A knight who works hard and silently walks his own path.
Even though his origin must have been an obstacle, he did not hesitate.

I saw a glimpse of myself in his appearance.

In the past, when I was born without becoming a successor, and had to carve out my own path.

However, unlike me, who was crooked, he was walking his own path quite upright.

He was a better person than me.

“You were a brave and wonderful person…”

Then Stephan stood tall and stopped.


Stefan, in the lion’s mask, looked at me silently for a long time.

Realizing that my words were too frivolous, I closed up my lips to muffle my words.

By the way.

“It’s not a human, it’s a lion…”

At Stefan’s words, I burst into laughter.

Now you are a lion warrior.
Not Stefan.

Stefan seemed to understand that I was praising the lion warrior Leo.

Lion warrior Leo.”

I’ll give him compliments formally later.

There was a lot to be sorry for Stefan.
I’m thankful too.

Then, as if waking me up from thoughts, raindrops fell on my cheeks.

“Oh, it’s raining.”


Unlike me, who noticed immediately, Stefan, who was inside the cramped lion’s robe, didn’t even notice it was raining.

It’s been cloudy since morning.

The rain, which had been falling drop by drop, soon turned into a shower and began to pour into a downpour.

“It’s raining…!”

Then Stefan held me tightly in his arms and covered my head with one hand and ran to the palace.

He hugged me and ran down the sandy beach in the wet-doll costume.

As I was walking, I came to a fairly distant place on the sandy beach, so we had to walk on the sand for a long time to get to the Villa.

Besides, he is wearing a lion’s mask, so it must be hard to breathe.

“You can put me down!”


But Stefan never let me down.

He sighed only after arriving at the Villa and setting me down under a canopy to block the rain.

“Princess! Stef…! Lion!”

We ran into Clara, who was just coming out with an umbrella.
Clara put a big towel around my shoulder and looked at Stefan.

Stefan was standing in the rain and looking at me without coming under the awning.

“Don’t get rained on and come in.”

I beckoned, but Stefan shook his head.
Then the lion warrior waved his hand as if he had to leave.

Where are you going when it’s raining?

Lion’s mane and clothes, wet from the rain, were like a mouse that fell into the water.

I shut my mouth when I tried to tell Stefan to stop talking and come in.

He hates to take that doll’s clothes off in my place.

Stefan was overly blunt.

Where are you going to take off that doll’s clothes?

That wouldn’t be a crime.
me and you too.

“Thank you, Lion warrior.”

I decided to protect their childhood.

* * *

When I returned to the room after washing my wet body with warm water, I found a letter and a gift on the other side of the room.

“Clara, what is this?”

“This is a letter from the imperial palace today.
His Majesty Raymond sent it!”

Clara said happily.


Clara was puzzled by my reaction.

“Aren’t you going to open it?”


I ignored the gift and climbed onto the sofa and sat down.

Just then, Stephan returned.

It seemed that he had changed clothes after finishing the role of the lion warrior Leo.

I don’t know if it was raining or he had already been washed, but His wet, dark hair was falling down calmly, unlike usual.

the outline of the body with the muscles firmly attached was revealed.
Once again, I felt that Stefan was a first-class knight.

Stefan seemed to have a good feeling when the corners of his mouth were slightly raised.

‘It’s clear that you think I’ve been completely deceived.’

The innocence of those who believe in my innocence.

“Where have you been, Stephan?”

I greeted Stefan innocently, pretending not to know anything.

But when I asked, ‘Where have you been?’Stefan was embarrassed and did not know what to do.


“Knight Stefan, wait a minute… he went to fetch wood.”

Clara spoke on behalf of Stephan, who was sending the eyes of salvation.

No, sending the princess’s escort knight to fetch wood is a very strange excuse.
And on a cloudy and rainy day like this, you’re going to make wet firewood?

Wouldn’t it make me look too stupid if I were deceived by such a lie?

I was very worried, but I decided to pretend to be fooled one last time.

“Stephan, you know what? I went to the beach today and met the lion warrior Leo.”

After-sales service for sure.

The corners of Stepan’s lips went up about 5 degrees at my words as if it were a surprise.
He seemed to enjoy the role of the lion warrior.

Clara and Stefan seem to be as innocent as Ray.

“Stefan, but it’s my birthday today, so won’t you give me a birthday present?”

I asked, looking at Stefan who was pleased.

A lion warrior is a lion warrior, and I need to get a gift separately.

It’s too hard to pretend to be an innocent child, so it’s a pity to just let it go.

In my words, the corners of Stefan’s lips went down again and he looked at Clara.

Clara smiled shyly and shrugged.
Clara tells him to do it himself.

“Do you have any presents for my birthday, Stefan?”

I lowered my eyebrows and asked, Stefan, confused, looked at me and Clara.

His large, crude hands clenched and stretched nervously, and his tongue drenched his dry lips.

“You really don’t, Stefan?”


When I asked back, Stefan shook himself around in a lost way.

‘You don’t have a gift prepared, you have to make a gift, but you are not adaptable, and you are not good at talking.’

He was driven into a corner with no way out.


As I dropped my head, Stefan rushed to me, knelt down, and made eye contact with me sitting on the sofa.

“I, later….”

Stefan’s large hand grabbed my hand as if pleading.

“But it’s my birthday after all.”

Then, Stefan puckered his mouth, and when I said over it.

This is going to make Stefan cry soon.

“Actually, I have a present that I would like to receive from Stefan…”

I’m sorry, Stefan.
The main point was this.
When I lowered my voice, Stefan stood tall and stopped and looked at me as if to say something.
His sincere eyes were waiting for my words.

That’s a right, good job.

I told Stefan, who seemed to be willing to listen to anything, a wish I had been thinking about before coming to the recuperate.

“I want to learn swordsmanship.”

As soon as I finished speaking, Clara and Stephan’s eyes widened at the same time.

“Princess, is it swordsmanship?”

“I am too weak.
I hate being weak.
Like the last time the scary guys caught me, and at the beach this morning, what would I have done if I had met a scary person instead of a lion warrior?”

I looked at Clara and Stefan and asked.

the art of swordsmanship.
It’s the art I loved.

I loved the sword so much that if I asked what was the biggest force that made the tyrant Dorothea Milanaire, many would say my swordsmanship skills.

I was so talented in swordsmanship that I could even include myself in the top five of the powerful including Stefan.
It was a pleasure for me to handle the sword.
The only hobby I can release my stress from.

This was also a problem because it was sublimated into my tyrant’s temperament…

The first thing I wanted to do when I returned was to grab a sword.

However, I was ignoring it for fear that I would have a bad heart if I took the sword again.

If I hold the sword and gain strength, I fear that I will be greedy for something bigger with that power again.

But I knew for sure from the kidnapping.
A good person must be strong as well.
The sword doesn’t decide what’s good or bad.

In my words, Clara and Stefan just looked at each other.

“Then teach me swordsmanship, Stefan.”

I grabbed Stefan’s sleeve tightly.

“No? Aren’t you going to give me a present?”

Stefan nodded vigorously at me.
sign of permission.

Everything is going according to my plan.

I smiled at Stefan.

* * *

A few months later.

I was left alone after practice with Stefan, swinging a wooden stick.

After a few months, the sword was quite familiar.

I was so skinny that only his bones could be seen, and I was out of shape, and my arms and legs gained strength, which made my daily life much easier.

‘It’s much better because it’s light.’

I thought, swinging a wooden stick.

Accurate and easy to handle. 

Of course, with this thin stick, you won’t be able to fight the enemy properly and you’ll break it.

My skills were too good for a beginner.
It was natural to have the skills before the return.

Even so, Stefan had not yet given me a true sword.

Is he worried about me getting hurt? Or is he jealous because my skills are too high…?

But gradually, I wasn’t satisfied with the wooden sword alone, so I was thinking about making my own sword.

Then I heard a sign of movement in the back.


I quickly turned back and stretched out the wooden stick.
By the way,


It was Ethan, not Stefan, who was behind me.

Ethan was startled by a wooden stick that had suddenly entered his neck and fell backward.


“Hello, Princess Dorothea.”

Ethan greeted me with a smile while grimacing as if his butt was hurting on the floor.

Even the way Ethan hit his butt wheel was beautiful.

“Sorry, I thought it was Stefan…” I reached out to him.

Then Ethan looked at my hand for a moment, then grabbed my hand and stood up.

“You’re fast.”


I still have a long way to go to catch up with Stefan.

It was an excellent skill for my age, but I was still not a match for Stefan.

* * *

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