The Top Couple Is a Bit Sweet – Chapter 27

The Top Couple Is a Bit Sweet by Krish72816-20 minutes

The charity gala, which lasted for a full five hours, finally came to an end with the group photo session.

Among these celebrities, everyone wanted to stand in the center, but when they got on stage, they all started playing the modesty game in unison.
They spent dozens of minutes just arranging their positions.
In the end, everyone yielded and pushed two senior figures in the entertainment industry to the center.

Wen Li, in situations like this, always positioned herself on the sidelines and never sought the limelight.
Even if she stood in the corner today, she couldn't tell her true commercial value within the industry from a diverse group photo.

After all, no matter where she stood, those who disliked her could come up with rumors and gossip.
It was better not to waste her thoughts on it.

This year, she stood together with Song Yan in the photo.
Standing next to Song Yan was a senior actor, and even on stage, they were discussing movie schedules.

“If you and your wife can collaborate on that film, Old Zhou will definitely be thrilled,” the senior actor winked, “Your wife looks really good in a cheongsam.”

The “Old Zhou” mentioned by the senior actor was a well-known screenwriter in the country.
He started with stage plays and later moved on to the big screen.
His scripts never catered to the commercial market and winning awards was very common for him.
However, his box office success relied solely on word-of-mouth.
Many commercial film directors kept their distance from him, but there was never a shortage of admirers for his refined works.
Therefore, he was a screenwriter that many people in the industry wanted to collaborate with.

In recent years, the aesthetic of movie audiences had gradually improved, and there was a trend of driving out the inferior.
Old Zhou's reputation finally began to spread and many young viewers became his avid fans.
His scripts became highly sought after.

Although the Republic of China script in Old Zhou's hands had not been publicized yet, and the copyright had not been finalized with a film and television company, several actors in the industry who had a good relationship with him already knew some inside information and knew which actors Old Zhou favored.

When Old Zhou saw that Republic of China-themed photo, he said to a few writers who were drinking with him at the time, “These are the images of Ting Feng and Wan Wan in my mind.”

He knew Song Yan, but he wasn't familiar with Wen Li.
He simply thought that this artist's face and temperament matched the characters he had in mind.

However, the selection of actors was not solely Old Zhou's decision.
Once funds were injected, various opinions would be taken into account, so nothing is certain yet.

Wen Li had not received the script yet and didn't know at which stage it had been intercepted.

Song Yan turned his head to look at Wen Li, but her gaze didn't turn towards him.
Instead, she was chatting with several other female artists, tilting her head to the side.

Facing the bustling scene with these artists, Wen Li was not sure if it was intentional or not, but Zheng Xue, who was originally separated from Wen Li by several artists, suddenly stood beside Wen Li.

The two female artists looked at each other with disdain.
It was Wen Li who spoke first in a sarcastic tone, “What? Don't you want to show affection with your husband?”

Zheng Xue remained expressionless, but her shifting gaze undoubtedly searched for Lu Ming.

When she found Lu Ming standing between two female artists, Zheng Xue's expression cracked and quickly darkened.

The female artist she saw was a rising star in the past two years, known for her idol dramas.
Because she bore a slight resemblance to Wen Li, she was nicknamed “Little Wen Li” by her team.
They used this so-called nickname to generate publicity by riding on Wen Li's popularity.
However, due to the vast difference in the capabilities of their respective management teams, each attempt was instantly debunked, and while it gained some attention, it also earned the enmity of Wen Li's team.

Wen Li felt inexplicably stared at by Zheng Xue and thought this woman was truly ridiculous.
Her husband was happily chatting with a female artist who resembled her, but it had nothing to do with her.

She remained silent, leaning against Song Yan's side and boldly pressing her arm against his, while also giving a smug smile towards Zheng Xue.

Song Yan didn't move away, allowing her to squeeze in.
The senior figure standing beside him raised an eyebrow, revealing an understanding look.

It's no wonder netizens say that this kind of group photo session is like a chaotic dance, with everyone appearing harmonious on the surface but secretly competing with each other.

After taking the group photo, the artists left one after another.
Wen Li pulled Song Yan's arm and signaled for him to go upstairs to meet her uncle, telling his assistant to wait somewhere else and come to pick them up later.

She didn't know whether it was because of the intimidating aura of her uncle, Wen Li became increasingly nervous.
Her nervousness led her to use the restroom.

“You go in first.
My uncle won't scold you,” she said.

Song Yan didn't think he had that much face, but as expected, when he walked into the private room, the man sitting on the sofa frowned and spoke in a displeased tone, “Where's Wen Li?”

“In the restroom.”

Song Yan sat down on the sofa opposite Wen Yan.

Wen Yan calmly observed Song Yan and smiled with a hint of sarcasm, “Mr.
Song, you've developed quite well in these few years.”

Song Yan politely replied, “It's all thanks to Chairman Wen's support.”

Wen Yan smiled without much expression and sarcastically said, “Thanks to my support? That's a beautiful platitude.”

Song Yan's tone turned cold, “Since Chairman Wen knows it's just a platitude, you can just listen and not mind it.”

Wen Yan didn't have a good impression of this son-in-law.
When his sister, Wen Wei, left this world abruptly, her husband started a so-called travel sketchbook to commemorate his wife and the two siblings were left unattended.
When they were brought to the Wen family's residence, their personalities were both annoying and unruly, and very difficult to discipline.

Xu Li was slightly better since he was just a little over ten years old at that time.
A glare from Wen Yan was enough to make him obedient.

But Wen Li was different.
As a rebellious fifteen-year-old girl, she felt that Wen Yan was only five years older than her, so why should she call him “uncle”? She was arrogant and defiant, constantly opposing him.

Later, she even left without saying a word and found the butler to pretend to be her guardian, signing a contract with an overseas entertainment company without permission and leaving the country.

Wen Yan used his connections to bring her back directly and kept her confined for half a month.
She finally became afraid of her uncle but stubbornly clung to her so-called star dream and had a big fight with him.
Even when he threatened her that if she entered the entertainment industry, she shouldn't expect to use the family's connections, she still left home without hesitation.

He had been waiting for her to be frustrated and give in, but two years ago, it finally reached his father's ears.
His father, who is her grandfather, feeling sorry for her, asked him to bring Wen Li back home.

He was waiting for his niece to come back and admit her wrongs, but instead, he received the news of Wen Li's marriage.

Wen Li had once been engaged to Bai Sen, her childhood friend.
Song Yan and Bai Sen were also good friends for many years.
Now this person married his friend's ex-fiancée, which made it difficult for Wen Yan to have any good feelings towards this so-called son-in-law.

The two men sat in silence, comparing their internal strengths, until Song Yan received a WeChat message from Wen Li.

「I ran into trouble and can't leave temporarily.
Please help me deal with Uncle's side.」

「Sending you a heart emoji. 

Song Yan sighed and took the initiative to speak, “May I ask what Chairman Wen wants to discuss with my wife?”

Wen Yan's gaze was cold, and he said in a low voice, “Since Mr.
Song knows that I have something to discuss with my niece, please tell her to appear quickly.
Hiding won't work, unless she wants me to bring her back home again for discipline.”

Song Yan smiled, “Do you think you can bring her back?”

“Please, Mr.
Song, don't interfere in our family matters.”

“I have no interest in your family matters,” Song Yan leaned back on the sofa.
“She is my wife, it's my duty to protect her.”

Wen Yan remained unimpressed, “Can you really protect her?”

Song Yan's tone was relaxed, “Compared to you as her uncle, at least I managed to do it two years ago.
What's so difficult about it?”

The words of both men were filled with subtle sarcasm.
Wen Yan was infuriated but chortled, feeling that this son-in-law was indeed different from before.

At least ten years ago, when he asked Song Yan what leverage he had to make the Wen family break their agreement with Bai Sen's parents and hand Wen Li over to him, this Young Master Song couldn't even utter a single word.

Having been pampered for over a decade, this Young Master Song, deprived of the protection of his parents, may wear a cold, stubborn expression, eyes filled with gloom and discontent.
However, in Wen Yan's view, he is utterly worthless.


Wen Li, who was washing her hands in front of the sink, had no idea about the situation inside the private room.

She hadn't intended to let Song Yan face her uncle alone, but life is full of unexpected surprises, including bumping into Zheng Xue in the restroom.

“Why haven't you left yet?” Zheng Xue was also surprised when she saw Wen Li, and she asked with an unfriendly tone.

Wen Li continued to wash her hands calmly, “You haven't left either, have you?”

Zheng Xue pursed her lips, her expression becoming even more gloomy.
After holding back for a while, she couldn't hold it anymore and stepped forward, grabbing Wen Li's wrist tightly, “Did you arrange to meet with my husband on the second floor?”

Wen Li was bewildered and pushed her away directly.

Zheng Xue staggered back a few steps, clutching her long evening gown, “If you want to fight, let's schedule it for another day.
I can't move around conveniently in this outfit, so stay away from me.”

Wen Li frowned in disgust and wiped her own arm with a tissue.

“Wen Li, although I don't like you, I admit that you're better than me.
Your personality attracts more fans, and you're beautiful.
Despite our competition for resources in the past, it was all work-related,” Zheng Xue said with a slightly emotional tone.

Wen Li looked at Zheng Xue as if she had seen a ghost.
She didn't expect to hear affirmation from her archenemy one day.
Puzzled, she asked, “Who possessed you?”

“Listen to me!” Zheng Xue took a deep breath, clenching her jaw.
“Our teams have always competed openly and secretly, which is normal within the industry.
But you shouldn't have any connection with my husband.
We've been together since our school days, and after years of secretly dating, I thought we would be able to go public when the time was right.
Just because you collaborated with him on a drama two years ago, after a few months of working together, he started to neglect me.
Seriously, Wen Li, ask yourself, how shameless can you be as a third party?”

Wen Li also took a deep breath and spoke coldly, “Let me make it clear one last time.
My collaboration with Lu Ming during that time was purely professional.
In the beginning, I had my manager ask him if he was single.
He clearly told my manager that he was single.”

Zheng Xue immediately refuted, “That's impossible!”

“Bullshit!” Wen Li's tone was firm, “I told you clearly that your husband is trash.
He's a scumbag who acts friendly towards other women despite having a girlfriend.
He's a coward who shifts the blame onto women when something goes wrong.”

Zheng Xue laughed twice, “Alright, you claim you're innocent.
Then why are you here?”

Wen Li was speechless, “Is there a problem with me being here? Did you reserve all the VIP rooms on the second floor?”

“I saw Lu Ming going upstairs just now and followed him up.
But instead, I saw you here.
Are you denying that you secretly arranged to meet him here?”

Wen Li suddenly furrowed her brows and walked straight out without saying a word.

Zheng Xue called after her from behind, “Where are you going?”

Wen Li ignored her and walked directly to one of the private rooms where she had an appointment with her uncle.

“Wait here.
If you leave, you won't get to see your husband,” she threatened.

For a moment, Zheng Xue was taken aback by Wen Li's threatening tone and remained motionless.

Wen Li pushed the door open and walked in.

As the door closed, Zheng Xue regained her senses.

Wen Li was on the second floor to find her own husband and that man?

So, she didn't come to the second floor because of Lu Ming?

Inside the private room, Wen Li paid no attention to Wen Yan's dissatisfied gaze and walked straight to him, with an arrogant attitude, “I know you have a way to get the keys to all the private rooms on the second floor.
Get them for me.”

Wen Yan frowned, his voice turning cold as ice, “Wen Li, do you know who you're talking to?”

“Uncle,” Wen Li took a deep breath, “Your niece urgently needs the keys to the private rooms to prove that I didn't come to meet someone here.
Can you do me this favor?”

Upon hearing these words, Wen Yan's brow furrowed even tighter, “Who called you a third party?”

“Can you wait until I resolve this matter before asking?” Wen Li sounded impatient, “Usually, you seem so capable, but why do you crumble in critical moments?”

Song Yan, who had been silent all along, suddenly laughed.

Wen Yan's face darkened.
First, he glared at Song Yan, then reprimanded Wen Li, “Wen Li! I am your uncle! Tone down your attitude!”

Song Yan asked softly, “What do you want to do with the keys to the private rooms?”

Wen Li replied, “To catch an adulterer.”



When Wen Li emerged from the private room, Zheng Xue had already grown impatient outside.

Wen Li was quite surprised that Zheng Xue actually listened to her and stayed put.

“It seems like you truly love your husband.”

Zheng Xue's face turned sour, gritting her teeth, “What the fuck does it have to do with you? What exactly are you up to?”

See, this is why you shouldn't believe in the public image of female celebrities.

Even someone like Zheng Xue, who portrays an elegant and ethereal image, can curse like a sailor.

Wen Li directly took her uncle's words of authority to the duty room and obtained a stack of room keycards from the staff.

She went into three private rooms consecutively but found nothing.
It wasn't until she entered the fourth room that she noticed the outer room was dark with no lights on.
However, a dim light was emanating from the restroom.

Upon hearing the commotion from the restroom, Wen Li couldn't decide whether to pity or ridicule Zheng Xue.

Inside the private room, the female celebrity nicknamed 'Little Wen Li' was giggling and asking Zheng Xue's husband whether he liked Zheng Xue more or Wen Li.

“Zheng Xue and I, we've been together for seven to eight years, since our school days,” Lu Ming said without hesitation.
But then he paused and teasingly sighed, “But I do like Wen Li as well.
During the time we were shipped as a couple, I dreamt about her every night.
Later, when she found out I had a girlfriend, she cut ties with me without any hesitation, which made me appreciate and like her even more.”

“Oh, so I'm Wen Li's substitute?” asked the celebrity nicknamed 'Little Wen Li'.

“Forget about being a substitute or not, stop asking those pointless questions and hurry up.
I need to leave,” Lu Ming urged.

“Who asked you to be so impatient that you couldn't wait to go to a hotel?”

“Are you stupid? This is a VIP room.
Reporters can't come to the second floor at all.
It's much safer than a hotel.”

Trembling, Zheng Xue cried silently, her voice tearing her heart apart.
Wen Li suppressed her nausea and calmly asked her in a hushed voice, “Is your phone on you?”

“…What are you planning to do?” Zheng Xue looked at Wen Li with teary eyes.

Wen Li rolled her eyes, “What do you think, you foolish woman?”

Trembling, Zheng Xue took out her phone from her small bag and handed it to Wen Li.
Suddenly, she grabbed Wen Li tightly and spoke with a pleading tone, “If you expose this, Lu Ming will be finished…”

“Shut up,” Wen Li pushed her away directly, “You're protecting a husband who has fallen out of love with you and is cheating on you, but you, you only target women.
Don't touch me.
It's my misfortune to share the same gender as you.
The only reason I'm helping you gather evidence was because this man disgusts me.
Don't infect me with your idiotic behavior in love.”

She had wanted to say these words for a long time and today she finally spoke them out.

Zheng Xue's face turned pale from the scolding, unwilling to back down, “You don't understand! If Song Yan were to cheat on you, you would be even more foolish than me!”

Wen Li chuckled coldly, her voice merciless, “If he dares cheat on me, I'll castrate him on the spot.
Don't think everyone is like you, cherishing and protecting a cheating scumbag as if he's a precious treasure.”


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