The lessons of my life are good and bad.
And I was evil.

I got everything I wanted.

Money, power, and even men.

I removed the ones that bothered me and gave my power to those I liked.

The whole world seemed to be in my hands.

But the end of having it all was ruined.
Who would have thought that my life, which I thought would only be happy, would end in a handful of shabby ashes?

Maybe I didn’t have anything in the first place…

The man I loved hated me and chose to die, and the people I shared my power with, strangled me.

People pointed at me as a tyrant, and their anger burned my palace.
My palace shone more splendidly than ever in the flames.

Yeah, that’s good enough.

Life lessons are enough.

I gladly accepted death.

* * *

“Uh-uh, peek-a-boo?”

But what is this situation?

I thought as I saw the face fluttering in front of me.

This nanny is familiar.

I struggled with my hands and feet that didn’t move like I wanted.

A small hand as white as cotton wool stirred in the hazy air with insignificant movements.
chubby little hands like a newborn baby.

“Princess Dorothea.
Look here!”

The nanny twirled the mobile over my eyes, but I was more distracted by the nanny’s words.

Dorothea? Did you just say Dorothea now?

My name is Dorothea Milanaire.

The emperor of Ubera was born a princess and ascended to the throne after killing her brother, who was the crown prince, with her own hands.

However, the tyrant Dorothea was executed at a young age in front of all.

“Princess Dorothea, you are so pretty, how can you not smile once?”

The nanny looked at me with a sullen expression.

It’s no wonder I can’t laugh!

Apparently, everyone was calling me a tyrant and calling me to death.
But that miserable and regretful end disappeared like a bubble.

It is a dream? Was it a nightmare?

I’d rather it be If it was all a dream…

But even so, the memories of the past were so vivid that the nape of my neck was cold.

The unbearable distress seemed to weigh on the heart and burst the newborn’s weak tear glands.

“Oh, My God! Are you hungry?”

The nanny hugged me as I cried.

The warmth I felt after a long time surrounded me.
Warm, comfortable, and thoughtful…

Yeah, maybe this was a lesson.
Teaching to live right.

A chance to turn back my life stained with evil and regret.

The burning passion and motivation to live one more life was exhausted and full of fatigue and gloom, but I had no choice but to live it.

That’s right, it can’t end like that again.
I will not repeat the same regrets.

Let’s live well.

That is the goal of this life.

* * *

However, as a baby who could not speak or walk, there was nothing he could do right away.

A life where all you have to do is lie in the cradle and squirm while looking at the spinning mobile and sleeping when you feel sleepy.

‘Isn’t crying less without whining the good life I can do now?’

There was no feeling of frustration, but it was a comfortable and enjoyable day.

‘By the way, how long has it been since I slept like this?’

A baby’s desire to sleep is really great, so if it feels a little bit of warmth, I slowly fall asleep.

It was a sweet time like honey for me, who couldn’t sleep properly due to insomnia.

When I was about to commit myself to sleep, which is more precious than jewels, I heard a sound that broke my peace.


Loud noises outside the cradle.
A voice that calls me strangely with a short tongue.

“Oh, my little sister!”

With an exhilarating greeting, his head popped up above the cradle.

“Did you sleep well?”

Blue eyes like the sea on a clear day, wavy platinum blonde hair, and chubby cheeks.
My brother has lovely pink cheeks. 

That is my dull older brother, Raymond Milanaire, who died once at my hand.

“I miss you, baby!”

Ray looked at me and smiled brightly.

His rosy cheeks were like peaches, and the scent of fresh milk wafted from him.

Pure, defenseless, round eyes were looking at me lovingly.

Yes, it was those eyes.<

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