Although the production crew people were silently cursing, they still considered this segment as valuable material.

There are always fans who are curious about what their favorite celebrities do when they're being lazy at home.

When your seemingly 'proud and noble artist' is being lazy, she will scroll through their own stage livestreams, laughing self-indulgently.
And when your seemingly 'indifferent and incompatible artist with his wife' is being lazy, he will scroll through his spouse's stage livestreams and like comments praising his wife.

As the show progressed to the third episode, the freedom given to the guests by the staff increased.
Only outdoor shoots were accompanied by crew members.
When the guests were at home, the staff rarely entered their houses, aiming to let the guests forget about the cameras and showcase their most genuine and ordinary selves to the audience.

The artists are used to facing the camera, so they have adapted quite well.

The production crew speculated that the two of them must have completely forgotten about the cameras above their heads.

They decided to remain silent, so as not to end up like in they did in the first episode when excellent material was cut down to just thirty seconds, with all physical contact blocked.

But in reality, the production crew had guessed wrong.

Even when they relaxed, there were cameras all over their homes, reminding them that they were being filmed for the variety show at any given time.

They simply thought that the small cameras installed in the corners of the room might not capture high-quality footage that could be seen on their phones.

With the material at hand, the production crew finally breathed a sigh of relief.
Lately, due to the charity gala, both Song Yan and Wen Li received frequent notifications from the company for meetings, even though they didn't have any commercial endorsements during this period.
Their time at home was scarce.

The charity gala seemed to last only one night, but the artists' schedules needed to be prepared at least a week in advance.
As the gala was sponsored by a big shot, uninvited media personnel were not allowed to bring recording devices.
So the production team couldn't film them inside.
Therefore, all four guest couples would take leave during that time.

As a result, the director had to hastily revise the script and compress the shooting process for the third episode.

Without any leisure time, Wen Li and Song Yan received a notification from the production team to conduct an on-site interview two days before the outdoor shoot.

Wen Li walked out of the bedroom and coincidentally met Song Yan coming out of the study.

“Hmm?” Wen Li blinked her eyes, “When did you come back?”

“Two hours ago,” Song Yan said, “I saw you sleeping, so I didn't disturb you.”


Wen Li nodded blankly.

The director in front of the monitor rubbed his forehead and let out a heavy sigh.
It had been an entire afternoon, but these two people—one in the bedroom and one in the study—thought the other wasn't at home or was sleeping.
No wonder they had no communication, wasting the battery life of the equipment.

Fortunately, the script had been worked on overnight, giving their show a chance.

The two of them stepped out of the door.
While waiting for the elevator to arrive, there were no cameras around.
After contemplating for a while, Wen Li asked casually, “Have you been in the study all this time?”

“Yes,” Song Yan replied.

“What were you doing in the study?”

“I was reading the script,” Song Yan said.
“Ke Bin gave me a few scripts that he thought were pretty good.”

“Oh,” Wen Li pursed her lips and asked again, “Did you check Weibo? Did you see what's trending?”

“What's trending?”

The trending topic about my amazing performance!

Wen Li touched her neck, “…Never mind.
If you didn't see it, forget it.”

The elevator remained silent.
Fortunately, it was only one floor, and the confined space opened up quickly, sparing them from the torment of silence.

In the makeshift interview tent inside the building, the staff member in charge of questioning held question cards in their hands, “Both of you, have you watched each other's film or television works?”

Wen Li honestly answered, “Yes, I have.”

Song Yan replied, “Yes, I have.”

Of course, they both had notable works.
Despite their lack of communication in everyday life, they had at least encountered each other's works through their profession.

“Now, which film or television work of the other person has left the deepest impression on you? It can't be a work that you both collaborated on.”

The last line was simply redundant, as they had never collaborated before.

Because the scripts for the four guest couples were the same, the last line was actually meant for the other three guest couples.

Wen Li pondered for a moment and said, “It's 'The Outlaws'.”

[The Outlaws] is a crime action film produced through cross-strait cooperation.
It had a strong cast, with talented actors from both sides playing the main and supporting roles.
Three years ago, it was selected as the closing film for an international film festival and received its premiere.
However, its release in mainland China was delayed due to censorship issues, and during that time, pirated copies were leaked online.
Fortunately, thanks to Song Yan's box office appeal, the film had a successful premiere and garnered good word-of-mouth and box office results until the end of its theatrical run.

In the film, Song Yan portrayed Senior Inspector Xu Jia'an, a stern and upright character who wore a white police uniform with a silver flower badge on the shoulder, exuding a solemn and austere aura.
He sacrificed himself heroically to save a hostage in the final scene, which led to numerous fans writing fanfiction about him online.

The staff member nodded and then asked Song Yan, “And you, Mr.

“It's 'Nine-fold Shattered Jade Lamp',” Song Yan replied.

Wen Li was surprised that he had actually watched that drama.

It was a fantasy xianxia drama she starred in four years ago.
It became popular, but the male lead was the one who gained the most attention, overshadowing the female lead.
The drama that truly propelled her to stardom was a historical costume drama she filmed with Lu Ming.

Both of them were works they did before getting married…

The staff member hadn't expected them to bring up their works from so long ago.

“So, for the outdoor shoot two days from now, you will go to the shooting location prepared by the production team.
Based on the works you just mentioned, you will reenact a famous scene together.
This is to deepen your understanding of each other's work dynamics and personally experience the impact of the work that left a deep impression on you.
If you approach it not as an audience member, but as characters acting opposite each other, it might give you a completely different feeling.”

Wen Li nodded, indicating her understanding.
“So, which famous scene should we use?”

The staff member smiled and said, “That's up to the two of you to decide.
Choose the scene you like the most.
You have one evening to think about it, so take your time.”

Wen Li wasn't in a hurry.
She had watched that movie a long time ago and she had forgotten most of the plot.

When she returned home, she turned on the TV and searched for [The Outlaws], planning to rewatch it tonight.

The movie was more focused on male characters, while the female characters had a very small presence.
Song Yan's character was a widowed police officer in his thirties, and his wife only appeared in a photograph at the beginning.
It was said that the actress who played his wife only received portrait rights and didn't even ask for a salary.

After watching the whole movie, apart from the colleagues in the police department, the other major character Song Yan had numerous scenes with was the deranged criminal.
They were all male characters.

Song Yan asked her, “Have you decided which scene to reenact?”

Wen Li regretted choosing this movie because she could only pick a male character.

She couldn't possibly act as the photograph.

She fell into deep thought: “Let me think about it some more.”

“Do you want to watch your xianxia drama first?” Song Yan suggested.

Wen Li's expression suddenly became more complicated, “Why did you choose this drama out of all the dramas I've done?”

Song Yan blinked and smiled, “It left the deepest impression on me.”

Wen Li gave him a look that said: Your taste is not that great.

It wasn't that her xianxia drama was poorly made or had a bad script.
It was just that she had some difficulty accepting her character in that drama, so she wasn't inclined to revisit it.

But Song Yan had already found her drama and started playing the first episode.

It was a drama disguised as a xianxia but was actually a sweet romance between the male and female leads.
The male lead was a revered immortal in the Three Realms, naturally overpowered, while the female lead was a young snow ferret who had just attained human form.

In the first episode, Wen Li portrayed the young snow ferret who had just transformed into a human and woke up on a remote mountain.
She lazily stretched after gaining human form.

Because she had just transformed and didn't know how to walk or speak like a human, her expressions and actions were quite comical.

Wen Li couldn't bear to watch and quickly grabbed the remote control, pressing the pause button.

Song Yan turned to look at her, “What's wrong?”

Wen Li forced a smile, “Can you tell the director to switch to another drama?”

Song Yan raised an eyebrow and hesitated, “That would disrupt their workflow.”

Well, I don't want to be too demanding,” Wen Li muttered, “I really can't play this role.
When I acted in this drama back then, I had to do a lot of mental preparation.”

“If you were able to overcome it back then, why can't you overcome it now?” Song Yan's tone was calm as he tried to encourage her, “Is Teacher Wen lacking confidence in herself?”

Wen Li was speechless.

It wasn't her acting skills that she couldn't overcome, but rather the character herself.

Right away, Song Yan found a scene with the male and female leads and said, “If you're worried, how about trying to act it out first?”

Wen Li thought it might be worth a try.

They will just try a scene beforehand so that they don't embarrass themselves during the official recording in two days.

Wen Li glanced at the camera in the living room and stood up, “Let's try it in the bedroom.
Turn off the camera, don't let them see.”

The production staff in front of the monitor: “?”

It's just a scene rehearsal.
Why can't they see it?

It's not like you're going to bed! Why turn off the camera!

Can you guys consider the viewership ratings!

The production staff silently protested, but they couldn't go against the guests' wishes.
After all, the contract clearly stated that the program team needed to respect the guests' privacy.

Song Yan agreed and followed Wen Li to the bedroom, turning off the camera in the process.

Wen Li had chosen to act in that drama four years ago because at that time she didn't have many scripts or options.
People needed to make a living, so even if the character didn't suit her, she reluctantly took on the role.

In the scene, the immortal who temporarily assumed the identity of a mortal encountered a young snow ferret that had just transformed into a human in the wilderness.
The snow ferret, being new to human form, was unsteady on her feet.
By chance, she fell into a trap set by a hunter, and the immortal casually saved her.
The snow ferret, enchanted by the young and elegant immortal, decided to follow him until she learned how to walk properly.

During the day, the snow ferret appeared as a teenage girl, dressed in pure white gauze with two fluffy round balls on her double buns.

At that time, Wen Li hadn't found the most suitable makeup style for herself, nor did she have a top-tier makeup team by her side.
Therefore, her appearance in the drama leaned towards a pure and cute look.

At night, the snow ferret transformed back into her original form, completely white and the size of a newborn child.
Extremely light and tiny, she nestled beside the immortal unnoticed.

At first, the immortal treated her as a pet.
During the tribulation, he was alone, gazing at the vast Nine Heavens every day.
Having a pet by his side wasn't bad either.

Until one day, the usually lively snow ferret suddenly drooped, lying on the ground, kicking her hind legs back and forth uncontrollably.
Her fluffy tail arched high.
The immortal didn't know what was wrong with her and squatted down to stroke her fur.

“What's wrong with you?”

In the next moment, the snow ferret transformed back into her human form.
The clueless immortal finally understood what was happening.

The young girl blushed all over, emitting a strong fragrance.
She lay on the ground, her legs tightly closed, biting her lip slightly, tears of appeal pooling in her eyes.

She was in heat.

“Sage,” the snow ferret whispered, “Please help me.”

Having followed him for such a long time, far away from her companions, this place was different from her home.
The wildflowers were abundant, birds and frogs were everywhere, and even the wind blowing felt warm.

The snow ferret climbed onto his shoulder, slowly wrapping herself around the immortal's body.
However, the immortal remained unaffected, only telling her to endure.

Her eyes reddened as she shouted, “I can't endure it! I will die!”

If a snow ferret didn't mate with a male during heat, their blood and qi would surge, causing blockages and making them prone to death.

“Sage, Sage…” She kept calling his name, “Please help me.
People who cultivate the Dao accumulate virtue through saving lives.
By helping me, you're accumulating virtue.”

The girl exhaled fragrantly, each soft gasp striking the immortal's heartstrings, stirring up a storm with every sound.

Driven by instinct, her plea for intimacy had no ulterior motive; it was solely for the sake of survival.
Her innocent gaze was tinged with uncontainable desire, a mixture of two emotions that posed a fatal temptation to any man.

However, the immortal men and the mortal men were different.
The immortal was devoted to the Dao, and this tribulation was also for the sake of all beings.
Even though his rationality was teetering on the edge, he remained true to his heart and coldly closed his eyes, “If you were to perish here today, it would be your fate.”

This was the first time the immortal refused the snow ferret, but fortunately, she survived and didn't die.
Afterwards, they entered a cold war, walking along the mountain path, one in front and one behind.
Whenever the immortal called out to her, she wouldn't respond, but she would continue to follow him from behind.
Whenever he turned to look at her, she would immediately avert her gaze.
They walked like this for a month.
He resembled an old father taking his own child on a journey but not knowing how to care for the child, and she was like a mute doll who never gets lost.

During her second heat, she knew that the immortal won't help her, so she secretly hid in a cave, feeling aggrieved and waiting for her death on her own.

The immortal searched for her for a long time and finally found her in the cave.

However, the snow ferret didn't allow him to approach, “Either help me or keep your distance.
Otherwise, if I die, it will be on your head!”

The cold and reserved immortal became angry and tightly embraced her.

“Just this once!”

Later on, it is unclear who got into heat.

The immortal had said that his help was for just this once.
And so, in order to survive, the snow ferret started searching for a companion.
After half a month, she finally found a male snow ferret who was as white as she was.

This male snow ferret appeared as a seventeen or eighteen-year-old young boy in human form, beautiful and slender.
The snow ferret was someone that judges by appearance and was quite satisfied with this companion.

She finally didn't have to desperately beg the immortal for help every time she went into heat to save her life.

But the immortal was unhappy about it.

He always wore a sour face, blocking her and her companion.
The snow ferret was very angry and pointed at the immortal's nose, scolding him, “You, as a cultivator, are so malicious! I only took advantage of you once, and now you want my life!”

The immortal got angry and called her a stupid snow ferret.

“Odious Sage!”

“Stupid snow ferret!”

“Odious Sage!!”

“Stupid snow ferret!!!”

They exchanged insults a few times until both the snow ferret and the immortal blushed.

Meanwhile, the “immortal” in front of her hadn't even reached the argument scene yet.
He had already deviated from the script during the first time he should have refused her and took matters into his own hands.

Wen Li, after overcoming her embarrassment, immersed herself in the role.
Now unexpectedly, she was suddenly out of character.
As her emotions returned to reality, she remembered her actions just now, and her ears turned slightly red, her heart beating thump thump.

She was tightly held in the man's embrace and softly complained, “Teacher Song, you acted it wrong.”

“En, I'm sorry,” Song Yan admitted his mistake and sighed, “I think I'm not suitable for playing the immortal.”

She was puzzled and murmured, “No, you did well.”

That restrained and abstinent expression looked so real.

She wanted to ask if they should continue, but the person in front of her didn't let go, and she couldn't break free.
She remained in his embrace for a long time until her waist started to ache.
She could only helplessly ask, “What's wrong with you?”

“En?” Song Yan's voice was hoarse, and he mumbled, “I'm in heat.”

Meanwhile, the production crew members downstairs, having finished work early in the evening, decided to edit the footage from this afternoon into a trailer.

They planned to make a thirty-second teaser, extracting all the value from Teacher Song and Teacher Wen.

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