Two people walked out of the heart-shaped prop.
Fans in the audience holding signs that read [Salt Grains] waved their arms continuously, expressing their enthusiasm with screams.

Star City is a city of internet celebrities.
Its youthful entertainment culture has a profound influence on the audience.
Almost every artist who comes here to record shows has said that the audience here is much more passionate than in other cities.

Although Wen Li has been here a few times to record shows, she is still amazed every time.

Song Yan had only been here a few years ago for a movie promotion, which was more like an interview format.
The audience wasn't as lively then; mostly young boys and girls were sitting below.

After the self-introduction, Host A held the script with a smile and cued the opening line, “Wen Li, this isn't your first time on our show, right? How does it feel to come back after such a long time? Does it feel like coming home?”

Wen Li nodded, “Yes, I was here last year.
It does feel like coming home, but the main feeling is that I've gained weight again.”

She had a good sense of variety shows and could both pick up and throw out jokes.
As soon as she said that, the fans burst into laughter.

A shout came from the audience, “Wen Li, eat more snacks! You're too thin! Your mom is worried!”

Wen Li pursed her lips and smiled, while the big screen behind her showed a close-up of her.

The fans' screams increased by two levels, “Wen Li!!!”

Host A quickly tossed the joke to Song Yan, “I remember you haven't been here for several years, right? You participated in the movie promotions a few years ago.
So, how do you feel? Any changes?”

Song Yan doesn't have as much variety show experience as Wen Li and he rarely goes online in his daily life.
But that's just his personality.
He attracts fans with his achievements and embodies the unworldly character of a white moonlight.
Today, as he appeared on the show, he picked up the microphone, cleared his throat, and his low and gentle voice resounded.
The fans in the audience immediately responded with even louder screams.

“Beautiful, beautiful!!”

Song Yan smiled and said, “I feel that the audience is even more enthusiastic now, so I'm a little nervous.”

Meanwhile, Host B had been silent from beginning to end, crossing his arms and staring at the two.

So, Host A asked, “Hey, why are you so quiet today, Qiqi? When the news broke online that Song Yan and Wen Li were coming on our show, weren't you the one with the biggest reaction? You even sent a lot of emojis in our WeChat group.”

“I used to watch the two of them through the screen, but today seeing them standing side by side, it really left me speechless,” Host B turned to the audience, “I finally understand why even though we start recording the show in the evening, the fans were already lining up at the gate at seven or eight in the morning.”

“Why?” Host A turned the microphone towards the audience, “Why do you think?”

The fans once again replied in unison, “Because they're too good-looking!”

After the simple opening remarks, the hosts invited the other three guest couple to the stage together, preparing to enter the game segment.

“Our first little game is a traditional classic, 'The Test of Harmony'.
The guests will be divided into four pairs, with one person performing actions based on the prompts on the cardboard and the other person guessing.
The pair that guesses the most within the specified time wins.
Since it's already paired up, there's no need for a draw.
Who wants to go first?”

One of the second-tier celebrity couples raised their hands first.

Wen Li sat on the chair, shifting her buttocks and spinning the chair while asking Song Yan, “Do you want to guess, or should I?”

“I am okay with either of them.”

“Then you guess,” Wen Li made a decision, “Some of the prompts are weird.
If you do those actions, it might ruin your image.”

Song Yan wasn't quite sure what she meant by “weird”, but he soon found out.

When it was their turn, Wen Li glanced at the prompt board behind Song Yan and immediately started moving.

She first placed her hands on her tailbone, then squatted down and made clucking sounds twice.

Song Yan: “Chicken?”

Wen Li nodded and then made a flying motion.

Song Yan: “Flying like a chicken?”

“Correct! Next question!”

Wen Li made a sparkling gesture with her hands and accompanied it with onomatopoeia: “bulingbuling.”


Then she looked up at the ceiling and exclaimed in surprise, “Wow!”

Song Yan: “Radiant?”

“Correct! Next question!”

After correctly answering several idiomatic expressions, one of the guests said, “For Song Yan, idioms are too easy.
He's a top student.”

The prompts covered a wide range, and the subsequent ones became increasingly bizarre.

When they reached the part about internet buzzwords, Wen Li saw the first question and was instantly bewildered, standing still without moving for a while.

Song Yan: “?”

With the timer still counting down, the host couldn't help but laugh and shouted, “Do it quickly, time is running out.”

Wen Li simply waved her hand in refusal and said, “I can't do it.

The fans in the audience immediately shouted in unison, “No switching! No switching!”

Angrily, Wen Li asked the fans below, “Am I the one playing the game, or are you playing the game?”

The fans couldn't be bothered with her and anxiously shouted from the audience, “She wants to eat grapes!”

Song Yan laughed and said softly, “Little spoiled girl?”

The screams from the audience rose one after another, wave after wave, and even the hosts on stage couldn't help but laugh while clutching their stomachs.

Wen Li immediately turned around to leave the stage, saying, “I'm leaving, I'm not recording anymore.”

The hosts hurriedly went to pull her back while suppressing their laughter.

Everyone understood that it was all for the sake of variety show effects.
Wen Li was pulled back to the center of the stage by the host, looking utterly dejected, “If you keep giving me these kinds of prompts to mess with me, I really won't continue recording.”

The host cued the director, “Did you hear that, director? Your prompts have irritated Wen Li.”

The director innocently shouted from the audience, “The fans love it!”

The host immediately used the microphone to ask, “Do the fans like it?”

“We love it!!!!”

Because Wen Li took up some extra time, their group ended up in second place.
In a variety show, winning or losing was not important.
Having a variety show effect was the best outcome.
Everyone joked around and the segment quickly passed by.

In the later segments of the recording, there was a segment called 'Reenact Classic Scenes from Film and Television'.

During the drawing of lots, Wen Li drew a Republican-era drama.
She and Song Yan were responsible for reenacting the most iconic scene from it.

“First, let's watch a short clip to see which scene they will reenact.”

It must be said that the screenwriters of this drama were daring.
They wrote about forbidden love between siblings, a love that no one approved of.
It was a love that was painful and heartbreaking.
The warlord brother imprisoned his sister by his side, and when the sister couldn't bear it anymore and wanted to escape, the brother captured her and they had a tense confrontation.
In the end, amidst the sister's strong resistance, the male lead stopped talking and pulled her into his arms, forcefully kissing her.

As soon as this scene was shown, the host and the audience together exclaimed, “Wow!”

The director understood what the audience loved.
The four scenes chosen were all intimate moments between the male and female leads.
Lu Ming and Zheng Xue drew a Qing Dynasty drama, while the remaining two couples got historical costume dramas from the Han and Tang dynasties and a modern idol drama.

But only Wen Li drew a scene with a kissing scene.
The other scenes, at most, involved hugging.

Wen Li felt hopeless, wondering why she had such bad luck.

While changing costumes backstage, Wen Li specifically asked if the kiss would be real or fake.

“It can be either, whatever you and the teacher prefer,” The director's smile was meaningful.
“But I think the audience definitely wants to see a real kiss from you guys.”

Wen Li: “…”

She definitely couldn't have a real kiss.

When Song Yan already changed and went to look for Wen Li in her dressing room, Wen Li was still changing clothes behind the curtain.

The cheongsam provided by the program team was a bit loose around the waist, so the staff had to scramble to find a smaller size cheongsam at the last minute.

Wen Li had never acted in a Republican-era drama before, nor had she done a Republican-era styling.
Her face could handle the bright and intense makeup, but she was usually known for her ancient costume looks, with long skirts and graceful elegance, like a beautiful and charming lady under the moonlight.

There were many video compilations of female artists online, and whenever they compiled beautiful ancient costume looks, a certain look of Wen Li from a drama would often be used as the thumbnail to attract views.

She lifted the curtain and walked out, intending to take a look at her styling in front of the mirror to satisfy her vanity.
Unexpectedly, Song Yan had already changed and was sitting on the other side of the dressing curtain, waiting for her.

Song Yan had acted in films set in the Republican era before, mostly as revolutionary soldiers in tribute films.
He portrayed characters with a strong will, wearing either plain robes, Zhongshan suits, or worn-out green military uniforms, faithfully recreating the upright and simple image of soldiers from that era.

Since this drama was a romantic one, even though the makeup and styling were retro, there were still some innovative elements that catered to modern aesthetics.

Looking at Song Yan in military attire, Wen Li was stunned for a moment.

There was only one thought in her mind.

So handsome.

So fucking handsome.

Incredibly handsome.

This is the advantage of marrying an actor.
It can fulfill all your preferences, whether it's a fascination with ancient costumes, military uniforms, or any other uniform.
If she wants it, there's nothing he can't wear.

Song Yan lifted his eyelids to look at her.
His eyebrows and eyes were calm and gentle, suppressing the sharpness and sternness of the military uniform.

Wen Li had no choice but to ask, “How do I look?”

He praised in a low voice, “Very beautiful,” and then lowered his head again.

Perhaps feeling that he hadn't looked enough, Song Yan raised his eyes again, his gaze focused, careful, and gentle.

A staff member holding a camera quickly said, “Teachers, how about I take a picture of you both together?”

The two of them didn't refuse and stood side by side.
As he looked at the two people in the camera through the small screen, the staff member was stunned for two seconds.

Humans are indeed visual creatures.

It's truly amazing.


At the recording site, Lu Ming and Zheng Xue had just finished their Qing Dynasty drama scene re-enactment.

Men in Qing Dynasty dramas had bald heads, but since they weren't shooting for a real drama, Lu Ming wore a hat to cover his modern hairstyle.

Zheng Xue's palace costume was magnificent and noble, with golden threads running along the edges from the collar to the hem.
She wore a jade hairpin on her head, with tassels swaying.

The stylist put a lot of effort into it, so the costumes of all the couples were beautiful.
But when it came to Lu Ming and Zheng Xue, their Qing Dynasty attire ignited the atmosphere on set, causing fans to scream.

Fans immediately took snapshots of the stage and shared them in fan groups.

The official CP account retouched a few photos, added a filter, and quickly posted them on Weibo.

「Ming-Zheng: #MingZhengQingDynasty#0325 Photos from the 'Reenact Classic Scenes from Film and Television' recording segment.
Absolutely stunning, I'll say it only once.

The photos of another couple in ancient costumes were also leaked by fans at the scene, but their popularity was slightly lower.

Sharp-eyed marketing accounts immediately downloaded the photos and posted their own original Weibo content.

Entertainment Circle Captain: 「Today's compilation of guests' variety show recording site photos.
Which couple's styling do you like the most?」


「Doctor Junqiao, my brother Ming!!!」

「Our Xue Xue is absolutely amazing.
The palace costume is so beautiful.」

「Qinghe and Kankan, their ancient costumes are incredible!!!」

「It's funny how they drew a modern outfit for the segment of reenacting classic film and TV scenes.
It's a bit of a letdown, haha.」

「Where's Salt Grain?」

Blogger's reply:「Fans at the scene said Salt Grain hasn't appeared yet.
I'll immediately edit and upload the photos once they're out.」

「I really want to know what era's attire Salt Grain will have.
These two in ancient costumes are just too stunning.」

Blogger's reply:「Not very likely, haha, because they already have Han and Qing dynasty costumes.

At this moment, inside the recording studio, all three guest couples had already completed their performances, while the host was still looking at the script to prepare for the last pair.

“I want to ask if the other three guest couples are looking forward to their performance.
Do you guys have confidence in winning against Song Yan and Wen Li?”

“No, haha, I am looking forward to it along with the fans below.”

“I want to win, yes, but I don't have confidence.”

The camera turned to the Ming-Zheng couple.
Zheng Xue picked up the microphone, smiling modestly, “In terms of acting, I definitely don't dare to compare myself with Teacher Song.
So let's try to win in terms of styling.”

“I'll listen to Xiao Xue,” Lu Ming said.

The CP fans of Ming-Zheng in the audience immediately shouted excitedly, “They're on the trending list!”

The host didn't hear clearly for a moment, “What?”

“They're on the trending list!”

“They're on the trending list?” The host looked surprised, “So quickly? Song Yan and Wen Li might feel some pressure.”

Everyone present had never seen the Salt Grain couple in Republic-era costumes, so they were all eager to see them on stage.

Zheng Xue felt relieved instantly.
She didn't expect to trend so easily.
She pursed her lips and smiled.

As the final pair took the stage, the lights dimmed, and the screen at the back displayed the name of the drama.

In the studio, Republic-era opera music played, with a melancholic and beautiful female voice.
The spotlight illuminated the stage from the side, revealing two figures.

When the lights fully brightened, Wen Li followed the lines from the play and slightly bent her knee to greet Song Yan, “Big brother, are you well?”

Song Yan responded graciously, “Little sister, are you well?”

The performance hadn't even begun, and they had only said two lines, but the screams from the audience erupted like a tidal wave, flipping over the entire studio.



The man had deep and cold eyes, handsome and tall, standing like a pine tree.
His wide cloak reached the ground, and a wide belt tightly cinched his waist.
The collar was neatly fastened, as he wore a sharp navy-blue military uniform.
The shining military emblem on his shoulder was dazzling, and his boots stood firmly on the ground, exuding a remarkable temperament.

Beside him, the young lady wore a pale yellow stand-up collar cheongsam.
It tightly wrapped around her delicate waist, her long hair coiled up, and her slender neck exuded a graceful and charming aura.
She looked like a graceful and elusive figure

One was stern and dignified, the other was youthful and beautiful.

The young girl responsible for taking photos of Salt Grain was already trembling with excitement.
She took several blurry shots in a row but managed to stabilize her fingers and heartbeat.
She took a few high-resolution photos to satisfy the eager fans in the fan group who couldn't attend.

The people in the fan group were even more excited than her, refreshing the interface like crazy, with each one being an avid user of emojis.

「Don't just drool, hurry up and edit and post on Weibo.
How can the trending list be complete without our Salt Grain?」

「Let's send Salt Grain to the trending list!」

The noise from the audience was getting too loud that even the host was having some difficulty controlling the scene.
Wen Li looked at Song Yan in confusion, not knowing if they should continue with the scene or not.

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