My body didn’t get better easily.

After taking sleeping pills and starving for three days, I barely quenched my hunger with milk and bread, and after fighting with Danny, I walked in the wilderness all day, so it was only natural that my body couldn’t stand it.

After returning to the Imperial Palace and suffering from a high fever for nearly a week, my body temperature barely entered the mild fever category.

The body gradually returned to recovery, but there were no noticeable changes.

“Princess, are you okay?”

asked the new nanny.

The nanny who took care of me for a long time before was cut off at the Imperial Palace for this kidnapping.

It’s not even the nanny’s fault.
There wouldn’t have been anything a nanny could do.

I didn’t feel good because I felt like I had one more fault.

Fortunately, the nanny was not punished further.

“I think it would be better to go to recuperation and fully recover.”

“Is it a cure? But the princess just went through something like that… Shouldn’t she stay in the Imperial Palace?”

The doctor and the new nanny muttered in small voices.


The two were pretty careful about discussing recuperation, but the word caught my ear.

If I go to recuperate, at least I won’t be staying in this palace, and I will be able to distance myself from Carnan and Ray, and from Theon and Julia who are attending Episteme.


‘I have to be strong.’

I realized this, even if I want to live a good life, I need strength.

Until now, I was afraid that if I became strong, I would not be able to properly handle that power again.

I fear that I will gain the strength to be able to decapitate others and enter the path of tyranny again.

But power is like a sword.

If used incorrectly, it harms people, but if used well, it can cook delicious food, serve people, and protect people in crisis.

‘I can go to recuperate to increase my strength.’

Here, there is Carnan’s Eye, Ray, and Theon come to visit.

As long as they are here, I don’t have the courage to pick up a sword.

“I’m going to recuperate.”


“It’s so frustrating here.”

This is the first time I have properly expressed my opinion after the kidnapping, so the nanny and the doctor looked at each other and shared their thoughts.

Then someone knocked.

“Knock, knock.
Hello, I’m a flower~”

The door opened and Ray, whose face was covered with a rich bouquet of flowers, came in.


Ray gave me a bouquet of flowers and smiled softly, but I didn’t smile at all.

His behavior only seemed foolish.
He’s been visiting me every day since I went through the kidnapping, and it’s no big deal.

“Are you here, your Highness Raymond?”

“Dorothea, are you okay today?”

Ray handed a bouquet of flowers to the nanny, asking if she was embarrassed by my non-response.

He was wearing an episteme badge on a white shirt, probably right after he had finished his episteme class.

“What were you talking about?”

He came naturally to me, sat down, and smiled.
But I didn’t look at him.

“We were talking about how to recuperate because the princess is not feeling well.”


“At the same time, there is a separate palace in Ceritian that is good for recuperation.
The climate is mild and it is near the beach, so the princess will feel refreshed.”

“Still, Dorothea’s health has improved a lot.
Does she need to go?”

Ray seemed to be subtly opposed to my recuperation.

“I want to go.”

“But Dorothea, if you go there, you are alone.”

“I do not care.”

It’s not that I’m not alone here.


Ray stared at me.

The eyes were like a puppy begging for food, so I frowned.

why do you look at me with those eyes?

As he moved his gaze, he added that something came to mind.

You can go to Episteme soon too.
From this year on, you are just the right age to take the entrance exam.”

Ha, why do I have to stay here and episteme?

I burst into laughter.

“I’m not going to Episteme.”

“why? Dorothea, if you are, you will be able to enter Episteme as a senior.
Because you are smart…”

“I can’t go.”


“I can’t go.”

“Why do you think you can’t go…?”

Why do you think you can’t go?

“Are you intimidated by the fact that studying the episteme is so difficult?”

Ray asked innocently.
It’s so pure that it’s annoying.

Ray had quite a hard time getting into the episteme.
He passed the Episteme entrance exam with a score of just closing the door.

It was also the result of private education that was bloody in the imperial family.

The long history and tradition of the imperial family nailed it as a prince can drop out of Episteme, but he cannot refuse to enter the school’.

Ray suffered from that, and there were several times when he whined in front of me that he didn’t want to study.

He doesn’t even know how I feel.

“I’ve barely had time to do it, but Dorothea, smart enough, can do it.
Don’t give up easily.”

“Giving up easily?”

The tip of my lips twisted at his gentle comfort.

Did I give up easily? Episteme? Do you know how hard I studied to get in there?

Do you know how much I cried and protested the day Carnan ordered me not to go in?

There have been times when I secretly escaped to take a test, but was caught and locked up in the room again.

Until I give up on Episteme completely… How many had to be put, and how long did it take?

But what? give up easily? He who has everything easy can’t understand me.

“I have nothing more to say to you.
Get out, Ray.”


“Get out!”

As I shouted sharply, Rey’s eyes lit up with a bewildered light and went around.

The nanny and the doctor next to me looked at me in surprise.

“I’m sorry, Dorothea… I didn’t mean to upset you.
I just want you to stay here and be with us.”

Rey bowed her head and apologized. 

The nanny and the doctor’s expressions then change to sympathy.

‘under…look at this I’m a bad bitch again.’

A good older brother who worries about his younger sister and a younger sister who is hysterically annoyed.

This is the relationship between the legitimate Crown Prince and the unjustified princess.

I really hope I can be so kind and pure at heart.

I bit my lip and didn’t say anything.

“I’ll just leave.”

Ray looked at me and quietly stood up.

As Rey left, the nanny approached.

“His Majesty Raymond did this because he was worried about the princess.”

I know.
I know!

Ray is good and I am bad.
It’s the truth everyone knows.
I didn’t want to hear the kind and kind nanny’s comfort, so I covered my head with the blanket.

I have a real reason to go.

* * *

In this respect, I was grateful for Cernan’s indifference.

Carnan threw it away as if it was up to me to go to recuperation or not.

Soon after a discussion with the nanny and some of the servants, my recuperation was decided.
I headed to the south palace, which occasionally serves as the summer vacation home of the imperial family.

“Welcome, Princess Dorothea.”

The manager of the detached palace welcomed me and opened the door.

A white stone building stood facing the emerald sea.

There was no Ray and no Carnan here.
There are no old memories buried in the Imperial Palace.

The Imperial Palace was not only the place where I was born and raised, but also the place where I killed Ray and where my love Theon died.

It was also where my people and servants came in and made me knelt wildly and marched to the square.

Looking back, I was amazed at how I had survived that nightmare until now.

I purposely didn’t go to places where bad memories remain…

‘I’m so glad I came here.’

The more I thought about it, the more satisfied I was, and I took a deep breath of fresh air.

I needed a place without old scars.

“My name is Clara, I will accompany the princess here.”

A woman in a white apron greeted me.

Clara was the first maid who came down from Lampas and was not originally in charge of me.

Even though she looked young, she seemed to have come to a corner of the country after being pushed out of the ranks.

“From now on, you will be staying in this room.”

They led me to a room with a terrace overlooking the sea.
It was a clean, sunny room.
A cool sea breeze blew in from the open terrace.

I was satisfied because the scenery was completely different from my room in the Imperial Palace.

While looking around the room, someone knocked on the door.

I turned around and saw a man big enough to fill the door.

“This is the knight Stefan Greenwall, who will be with the princess in the future.”

Clara introduced me to an escort knight who would be by my side while I was staying in the private palace.

Short black hair and dark skin.
Scars pass through the eye area. 

Overwhelmingly tall, with broad shoulders, and strong muscles.


I almost pretended to know him.

My escort driver must be Stefan!

A person who will rise to the rank of deputy commander of the Knights of Brilliance, the best knights in the Empire.

He was one of the top five most talented people I’ve known in my entire life.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that if I was the emperor of the empire, it would be the whole world.

But I didn’t like him.

Because Stefan also died at my hands.

before returning.
My relationship with Stefan was not very deep.

At that time, I led the army to the islands and occupied the Imperial Palace at once.
And the last thing left is Raymond.

Stefan was a knight who stood guarding the last gate to Ray.

“Nice to meet you, Sir Stefan.”

I greeted him, wiping the blood-soaked sword.

I didn’t have a meeting with him.

I was interested in him because he was quite famous inside and outside the Knights, but Stefan was not the kind of person I could get along with.

The big height and tightly closed lips were the same then.

“The princess said hello, but you didn’t answer.
You still are not polite.”


“You’re arrogant.”

I didn’t like Stefan who was silent.

When I see Stefan who doesn’t answer, I think he doesn’t think that the princess’s words are worth listening to.

I remembered a lot of “silent things” that blocked me.

Instead of answering my words, Stefan took out a sword that was much longer than that of an ordinary man.

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