The program recording was interrupted as several staff members hurriedly moved the painting away.

“Teacher Zheng, do you have something else prepared?” the host asked.

Zheng Xue nodded, “Yes, I have something with my assistant.
I kept it just in case there was any issue with the painting.”

Upon hearing that the recording wouldn't be delayed, the staff members immediately smiled with relief, “Teacher Zheng, you've thought ahead.”

“It's a small matter, nothing to worry about,” Zheng Xue apologized and looked apologetically at Wen Li, “I'm sorry, I really didn't know it would cause such a misunderstanding.”

Wen Li tugged at the corner of her mouth, while her agent, Lu Dan, kept giving her signals from below the stage.

Don't act impulsively.

In the entertainment industry, there are too many grudges among artists, but in the public eye, most of them choose to maintain a hypocritical peace.
There are too many interests involved, and mature artists will sacrifice their personal emotions to gain public favor.

It was the same two years ago.
She wanted to clarify things and couldn't stand the rumors spread by those marketing accounts on Weibo.

Lu Dan, at that time, said to her, “If you respond, let's see if tomorrow's hot search is filled with people praising your authenticity or criticizing you for lacking professionalism and star quality.”

As an artist, while enjoying the applause and flowers, you must also be prepared to be splashed with dirty water, insulted, and falsely accused.
Under the intense exposure of the camera, countless people will be watching you.
One careless remark can lead to various labels being attached to you.

If you remain silent, they will say you're guilty; if you speak up, they will say you're being defensive; if you accept it, they will say you're weak; if you fight back, they will say you're narrow-minded.

There is no solution to this kind of situation.
The more attention you attract, the more it becomes a burden.

Two years have passed, and the words Lu Dan said to her back then, Wen Li has come to understand them more and more.

She didn't believe it was a coincidence, nor did she believe that Zheng Xue genuinely hadn't watched the first episode.
Liking and disliking someone sometimes lead to the same result: unconsciously paying attention to each other.
She disliked Zheng Xue so much that she would always pay attention to the dresses Zheng Xue wore on the red carpet, comparing them to her own.
And clearly, Zheng Xue wasn't as generous either.
Otherwise, she wouldn't have made those obvious sarcastic remarks when they bumped into each other at the hotel.

The cunning Zheng Xue accurately predicted that Wen Li wouldn't dare to vent her anger in front of the camera.

Soon, the staff brought a new memento, and the program resumed recording.

This seemingly simple episode had passed.
Because the mementos of the two pairs of guests accidentally clashed, one of them immediately considerately offered to change the memento.
As long as this segment was cut, the guests and the host could adjust their states and continue recording, and the issue would be perfectly resolved.

The artists on stage appeared as if they didn't “care” about this coincidence, and the program continued to be recorded smoothly.

However, the fans in the audience were clearly not as calm.

The fans of Ming-Zheng CP and Salt Grain CP were already at odds with each other.
Zheng Xue's fans and Wen Li's fans were also at odds.
They often argued on Weibo, but because they were at the recording scene today, the top leadership from the fans specially instructed them not to act impulsively.

After the program recording ended, it was late at night, and the cool night breeze made the air chilly.
Wrapped in a blanket brought by her assistant, Wen Li hurriedly left the recording site and prepared to return to the hotel to rest.

As she walked out of the main gate of the broadcasting building, she didn't see anyone, but she could already hear shouts.

Song Yan also came out with her and heard the noise.
He asked, “What's that sound?”

Wen Li had recorded the program several times before, so she nodded toward Song Yan and said, “The fans are over there.
Let's go say hello.”

She led Song Yan around the parking spaces in front of the entrance.

The parking spaces near the main entrance were elevated, about ten meters higher than the road, and looking down from the railing, they could indeed see a group of fans holding banners and waiting there.

As soon as they saw people coming out, the fans became excited.



Song Yan's silver-blue fan banner and Wen Li's grapefruit-colored fan banner didn't have such a distinct contrast during the night as they did during the day.
Today's recording started late, and it was already late at night when they finished, so these “Moonstone” and “Litchi” fans who didn't enter the venue didn't know how long they had been waiting outside.

Wen Li took the megaphone handed to her by her assistant and shouted, “Go home and get some sleep!”

“We'll go home right away! You should go back to the hotel and rest too! Otherwise, you'll have dark circles and won't look beautiful on camera!”

Wen Li replied, “Got it, got it.
Go home and get some sleep.”

Then she handed the megaphone to Song Yan.

“Don't be so aloof all the time,” she said, “Say a few words.”

Song Yan, a man who had always communicated with his fans through his works, took the megaphone.
Now, he held the megaphone in his hand and said in a clear and mellow voice, “You've worked hard today.
Go home quickly.”

“Not hard at all!!!”

“Beauty, when will your new movie be released?”

“I haven't been informed yet,” After thinking for a moment, Song Yan answered, “It might be during the New Year holiday season next year.”

“When will you come to Star City again?”

“Very soon.”

“We'll be waiting for you!”

After saying a few brief words, the assistant came over and urged them to get in the car.

Finally, the “Litchi” fans mustered up their courage and shouted, “Sanli! Did you have bubble tea when you came to Star City this time?”

Wen Li snatched the megaphone from Song Yan's hand and hummed, “No, drinking it will make me gain weight.
If I get fat, all of you will unfollow me.”

The fans burst into laughter and quickly assured her that they would never unfollow her, and they recommended that she try it before she left.

After talking with the fans, Wen Li's mood improved noticeably.
When she got in the car, her face didn't look as sour as before.
There was no one else in the car except her, Song Yan, and their assistants.

Song Yan's assistant, Ah Kang, was responsible for driving.
Wen Wen sat in the passenger seat, diligently recording the tasks assigned to her by Lu Dan on her phone.
Song Yan sat next to Wen Li, leaning his head towards the car window, also holding a phone, engrossed in something.

With no one else around, Wen Li couldn't contain her frustration any longer.

“Let me tell you, she did it on purpose, 100 percent,” Wen Li crossed her arms and spoke with conviction, “I don't know where she got that painting from, but the one in my house is definitely genuine.
My dad…
he hung it in the prominent living room, and she says she doesn't know? I don't believe she didn't watch me on camera when the program aired.
If it weren't for Lu Dan giving me a signal, I would have stood up and argued with her right then and there.”

Ah Kang was focused on driving and couldn't be too distracted, but he glanced at the scene through the rearview mirror.
It was a sight of an irritable beauty venting her anger.
Although her temper was fiery, it was still pleasing to the eye.

He was Song Yan's assistant, so naturally, he was also on Wen Li's side.

“Brother Bin said that although this issue has been temporarily suppressed, there are still many audience members and staff on-site.
It's certain that someone will leak the information online, so we need to prepare for public relations in advance,” Ah Kang said.

Wen Wen chimed in, “Sister Dan also said the same.
If it was intentional on their part, there will likely be many marketing accounts exposing this matter tomorrow.”

“She dares to turn the tables on me when she's holding a fake painting?” Wen Li became even more furious, “I'm going to contact an appraiser right now.”

She took out her phone and checked the time, realizing it was late at night, and the appraiser would probably be resting.

Wen Wen pursed her lips and conveyed Lu Dan's message to Wen Li, “But sister, not only do we need to prove that Zheng Xue's painting is fake, but we also need to prove that the one in your house is genuine.
Moreover, art authentication takes time.
These next few days, sister, you shouldn't pay too much attention to online comments.
If things really escalate, Sister Dan said she'll arrange for an expert to come and authenticate it, providing a response.”

Wen Li reluctantly nodded, “Fine.”

It's easy to spread rumors, but debunking them is challenging.

When they arrived at the hotel, Wen Li angrily took a shower.
After finishing, she found that Song Yan was still standing on the balcony, enjoying the breeze while talking on the phone with someone.

They were on the same boat, yet this man remained so composed.

She wanted to call her father, hoping he could help resolve the situation, but he was surely asleep by now.

Wen Li waited for Song Yan on the bed for over half an hour but noticed that he was still on the phone.
She had intended to complain to him, but she swallowed her words.

She was very unhappy, so she tightly wrapped herself in the blanket and closed her eyes, feeling frustrated.

The air inside the blanket was thin, and she couldn't sleep peacefully.
It wasn't until someone lifted the blanket for her and picked her up, gently supporting the back of her head on the pillow, that she felt slightly more comfortable and finally fell asleep.


Wen Li slept straight through until almost noon.

When she woke up at noon, she hurriedly jumped out of bed to find Song Yan.

Song Yan was sitting on the sofa in the suite when Wen Li rushed over and sat next to him, sounding anxious, “Did you check Weibo? What's with those marketing accounts associated with Zheng Xue? Did my manager handle it for me?”

“You should have breakfast first,” Song Yan paused and corrected himself, “lunch.”

Wen Li clicked her tongue, “I'm not in the mood.
Answer me first, then I'll eat.”

“It's all taken care of.”

Wen Li didn't understand, “What?”

Song Yan knew it couldn't be explained in just a few words, so he simply took out his phone and handed it to her.

Not long after the late-night recording ended yesterday, someone immediately leaked the information on an online forum.

「RJ, the Chinese painting that was hyped up by the director and given close-up shots in Wen Li's home is a fake.」

Then the main thread revealed the embarrassing moment that happened during the recording.

「Hilarious face-slapping moment on the spot.」

「??? Can't believe she makes so much money and still uses fake paintings to show off.」

「I was complaining to a friend tonight about how fake Wen Li and Zheng Xue are, they've been filming for so long and haven't started a fight.
Well, now they have.」

In the early hours of the morning, the thread had already reached over a thousand comments.

Then several marketing accounts picked up the thread and posted it on Weibo.
Even before dawn, the topic had made it to the trending list.

Initially, it was the fans of Wen Li and Zheng Xue arguing with each other.
They had been wanting to argue for a while but just lacked an excuse.
Later, the argument expanded to involve Song Yan, and soon Song Yan's fans joined the fray.

Wen Li's fans and Song Yan's fans had never been on good terms, but whenever a situation like this arose where their respective idols were being targeted, both sides didn't need to discuss it.
They immediately declared a ceasefire and united against the outside world.

Unable to win the argument, Zheng Xue's fans directly mobilized a group of fans to attack Wen Li's personal fan platform.

Xiao Xue Chu Qing:「Wen Li makes so much money in a year and still buys fake paintings.
Calling her a lowlife wouldn't be excessive.」

Xue Xue Xiao Mian'ao:「She knows nothing about art appreciation without any artistic sense, yet she insists on buying Chinese paintings to show off.
Just shut up when it's proven fake.
Wen Li's fans, can you please stop causing trouble? If you keep jumping, you'll be mocked even more.
It's entertaining to see you being publicly humiliated and mocked on the trending list together with your idol.」

Li Li Hai Bu Qu Chong Xiu Xiao Xue Ke:「I used to think Song Yan had good taste, but now he's married to such a lowlife.
It makes me sick.」

By this point, the matter had escalated into a fan conflict, but it wasn't until 10 AM that Zheng Xue posted a vague Weibo.

Zheng Xue V:「It's just a small matter.
Don't bother them anymore.
Be good.」

「Okay! We'll be good.」

「Our Xue Xue is so gentle.」

「Someone better not come looking for trouble without knowing their place.
Our Xue Hua is only well-behaved in front of Xue Xue.

Initially, passersby were skeptical of the exposé, but as soon as they saw Zheng Xue's Weibo post, they immediately believed that the Chinese painting incident was true.

At this point, Wen Li's team had not made any statements yet, and the “Litchi” fans flooded Garry Entertainment's official Weibo account, demanding clarification and response.

Half an hour later, an even newer topic trended before the team could respond.

#Xu Shimao Studio Opens Weibo#.

Yellow V, verified, clearly stating “Official Weibo of Xu Shimao Studio”.

「Hello, everyone!

First of all, we would like to thank you all for your care and love for Mr.
Xu Shimao's works!

Two years ago, on the day when Mr.
Song Yan and Miss Wen Li @Wen Litchi officially announced their marriage, Mr.
Xu Shimao personally presented Miss Wen Li with the painting 'Pomegranate with Many Seeds and Blessings' as a wedding gift, expressing his sincere blessings to the couple.

'The pomegranate branches are graceful, the pomegranate fruits are abundant; the pomegranate skin is delicate, and the pomegranate seeds are fresh.' This painting is a personal artwork of Mr.
Xu Shimao and was exclusively given as a wedding gift to Miss Wen Li and Mr.
Song Yan.
It does not possess any collection or commercial value.
We have already contacted the police and lawyers, and on behalf of Mr.
Xu Shimao, the studio will reserve the right to file lawsuits against counterfeiting, plagiarism, and commercial sale of Mr.
Xu Shimao's works in the art market.

We hope that Miss Zheng Xue @Zeng Xue and Mr.
Lu Ming @Lu Ming can contact us as soon as possible.
You are victims and should rightfully protect your own legal rights.

Finally, we wish all netizens a happy life and happiness every day.

–Xu Shimao Studio.」

The official statement couldn't be faulted in any way, but the deliberately mentioned Zheng Xue and Lu Ming in the penultimate paragraph gave the impression that Mr.
Xu Shimao intentionally named them.


Ten minutes after the Weibo post, the topic exploded, and the comment section became lively.

「Art students, run!! The nightmare of all traditional Chinese painting students has arrived!!!」

「Zheng Xue's fans, come out quickly! I want to see how swollen your faces are!」

「Haha, damn, I'm laughing so hard.
They kept accusing others' paintings of being fake but turns out their own is fake.」

「Zheng Xue's fans went into hiding.
Where are you? Your painting is the fake one! Your idol bought a fake painting!」

「Someone spent millions to buy a fake of masterpiece that was specifically painted as a wedding gift for Sanli and Beauty.
It's hilarious!」

Not long after Xu Shimao Studio's statement was released, Zheng Xue deleted her Weibo post and made a new post, expressing her full cooperation with Mr.
Xu Shimao and the police in bringing the counterfeiters and sellers of fake paintings to justice.

The comment section of this Weibo post was flooded with angry comments from the fans of Wen Li and Song Yan.
The fans couldn't control the overwhelming number of comments, and the top comment had 80,000 likes.

「In the end, you ended up being the clown.」

Wen Li looked at all the various comments and twists and turns.
She just slept in and missed the entire morning, but it felt like a whole year had passed online.

Truly winning by simply lying down.

Originally, she wanted to ask her dad to clarify, but her dad didn't know how to use Weibo at all.
It would be faster to directly find an appraiser.

But her dad actually managed to learn how to use Weibo in one single night.

“But my dad doesn't know how to use Weibo at all.
He doesn't even know what Weibo is.
The last time I mentioned it to him, he thought Weibo was for playing Landlord.”

Song Yan nodded and said calmly, “I contacted the official Weibo directly last night to get your dad a Weibo-verified account.
The person in charge on your dad's side will take over this Weibo account.”

“What about the statement that was released?”

“I wrote it.”


Wen Li looked blank, unable to say a word.

After a while, she finally spoke, “Teacher Song.”


“Are you an angel?”

“No,” Song Yan glanced at her messy hair as she stared at him like a fool, then pushed her forehead lightly and chuckled, “I'm your husband.
Go wash your face before eating.”

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