and work hard, not to lose focus on life for the sake of chasing stars.
She would accept fans' gifts that were not valuable but full of heartfelt intentions and then boast about them on Weibo.

“I have a great personal charm, don't I?” Wen Li proudly raised her eyebrows at Song Yan.

She looked at the content of those private messages again and smiled with her eyes squinted like a child who had received a little red flower.

Seeing Song Yan staring at her without saying anything, Wen Li reflected for a moment on whether she was being too self-centered.
She coughed and got up, crawling into the bedcovers, “Alright, I've explained everything clearly.
Next time someone spreads rumors about me, I'll sue them.
Let's go to sleep.”

Song Yan made a sound of agreement and also pulled the covers over himself.

Wen Li was really tired, so when Song Yan embraced her from behind again, she yawned and didn't refuse.

“You do,” Song Yan suddenly said.

Only then did Wen Li realize that he was answering the question from before.

“Why is your reaction time longer than mine?” Upon receiving affirmation, Wen Li felt a little happy, “Right? My personal charm is great, right? Even though I'm not as good at acting cute as Zheng Xue, I'm still more likable than her.”

She always liked comparing herself to others.

Little did she know that there was no basis for comparison at all.

“Who said you're not good at acting cute?” Song Yan sighed, “You're too good at it, gifted with talent.”

Wen Li's vanity instantly soared, and she couldn't help but want to jump out of bed and recite loudly: I raise my head and howl at the sky, how can I be a mere commoner!

But she still showed some modesty in her words, “Really? Are you just flattering me?”

“No,” Song Yan thought for a moment, his voice soft, “What you just said made me feel sorry for you.”

However, Wen Li laughed proudly, “With the amount of money I make every year, what is there to feel sorry for?”


“Why aren't you saying anything?”

“It's nothing, let's go to sleep.”

As a result, her curiosity was piqued again, and she eagerly held onto the covers and asked, “Hey, you haven't given me any specific examples.
Am I really good at it? Why haven't I noticed it myself? Tell me, please?”

“In bed,” Song Yan hummed lightly, tapping her head and lazily saying, “I want to make you unable to leave the bed for three days.”

Wen Li was speechless and with a strong desire to survive she said —

“Let's sleep, let's sleep.”


The next morning, accompanied by the refreshing morning air, Wen Li got up and prepared for work.
After having breakfast, she sat comfortably in the car arranged by the program team.

The script had been sent out early in the morning.
The morning was for indoor recordings, while the afternoon was dedicated to outdoor shoots to complete the tasks assigned by the program team.

The recording time for the program was actually just two days.
The remaining schedules involved recording other variety shows for the same TV station.

Apart from Lu Ming and Zheng Xue, Wen Li wasn't very familiar with the other two guest couples.
They were even less acquainted with Song Yan.
Besides occasionally encountering each other at media events, they had no connection at all.

Fortunately, the other two guest couples were talkative and enthusiastically mentioned that they had watched Wen Li's TV dramas and Song Yan's movies.

One male guest seemed to be a big fan of Song Yan.
He could recite his movies by heart.
In the past few years, Song Yan had been working at a frequency of two major movies per year.
After getting married, he slightly shifted his focus elsewhere, releasing one work per year to ensure his presence in the audience's view.
The remaining time was spent on other commercial endorsements and pursuing further education.

After two days, in front of the cameras, Wen Li and Song Yan maintained a temporary surface peace.
They also exchanged WeChat contacts with the other two guest couples.
Overall, they felt the experience was quite good.

However, it wasn't until the third day that all four guest couples appeared together on a talk show game variety program on the same TV station.

They started with an awkward opening act.
Song Yan and Wen Li were placed inside a heart-shaped prop.
When the director made the OK gesture, the heart would split in half from the middle, and the guests would emerge from it.

The host was still reading the script and interacting with the audience.

“Hey, I heard about this couple.
They have had very few collaborations since getting married, one might even say almost none.
But their popularity is very high.
I'm really curious about the reason.
Do any of the audience members know? What is it about them that attracts you?”

The fans of the various CPs all exclaimed in unison, “Their faces!”

The host burst into laughter.

“Well, let's first take a look at this popular online CP introduction video of this pair of guests.”

The video wasn't anything special; it mainly featured an embarrassing voiceover in the background.

“If you still don't know about Salt Grain, then allow me to introduce them to you.”

“Song Yan, at the age of eighteen, made his debut as Chen Jiamu in 'Paper Airplanes'.
Wearing a white school uniform, he was a beautiful young man, full of deep emotions and eccentricity, becoming the moonlight in the hearts of all the girls that year…”

“Wen Li, the queen of idol dramas, whether it's a dignified princess or a cute girl next door, she exudes her unique charm whether in light or heavy makeup…”

“Made for each other, a couple of immortals with top-tier looks.
No wonder even passersby can't help but fall into the pit and exclaim, 'Ah, they're so perfect together!'”

Song Yan: “…”

Wen Li: “…”

They couldn't help but wonder how the previous guests on the show endured hearing their own introduction sequences.

After the introduction video, the host loudly asked the audience, “Are you all excited for them?”


With a bang, the heart-shaped prop burst open, and dry ice machines hissed as fog billowed out.
Small celebratory ribbons fell from the studio ceiling.

“Let's welcome the Salt Grain couple! Song Yan and Wen Li!”

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