“What is this?”

“Ah, that…!”

What Ethan pointed to was a handkerchief embroidered with Fried’s coat of arms.

The only thing I brought with me from the Imperial Palace.
The handkerchief that Theon wiped away my fallen tears.

I quickly put it in the drawer.

“I don’t think it was imperial…”

“Yeah, I got a present.”

No, Dorothea.
It’s not a gift, it’s someone else’s item that you couldn’t return.

No, it’s not that I couldn’t return it, it’s that I didn’t return it.

Add lies.
Add evil deeds.

One handkerchief made me a bad person.

There was always a chance to give back to Theon when I was in the imperial palace.

I could return it to the Crown Prince at the ceremony, ask Ray to return it to Episteme or leave it to a servant to return it later.

But I still had his handkerchief on the excuse that the timing wasn’t right.

‘If anyone sees it, I’m sure they would say it’s a pervert.’

I secretly stole someone else’s handkerchief and kept it by the bedside.

Still… I didn’t steal it, and I’d have forgotten.’

I tried to rationalize.

As the master of the Fried family, Theon must have many other handkerchiefs besides that handkerchief.

It’s not a particularly good cloth, and it’s not a handkerchief that’s carefully embroidered, so you might not even know if the handkerchief is gone.

“I guess you are still not feeling well.
Seeing you sleep with a handkerchief on your bedside like that.”

“uh? Yes.
I have a cough at night.”

Ah, another lie added.
It’s really hard to live a good life.

“You should get well soon.”

Ethan lowered his eyebrows and worried about me.

“Then I’ll give you a handkerchief next time.
Will I be able to give a handkerchief to the princess?”

Ethan’s eyes twinkled, asking for permission.

“yes… okay.”

I nodded my head because I was upset that I had rejected the pendant earlier.

* * * 

I woke up in the morning to eat and go up, but today, the people of the detached palace move a bit busily.

“Princess, how about going up to the Imperial Palace?”

“What? already?”

Now that I’m used to this life and feel comfortable, do you want me to go up to that place again?

I had no intention of ending my convalescence of less than a year yet.

From the moment I came down to this place, I came here with the intention of living here for at least a few years, and at least for the rest of my life.

However, the expressions of the servants, including Clara, were not good.

“There is a terrible Infectious disease circulating around here.”

“Infectious disease?”

“It’s the flu, but it must be very serious.
There are a lot of people outside the castle, so the disease seems to have spread quickly.
There are already many people dying from pneumonia.”

“Can’t I fix it?”

“It can be fixed, because it is an Infectious disease.”

Even if it was a disease that could be cured, infectious diseases were difficult to catch.

It was impossible to manage the poor people individually, and it was impossible for them to buy expensive drugs and receive treatment.

So they couldn’t leave the princess in a dangerous neighborhood.

Wouldn’t it be a big deal if I purposely went to recuperate for my health and got an infectious disease?

The people of the villa seemed to want to move me to a safe place.
Clara’s words made me ponder for a moment.

I don’t want to leave this place.

Then there was only one conclusion.

“I can fix it.”


“Let’s cure it.  You said there is a cure.”

“But most people who get sick don’t have the money.”

Clara, who thought my words were the simple conclusions of a child, explained step by step why those people had no choice but to fall ill and die.

“The money is mine.”


“I can pay for the medicines and the treatment to treat them.”

“Well, but…”

Not only Clara but also Stefan, who was standing next to her, opened his mouth.

That face looks like it has something to say, but he doesn’t say anything.

“I’m a princess, and I can’t even spend that much money?”

I knew.

The fact that I have a budget allocated for me every year and every month because I don’t really spend money on anything.

It’s useless, so let’s sprinkle some cool money.

I remember the third item on my bucket list.

[Third, saving a million people.]

One million people were a very large number, so in order to implement the bucket list, we have no choice but to aim for this opportunity.

In addition to this, it was almost impossible to fulfill my bucket list if I did not play an active part in the upcoming war or natural disaster.

‘Because I have a lot of money even if I don’t have a good heart.’

Having a lot of money was a good thing.
Because I can fill in the dose index so easily.

* * *

The power of money was greater than I thought.

In less than 15 days, the infectious disease disappeared as if it had dried up.

There was also a difficulty in having to bring it from afar because there were not enough herbs to make medicine in the middle, but the princess’s name and money solved it all.

“Thanks to the Princess!”

Clara praised my good deeds generously.

But even though I did good deeds, I was not particularly happy.
It was just money that was not used and wasted, an amount that would not affect my life even if it disappeared.

‘I don’t know if this is a good thing.’

Is it good to just spend the extra money?

Besides, I had only heard rumors that the infectious disease had been caught but had never seen or talked to anyone who had survived with my own money, so I had no idea what I was doing.

That was then.

“I want to see it!”

“You can’t get in!”

I heard a loud noise outside.
There were very shallow words mixed in the middle.

“Ah! Don’t let it go, you bastard?”

“You bastard? How dare you say bad things!”

The sound stuck in my ear, so I had no choice but to look out the window…

At the entrance to the garden of the villa, a servant and a scruffy little boy were fighting.

The little boy was taken outside by a servant, but soon rushed like buffalo and tried to enter the villa again.

“What a fuss!”

Clara covered her mouth with both hands at the absurd and shallow thing that happened in the peaceful villa.

“Find out what’s going on.”

Clara nodded at my words and ran outside.

In the meantime, a noise pierced my ears.
Stefan looked at me and quietly pointed to the window.

“No, I can hear it even if you close the window.”

I looked out curiously.

Clara, who arrived at the entrance, talked about something.

And taking advantage of that gap, the little boy broke through between the two and ran into the garden of the villa.

‘One toughness is awesome.’

However, not all things were done only by tenacity, and the little boy was once again captured by other servants.

In the end, one of the servants beat the boy who was making an uncontrolled riot.

“shit” and the small body shriveled up.


But the little boy got up and shouted.

“Because I want to see the princess!”

Unlike the voices at the entrance, which I had heard sparsely, his voice shouting from the middle of the garden came to me clearly.

‘Did you come to me?’


It’s a face I’ve never seen before.

I got up from my seat, half curious and half worried.

* * *

“Let me go!”

“Let him go.”

“Wow, Princess!”

In my words, the servants who were dealing with the little boy came to a halt.

I made my way to the garden where there was a commotion.

“Are you a real princess?”

The little boy looked at me with a bewildered look on his face.

The kid, who looked about the same age as me, was shabby.
It must have been the guy who was rolling around on the street with his harsh words and no manners.

“Yeah, I am the princess.”

At my answer, the kid stared blankly at me and opened his mouth.

He had so much in mind that he didn’t even blink when he looked at me.

“What is the purpose?”

I asked the kid with a silly expression on his face.

Then, the little boy seemed to have come to his senses, twisted his body to get out of the hands of the servants who had stopped at my command and rushed straight to me.



The little boy who was going straight towards me was hit by Stefan’s leg which blocked me and fell backward.

Stefan looked down at the little boy with a blunt face.

I forgot that Stefan was always standing behind me silently, but he was an excellent knight and he didn’t let this slight danger go unnoticed.

The little boy was terrified when he saw the big Stephan.

Stefan doesn’t seem so mellow.

“Get out of the way, you giant bear!”


I was surprised by the kid’s reaction.

To be able to say things like that to Stefan, are you a fearless boy?

‘Where else did such an idiot come from?’

I took a deep breath and opened my mouth.

“I can hear everything there.”

“Shit, I came to give this to the princess!”

The little boy put down the small sack he was carrying on his back on the floor.

“What is it?”

“It’s a potato that I got because I worked so hard!”


I had nothing to say for a moment, so I just stared at the little boy with my mouth closed as if I had been possessed by Stefan.

potatoes? What do you mean by that?

“Damn, Didn’t the princess send our medicine?”

As if he had never learned the language of a noble class, every word of the little boy was harsh and rude.

How can you speak in such a harsh and rude way to a princess? Don’t you know that contempt for the imperial family is scary?

The saying that being ignorant means being brave is right.


I coughed softly as if to warn against the nagging abuse.

But my expectations were too high.
It was impossible for the kid to understand such a polite warning.

“So take this!”

The little boy didn’t seem to know how to be polite in front of the princess.

But I stopped because I thought it would be too childish and tiring to pinpoint the kid’s rudeness and indulgence.

“What is this?”

“It’s the price of medicine!”

The little boy responded as if he was bewildered at my naive question.

The price of medicine…

When I looked up at Stefan, Stefan nodded once and opened the bag that the child had put down.

Inside the bag, there were about 20 very small potatoes, more than half of which were damaged or sprouted.

The servants next to me kicked their tongues at the sight of the condition of the potato they could not eat.

Hard to find a normal potato bag.

At first glance, I thought he prepared it to give me a hard time.

“Did you bring this to the princess to eat?”

The servants were angry.

“Then eat potatoes! Would you like to eat it?”

Even though I am young, I am shy about people who are like my parents.

The servants were holding back the desire to hit the child’s head right away because it was in front of me.

* * *

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