The Top Couple Is a Bit Sweet – Chapter 26

The Top Couple Is a Bit Sweet by Krish72817-22 minutes

Several senior figures also saw Wen Li's Weibo post.
They not only liked it but also followed her on Weibo.

Then they noticed that right after they clicked on the follow button, a prompt appeared on Weibo saying “mutual follow”.

One of the seniors was in a good mood and raised his phone, saying, “Mrs.
Song, I just followed you on Weibo.”

Wen Li was pleasantly surprised and replied, “Thank you, Teacher.”

With just this simple act of following each other, they had no idea how it would be interpreted online.

Wen Li guessed it right.
Those marketing accounts were already claiming that today she successfully used her relationship with Song Yan to make connections with the big shots in the film industry, preparing to make her way onto the big screen.

Entertainment Insider:「If Wen Li really wants to challenge the big screen, I hope she performs well.
After all, her husband's last on-screen CP that gained popularity was from the 'Paper Airplane' movie ten years ago.」

「Now that we're talking about 'Paper Airplane', let me mention that Chen Jia Mu will forever be the on-screen moonlight.」

「Hahaha, if they couldn't form a CP, isn't it because Song Yan hasn't filmed a romance movie since 'Paper Airplane'?」

「To be honest, Song Yan has had quite a few on-screen CPs after gaining popularity, but most of them were bromances. 

「In high school, I was secretly a fan of the CP between Song Yan and Tang Jiaren.
Who knew they never collaborated again after that movie?」

「I was also a fan of the Tang-Song CP, but that's ancient history, hahaha.」

「On-screen is on-screen, real-life is real-life.
It's well-known that Song Yan is married.」

Over the past ten years, Song Yan has appeared in numerous works, but his on-screen romantic scenes have been few and far between.
Someone actually calculated that if they combine all of his romantic scenes with female artists over the past ten years, they wouldn't even fill a 90-minute movie.

In interviews, he always gave the same response, saying that he can't handle romantic scenes well.

Some film critics speculated that it was because of his debut work.
In the film [Paper Airplane], Chen Jia Mu's character was introverted, restrained, deeply affectionate, and slightly obsessive.
The starting point was just too high, and compared to mediocre romantic storylines, he would rather let Chen Jia Mu be the only classic love role in his acting career.

Compared to him, Wen Li, who hailed from an idol drama background, was like the “Ocean King”.

As a result, two years ago, this CP that gained a considerable number of CP fans solely based on their looks was relatively unknown within the industry.
The rational CP fans didn't unrealistically fantasize that these two would actually be together.

Even before they announced their relationship, there were no paparazzi catching any signs of them being involved.
It was a surprise when their relationship was suddenly revealed, followed by a swift marriage announcement.

Announcing their marriage at the peak of their careers — it was either because they reached a marital agreement for mutual benefit or it was true love.

Thanks to the variety show, people started believing in the latter in the past few months.

Sister Dan: 「Thanks to Teacher Song's cooperation, we won beautifully.
You focus on attending the evening party.」

Wen Li didn't know what had happened online, so she replied to Lu Dan with a “Yes, madam”.

Various snacks were placed on the round table, but most of the artists only touched their drinks, while the snacks remained untouched.

Although Wen Li was tempted, she had to resist eating due to managing her figure.

Unable to focus on the snacks, Wen Li shifted her gaze to Song Yan.

Song Yan noticed her direct gaze and softly asked, “What's wrong? Did I not blend my foundation evenly on my face?”

Wen Li quickly turned her face away and nervously said, “Oh, it's nothing.”

Song Yan believed her words and thought that the foundation on his face wasn't properly blended.
He stood up and was about to go backstage to find his assistant for a touch-up.

“Hey, don't bother,” Wen Li hurriedly stopped him, “I can help you with my hand.”

Song Yan moved his seat a little closer to her side, leaning towards her, and lazily placed his elbow on his knee.

“No trouble.”

Wen Li looked at his face, which appeared even more gentle and handsome after applying foundation.
His eyebrows were sharp, his eyes deep, and his eyelashes long.
She felt a little flustered for a moment and casually rubbed his cheek with her fingers.


Song Yan felt that she was being perfunctory, and her eyes seemed to be avoiding something, as if she had done something wrong.

She blinked continuously.
Her eyelids were adorned with eyeshadow of an unknown brand, which resembled a golden galaxy.
The twinkling lights in her eyes flickered and shone, making people's hearts skip a beat.

Wen Li's makeup artist was top-notch in the industry, applying a pink blush to her nose tip, making it seem as if she had been wronged or was shy.
It showed a perfect balance of delicacy and sophistication.

“Why are you avoiding my gaze?” Song Yan tilted his head and smiled, “Did you wipe off all the foundation on my face?”

Wen Li stared at him guiltily, “Don't think of me as so childish, okay?”

The blush on her nose hadn't disappeared; it seemed to be from the makeup.

Song Yan withdrew his gaze.

This little incident was accidentally captured by the live camera.
With so many artists present, the camera couldn't focus on them all the time, so this shot only lasted a few seconds before moving on to other artists.

「What were those two doing in the shot???」

「Ah ah ah, I want to kill the cameraman!!!」

「They were so close, why didn't they kiss? Give me some love!」

「Why did I go to the bathroom just now? Did anyone take a screenshot? What were they doing just now?」

There was a commotion in the comments barrage.
When the camera switched back to the two of them, they were already sitting upright, returning to their normal distance.

As the evening party started, the singers performed first, followed by the actors.
They didn't sing as well as professional singers, but the main purpose was to create an exciting atmosphere.
Among the four guest couples, three of them had special duet performances this year, except for Song Yan and Wen Li.

Viewers watching the live broadcast were also confused.

「No Salt Grain?!」

「I thought that the Salt Grain couple had a duet performance, thinking we would have some dog food to eat.
I was too naive.」

「Sanli should have no problem singing since she was a trainee before, so the only question is…」

「Don't be afraid to speak up! The problem can only be with a certain artist surnamed Song! Can Moonstone come out and explain why our brother never sings?」

「Moonstone here.
Beauty Song mentioned in a previous interview that he can't sing well.」

「Oh my god, I can't believe it.
I don't believe that Song Yan can't sing when his voice is as powerful as a voice actor's bass.」

Wen Li attended the event together with Song Yan this year and did not have to do a performance, so she relaxed and hummed along below the stage.
Afterward, several young idols performed on stage, singing and dancing.
Wen Li thought of her little brother Xu Li and wondered how well he had learned to dance as a trainee.

Since he was a child, he had never liked it when she was learning to dance, thinking it was a way to seek attention and that his sister was just a conceited peacock.

Who would have thought that now he would also have to stand in front of the camera to please the crowd, not doing any better than his sister?

Wen Li felt a bit regretful.
If this event had been held a few months later, maybe she could have seen that kid Xu Li singing and dancing on stage.

She was imagining the robotic way Xu Li would dance, feeling amused and completely unaware that the camera was already on her.

After the performance, Qi Sihan was called over by the host for an interview.

“We want to ask you, Hanyan1Seems to be some kind of nickname of Qi Sihan., among the many guests present today, is there anyone you would like to collaborate with in the future?”

Qi Sihan nodded, “Yes.”

“Can you tell us who?” the host jokingly said, “If it's a male artist, are you worried that your fans will get jealous?”

The fans in the audience and the fans in the live chat immediately denied it in unison.

「Hahaha, it can't be a male artist.」

「We know Hanyan's preferences, the fans understand.」

Sure enough, Qi Sihan held the microphone and answered a bit shyly, “It's not a male artist, it's Teacher Wen Li.”

Wen Li was inexplicably surprised.
Although she had heard before the recording of that talent show that Qi Sihan had mentioned being her fan on another program, she thought it was just polite compliments, a way to please the fans.
She didn't expect this little girl to be her real fan.

The camera turned to Wen Li and she immediately waved at it.

The host on stage asked her with a smile, “Being confessed to suddenly, Teacher Wen Li, do you feel surprised?”

Wen Li didn't have a microphone, and she couldn't hear what was being said, so she just nodded vigorously in front of the camera and even made a heart gesture toward Qi Sihan on stage.

Qi Sihan immediately raised both arms and responded with a big heart.

Wen Li felt a bit shy, covered her mouth, and smiled gracefully.

「Congratulations to my daughter for successfully chasing after a star!!!」

“Hanyan, I want to ask you, confessing to Teacher Wen Li in front of Teacher Song Yan, aren't you afraid of offending him?” the host suddenly paused with great interest.
The artists on the stage and the fans in the audience purposely dragged out their voices in a teasing manner, “Aren't you afraid of angering Teacher Song Yan?”

At this moment, the camera cleverly turned to Song Yan.

Song Yan raised an eyebrow and smiled gentlemanly, appearing completely unconcerned.

「The grandeur of the Emperor.」

「Beauty Song: Zhen2In ancient China, the term “zhen” (朕) was used by the emperor to refer to himself in the first person.
It was a unique pronoun reserved exclusively for the emperor and denoted his supreme status and authority.
The term “zhen” was used to signify the imperial presence and to differentiate the emperor from ordinary individuals.
It can be translated as “this palace” or “we” in English, but it carries a specific regal connotation.
Using “zhen” allowed the emperor to assert his sovereignty and establish his role as the ruler of the empire. is still here.
You all are ultimately concubines!」

「Regardless of whether it's a man or a woman, anyone who has thoughts about my wife will be treated as a rival in love.」

Qi Sihan quickly clarified, “I only have admiration for Teacher Wen Li, nothing else.
I hope Teacher Song Yan doesn't mind.”

Her explanation directly brought laughter to everyone at the venue.

Wen Li and Song Yan both knew that they had been teased, so they lowered their eyes and smiled at the same time.

“Last time, Teacher Wen Li's dance in boy group style on the variety show was particularly handsome,” Qi Sihan eagerly held the microphone and expressed her collaboration wish, “If there's a chance, I would really like to dance a girl group dance with Teacher Wen Li.
If it's a song from our group, then I would truly have no regrets in this lifetime.”

Wen Li's boy group style dance had already exceeded tens of millions of views on the platform.
Among the legitimate idols who debuted through singing and dancing, there were only a few in the industry who had achieved tens of millions of views.
Almost all the artists present had seen it on their social media feeds.

The host immediately said, “Should we invite Teacher Wen Li up on stage and have you teach her a dance live?”

Wen Li immediately pointed to her fluffy dress and gestured to the camera that her outfit today was not convenient for dancing.

But to give Qi Sihan an out, she took the microphone from the staff and considerately said, “No need to trouble yourself with teaching me, I'll learn it myself when I go home.
Once I've learned it well, I'll give you an assignment.”

The host said, “Alright, let's make an agreement here today.
With so many guests and fans as witnesses, you can't go back on it.
You have to quickly learn the girl group dance.”

The screams from the audience were continuous, like waves rushing back and forth.

Wen Li made an “OK” gesture with her hand.

「Girl group dance, girl group dance, girl group dance, girl group dance.」

「I bet Sanli has never heard Qi Sihan's songs, hahaha.」

「Our macho Sanli is going to dance a girl group dance, love it, love it.」

「Although Sanli's boy group dance is cool, I still want to see Sanli dance an adorable and energetic girl group dance!」

Finally, when the interview ended and Qi Sihan stepped down from the stage, Wen Li finally breathed a sigh of relief.

She had really never heard Qi Sihan's songs and didn't know what style of idol she belonged to.
She simply judged from Qi Sihan's cute appearance that her songs should not be too difficult to learn, so she readily agreed.

“Teacher Song,” Wen Li turned her head and softly called Song Yan.

Song Yan responded, “En?”

“Have you heard the songs from Qi Sihan's group?”

Song Yan's answer was as expected, “I haven't heard them.”

The reputation of being an out-of-touch surfer was well-deserved.

Wen Li looked back at the audience section, where her fans were holding up her lightsticks and waving them non-stop.
Even from a hundred meters away, it seemed like she could hear their excited shouts of “Sanli, girl group dance”.
She started to worry if she had made a big promise.

Were the songs from Qi Sihan's group harder to learn than boy group songs? Was that why the fans were so excited?

Just as she was caught up in her thoughts, the smoothly progressing event continued.
When the host announced the sponsor's name for this year's charity gala, Wen Li heard a familiar company name.

“Xingyi Group.”

Others also noticed this name, including the senior artists at her table.
One of them even leaned slightly and jokingly whispered to Song Yan, “I though Xingyi Group never got involved in the entertainment industry? How come they're sponsoring our charity gala this year?”

Several representatives from the companies went on stage for the charity donation ceremony.
Wen Li noticed that the representative from Xingyi Group was one of the high-ranking executives who usually followed behind her uncle.

It was because of the sponsor's request that this year's gala had a different process from previous years, and all uninvited media, including the crew from [In This World with You], were completely excluded.

Wen Li looked around but didn't see her uncle's figure in the guest area.

Perhaps he just paid the money and didn't attend in person.

Thinking of this, she breathed a sigh of relief and thought to herself: Wen Yan, that old bureaucrat, hates these kinds of occasions and definitely won't come.

The venue for the gala was divided into two floors.
The stage, artist seating, and audience seating were all arranged on the first floor of the hall, while the second floor was a VIP lounge designed in a box-style format.
The interior of the boxes resembled theater VIP rooms, with floor-to-ceiling glass surrounding the central stage of the gala, providing a clear view of the situation downstairs for the guests inside.

Compared to the glamorous artists on the first floor, the guests on the second floor, dressed in suits and rarely seen in the public eye, were the decision-makers who controlled the entire entertainment industry.

“President Wen,” a CEO from a media company suddenly realized, “That female artist, Wen Li, shares the same surname as you.”

The man sitting in front of the glass calmly nodded.

He had a stern expression, wearing a high-end custom-made suit.
The mechanical wristwatch on his left hand ticked, emitting the sound of the second hand moving.

“Yes, we share the same surname.”

Upon hearing the man's response, the CEO immediately shook his head with some regret, “It's a pity she got married early and married the second-in-command of Bai Shi Media.
If she hadn't married Song Yan, maybe after the gala, we could have had her come up and say hello to you.”

Wen Yan's gaze turned cold, his voice was extremely faint, “Since she is my relative, Mr.
Li, please refrain from making such jokes.”

Li opened his mouth but quickly forced a smile, “I didn't expect President Wen to care so much about your relative in the entertainment industry.
I'll penalize myself with two drinks.”

After speaking, he picked up the red wine beside him and drank the entire glass without blinking.

Wen Yan stood up directly, “I apologize, but I need to excuse myself for a moment.”

After leaving the box, without saying a word, Wen Yan took out his phone and sent a WeChat message to his unfilial niece on the first floor, who was enthusiastically interacting with a young idol on stage.

「Instead of learning to dance, you might as well take some time to visit your grandfather at home.」

When Wen Li received this WeChat message, she suddenly felt a chill all over her body.

At this moment, she was searching for songs from Qi Sihan's group on her phone.

The style of Qi Sihan's group mainly revolved around energetic and youthful girls.
One of their most popular songs had topped the daily charts on music platforms for two consecutive weeks.

Looking at the pink and tender color tones of the MV and listening to the lyrics of a girl in the early stages of love, she found herself momentarily confused about whether she was scared by the WeChat message from her old bureaucrat uncle or by this girl group song.

“Teacher Song,” Wen Li swallowed her saliva.

Song Yan was lost in thought but snapped back when she called him, “En?”

“We are a couple, a united front.
I'm in trouble now, would you be willing to help?”

“What kind of help?”

“Meet my uncle or dance a girl group dance in my place.
You can choose which one.”

Song Yan: “…”

After two seconds of silence, he decisively made a choice, “Meet your uncle.”

Wen Li's tone sounded disappointed, “…You're not choosing the other one?”

“Teacher Wen, don't push it too far,” Song Yan's tone was gentle, “Or I won't even help with one thing.”

Wen Li: “…Oh.”

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