The more fans a fandom has, the more hidden talents there are.

Among the Salt Grain CP fans, there were many talented fans who could write, draw, and edit.
Of course, the fans who could take photos and do photo editing were even more skilled.

In the past two years, they captured sporadic moments of Song Yan and Wen Li together, and with their highest level of aesthetics and proficient techniques, they turned ordinary photos into something extraordinary.
Passersby don't understand the inner qualities of celebrities, and their first impression is based on appearances.
CP fans used this shallow first impression as a powerful weapon to deceive passersby and lure them into the fandom.

By the time naive passersby fell into the fandom, they realized that the faces of Salt Grain were just a lure, and the true sweetness came from the efforts of the CP fans themselves.

But it was already too late.
People were already deep into the fandom pit and could only continue to stay there.

「Salt Grain Couple Super Topic: #SaltGrain# Recording segment of #0325 program — 'Reenact Classic Scenes from Film and Television', Warlord x Ice belle.
Together in the frame!!! Dramatic stills in the frame!!! [Images][Images]」

「Is this the unparalleled beauty I can freeload on?!」

「My eyes say we don't deserve them!」

「I knew they were extraordinary in period costumes, but I didn't expect them to be this amazing in Republic-era outfits.」

「Sanli, it's a loss for all of humanity if you don't act in a Republic-era drama!!」

Inside the studio, the fans were once again shouting frantically from the audience, “They're trending again!”

The host laughed helplessly, “Hey, can you fans leave some sense of mystery for this episode? What if the viewership drops when the show airs?”

“No way!”

“The viewership will definitely break records!”

“Alright, if it doesn't break records when it airs, I won't hold you fans accountable.
Idols pay for fans' behavior.
I'll hold those on the stage accountable.”

“No, choose us!”

“No, we are choosing them,” the host deliberately hummed, “Alright, quiet down.
We're here to Reenact Classic Scenes from Film and Television, not participate in a costume contest.”

The screams in the studio lasted for several minutes.
With the host's reminder, they finally gradually subsided.

Wen Li felt sorry for the fans' throats.

Just now, she stumbled over the lines she had just memorized backstage and couldn't recall the first sentence no matter how hard she tried.

Seeing her distressed expression, Song Yan knew she had forgotten her lines and silently mouthed the first line to remind her.

The host immediately caught on, “Hey, Song Yan reminded her, deduct points, deduct points.”

Wen Li chuckled a few times, looked at Song Yan somewhat apologetically, and thought that if they were really filming on set, her actions would have undoubtedly delayed the progress of the production team.

Song Yan didn't mind and gave her a gentle look, signaling her to deliver her lines.

Following Song Yan's words, she recited her lines, “Big brother, I don't want to stay here.
I want to go back and find our parents.”

Song Yan took a couple of steps closer, reached out, and held her wrist, pulling her towards him.

A slight wave of excitement erupted from the audience.

Song Yan looked down at her from above, “If you go back this time, do you think our parents will let you come out again?”

Wen Li struggled a bit and whispered, “If I can't go out, then I won't go out.
It's fine staying at home.”

“What about me?” Song Yan took a few more steps towards her, lowered his head, and met her gaze, “Little sister, don't you want big brother anymore?”

The gaze of both the people on stage and in the audience turned towards them simultaneously, and there was noise everywhere.
It was difficult for Wen Li to get into character, but Song Yan was a great teacher.
She looked into his eyes and for a moment truly felt like they were the pseudo-siblings from the script.

Truly deserving of the Best Actor award.

She secretly admired him in her heart and felt that she couldn't hold him back.

“Big brother, let's not do this,” She lowered her head, her tone already tinged with a sob, “The world can't accept us.
This time, when I go home, let's just end it.”

This was followed by a long segment of arguing lines.
Both Song Yan and Wen Li were skilled at delivering their lines.
The lines in the Republican-era drama were not as tongue-twisting as those in period dramas and were closer to everyday speech.
They smoothly performed the intense scene that lasted for a few minutes.

This Republican-era drama was originally a deeply tragic love story, which was popular on both sides of the strait in that era.
Although the character development might now seem a bit cliché after more than a decade, the plot was still sufficiently stimulating.

The fans in the audience gradually quieted down and focused on the drama.

One of the hosts was particularly sentimental, their eyes even appeared slightly moist.
The sound engineer played along perfectly, while the entire studio echoed the theme song of a TV series that had been familiar for many years.

At this moment, Song Yan tightly held Wen Li's shoulders, and in a deep voice, he asked, “What did I do wrong? You tell me.
Big brother can change, as long as you stay.”

Wen Li knew they needed a humorous twist at this moment.
They were recording a variety show, not actually acting in a drama.

She turned around, wiped the corners of her eyes, and cried out, “You snore too loudly when you sleep!”


Both the people on stage and in the audience off stage fell silent for two seconds and then burst into laughter.


Song Yan was also momentarily stunned.
When acting, he can be considered as a senior to this woman, but in the variety show, she was indeed his senior.

He suppressed his laughter and calmly retorted, “Then did I say anything when you grind your teeth in your sleep?”


The variety show effect was instantly at its peak.
The atmosphere of deep and tragic love in the studio had completely disappeared.

Wen Li didn't expect Song Yan to catch on so quickly.
She almost laughed along with everyone, but she continued with the performance.

Finally, they reached the last scene, the passionate kissing scene.

The screams from the audience below started to become enthusiastic again.
Both of them had a tacit understanding.
Of course, they couldn't actually kiss in a variety show, but they also couldn't make it look too fake.
So, Song Yan directly pressed Wen Li against the door frame set up on the stage.

Wen Li struggled a bit, “Let go of me!”

He turned his back to the host and guests at the side of the stage but faced the audience on the other side.
He raised his hand and used his arm to cover the lower half of their faces.

With even breaths, they kissed.

Their noses were lightly touching, creating a hazy and tantalizing image for those who couldn't see the actual situation.

The classic re-enactment ended here.

The host hurriedly approached, “Did you really kiss? Did you?”

Wen Li pushed Song Yan, gesturing for him to step back, but he didn't move.
There was a smile in his eyes.
In just a short second, he subtly leaned forward, lightly brushing his lips against hers, and then quickly pulled back, leaving a faint trace of his scent on her lips.

Song Yan slightly bit his lower lip, smudging the faint lipstick, and then calmly lied, “We didn't kiss.”

The fans in the audience immediately expressed their disappointment.

“It doesn't count! It doesn't count!”

Song Yan raised an eyebrow, “Why doesn't it count? Sharing the space is also a technique in filming.”

Watching him interact with the audience below as if nothing had happened just now, Wen Li tightly pursed her lips.
For a moment, she couldn't figure out if he had done it on purpose or if it was unintentional, or perhaps the touch was just too subtle that he didn't even feel it?

“Let me ask a question on behalf of the fans.
First, I want to clarify that it's definitely not my personal curiosity,” The host coughed twice, “Song Yan, do you really snore when you sleep?”

Wen Li snapped back to reality and awkwardly laughed, “No, not at all.”

She completely made it up for the variety show effect.

The statement itself wasn't significant, but the fans in the audience with wandering thoughts immediately became excited.

“What about teeth grinding?”

Song Yan glanced at Wen Li and smiled, asking, “Can I tell the truth?”

He had the appearance of a man who listened to his wife's words.

The fans started shouting again, “Tell the truth!!!”

Wen Li felt this man was really something.
If he didn't say it, it would indirectly let others know that she grinds her teeth at night.

She quickly retorted, clever with her words, “If you want to tell the truth, then don't blame me for also telling the truth.”

Song Yan laughed and coughed twice, “Alright.”

“You said you were using secret signals here.
Well, we're not sharing a bed with you, so whether it's snoring or teeth grinding, it won't disturb us,” The host deliberately hummed a few times, “We don't want to know.”

Laughter erupted from the audience.

The host continued, “That sudden punchline caught me off guard.
I was still immersed in the plot, almost about to cry.
Didn't you both get into character?”

Song Yan smiled, “We were in character at first, but Teacher Wen's remark immediately pulled me out.”

Upon hearing the topic shift to her, Wen Li regained her focus and explained, “I felt it was too quiet on stage and even among the audience, which made me think our performance wasn't good, so I wanted to say something to liven up the atmosphere.”

“It's precisely because the performance was good that we didn't speak.
Everyone immersed themselves in the scene.
Without that remark, we could have made a serious short film,” the host laughed heartily.
However, more concerned about the effect of the variety show, he said, “You did a great job! Let's give them a round of applause!”

Naturally, there was no suspense in the final competition results.

The host asked the other three pairs of guests for their thoughts, and they all said they accepted their loss.

When Zheng Xue praised them with a smile, she viciously pinched Lu Ming's arm with her hand that faced away from the audience, venting her frustration by exerting force.

Lu Ming felt the pain but maintained his expression in front of the camera, not even furrowing his brows.

By the time the program recording reached the second half, it was already 11 o'clock in the evening.
The recording paused for a break, with the host and guests resting offstage, while the fans were lively and spirited, chatting in the audience seats.

Just now, each pair's recording had already been uploaded by fans.
To maintain some mystery for the upcoming official broadcast of the variety show, only a few seconds were edited and shared on short video apps.

For Song Yan and Wen Li's scene, only the first half was shown, but the blogger revealed in the video description that there was a passionate kiss in the later part.

「Give me the clip of the passionate kiss scene! Otherwise, I'll kneel and beg you!」

The blogger replied,「Hahaha, wait until the day of the broadcast.」

「Did they really kiss? Did they?」

The blogger replied,「Beauty said they didn't kiss, it was just a sharing of space.」

「Real couple doesn't need to share space! Just give a deep, forceful kiss! I want to see their lips pressed together, teeth parting, tongues entwined in a passionate French kiss that makes the whole body tingle!」

「Commenter three and four, please show some restraint.
I want to see them show love.」

「Commenter three and four, let's report them together.」

Everyone believed it was just a sharing of space and not a real kiss, but the parties involved knew best.

Such intimate contact usually happened at night, with that ambivalent feeling of not knowing whether to advance or retreat.
It would gradually fade away due to the body's natural instincts or the temptation of the other person's appearance.
Both were mentally mature adults.
They knew having such desires was normal.
Wen Li didn't feel repulsed or resistant, but if it were during the daytime, with clear boundaries and a sense of distance, it would be difficult for her to impulsively act that way.

Song Yan had a good sense of propriety, which was why Wen Li couldn't understand what he had just done.

She felt like she was back to being a teenager, getting bothered by such a trivial touch.

However, back then with her senior, it was unexpected and neither of them anticipated it.
It wasn't intentional on either side, so she wouldn't blame her senior for the mistake.

But this time, it was entirely Song Yan's fault!

At that moment, a staff member knocked on the door, signaling that it was time for Wen Li to go and record the second half.

Unable to figure it out, Wen Li decided to stop thinking about it.

The host stood in front of the stage and read the opening remarks for the second half of the recording.
Both of them stood behind the big screen.
Wen Li glanced at Song Yan beside her, wanting to say something but hesitating.

Song Yan felt her gaze and turned his head, lowering his eyes, “What's wrong?” he asked.

She quickly turned her head away, “It's nothing.”

But Song Yan, being astute, quickly guessed what was on her mind and asked, “Thinking about what just happened?”

Wen Li frowned and immediately denied, “You're thinking too much.
We're not high school students anymore.
Do I seem like that?”

Then, a hand lightly tapped on her head.
Wen Li, annoyed, said, “Don't mess up my hairstyle.”

She had purposely done a fluffy princess-style curled hair today, with long curls falling to her waist, and the stylist had put in a lot of effort and used plenty of hairspray.

“I didn't say anything.
You're overthinking it,” Song Yan replied.

Wen Li glared at him and retorted sharply, “What am I overthinking? You are the one imagining things.
How dare you blame me?”

Suddenly, Song Yan bent down and lightly bumped his nose against Wen Li's.
His voice was low, with a hint of laughter and resignation in it as he said, “I was thinking about this.”

At this moment, the host's voice came from the stage, “Let us welcome once again, Wen Li! Song Yan!”

The large screen in front of them swiftly unfolded from the middle to the sides.
The spotlight from the stage slipped in, and their sight was covered by the fog of dry ice in the air.
Song Yan had already straightened his posture, maintaining a perfect smile towards the camera, with a distance of a fist's length between him and Wen Li.

Wen Li took a few seconds to regain her senses.
It wasn't until the camera was in her face that she belatedly controlled her facial features to reveal a smile.

Appear calm in front of others, but who knew what kind of contact had taken place just a few seconds ago in a place where others couldn't see.
The more concealed it was, the harder it felt to turn the page.


The recording of the second half began.

Since it was already late, the director decided to leave the final game segment for the end.

“So, our last segment is 'Little Joys in Life'.
The host and guests have each brought a memorable item that holds significance in their hearts.
We won't reveal them now, let the audience and guests guess.
It's also a test of how well you know them.
Let's have the staff bring up these memorabilia.”

There were a total of eight items, mostly objects packed in boxes, ready to be unveiled later.

However, one item was different.
It was held in a canvas, a large square piece that could be guessed to be a framed painting or photograph.

The host was also surprised, “Did someone bring their wedding photo?”

Because it was such a large item and had a strong presence, even without the audience's screaming, the host chose to reveal this item first.

“Let's see what it is.”

They lifted the canvas, revealing a painting of a pomegranate with many seeds, drawn in the style of traditional Chinese ink painting.

Before the host could react, a fan in the audience immediately said, “It's from our 'Beauty and Sanli!'”

“It's a memento of Song Yan and Wen Li!”

Because in the first episode of [In This World with You], this painting was hanging in their living room and was captured by the camera, so fans have a strong impression of this painting.

The entire audience guessed without a doubt that this was Song Yan and Wen Li's memento.

However, Wen Li looked at the painting with a bewildered and puzzled expression.

She nudged Song Yan and whispered, covering her mouth, “You didn't…
You actually brought my dad's painting here?”

Song Yan shook his head, “No, this painting shouldn't be the one that was at home.”

They already had enough luggage when coming from out of town to record the show.
Who would bring such a bulky painting?

It wasn't brought by her, and it wasn't brought by him, so it definitely wasn't the painting from their home.

The host and other guests, prompted by the audience, all guessed that the painting belonged to Song Yan and Wen Li.

When it was finally revealed, Zheng Xue stood up and smiled calmly, “This is a memento of me and Lu Ming.
It's a painting by the renowned Chinese ink painting master Xu Shimao.
He only painted this one pomegranate picture, which is very unique.
Lu Ming bought it at a high price from a collector two years ago when we got married.
The pomegranate symbolizes good fortune, and I think it's a wonderful wedding gift and very meaningful, so I brought it here.”

A painting by a master of Chinese ink painting, and it's the only one of its kind, bought from a collector.
Even those who don't understand Chinese painting know that it has considerable value.

The backstage staff immediately brought up the personal profile of the master Xu Shimao and displayed it on the big screen.

As a national treasure-level master in the art world, his paintings are highly sought after, both domestically and internationally.

Most of the audience in the audience were fans and students from the media academy.
Upon hearing this, they immediately exclaimed in envy.

After the host expressed his admiration, he asked again, “But why were the audience shouting that it belonged to Song Yan and Wen Li earlier? I got led astray.”

The fans immediately explained the reason in a buzz of voices.

“Hmm?” The host sounded confused.
“So, they also have this painting at home?”

Zheng Xue exclaimed in surprise, “Ah?”

Then she looked at Wen Li.

Wen Li's expression had already turned sour.

“Well, this painting indeed exists only as a single piece,” Zheng Xue smiled and considerately said, “I'm sorry, I didn't know you also had one at home.
Maybe someone else made a copy? In that case, let's take down this painting and I'll replace it with another memento.”

The host also felt extremely awkward for a moment.
In order to lighten the atmosphere, he quickly said, “Let's switch to something else then.”

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