Everyone raises their fists.
If I get angry at such stupidity, I lose.
It won’t work if I get angry about someone like that because he can’t learn it.

Instead of getting angry, I made eye contact with Stefan.

Stefan looked at me as if asking what to do with this messy potato.

“Take this back.”

There was no need to use a potato in bad condition, and I didn’t want to even pluck the things of such a scruffy kid.

Then the boy’s eyebrows raise.

“If you want it, take it!”

“Ha… take it.
Because I don’t need it.”

I said calmly, suppressing my anger.

“You don’t need it?”

The kid looked at me in shock.

“I have no reason to accept potatoes from you.”

“But these potatoes as

Thanks to the medicine that the princess sent me, my younger brother survived! Damn, really… He almost died!”


“Because of the princess, my brother lived, damn it! I have to repay the favor!”

The little boy wiped his eyes with his sleeve.

He was probably one of those who benefited from the cure I turned to.

It’s a good thing that your brother survived thanks to drugs… Damn it, but why are you swearing! Anyone who sees it will know that you are the enemy!

It is said that he only learned bad words from somewhere and that he pays off his debts with a word, but this guy is a man who will make 1,000 enemies with a word.

“So, this is potatoes…”

I saw the potatoes he gave me.

Potatoes were absurdly insufficient for the price of medicine.

The quality is so bad that even if it is put on the market, no one will buy it.

However, it felt a little strange to think that he must have brought it all the way here to repay the favor.

Although the potatoes are small, they must be heavy anyway, and such a child could not have come all the way here in a horse or carriage.

“Damn it, because my mom said.
She told me not to live in debt.
So don’t feel pressured and get it!”


I laughed out loud because I was very, very, very burdened with potatoes.

“Little boy.”

“Little boy! I am bigger than the princess!”

I was just a little bit smaller than that kid.

“ah… It doesn’t make much of a difference though.”

When I met children I didn’t know well, especially with those immature acts, I sometimes forget that I was smaller than them.

“Anyway, what’s your name?”


The little boy stopped the fight with Stephan and answered obediently.

With short, magpie-shaped hair, squishy clothes, and a long mouth, I thought it was a boy, but when I looked closely, it was a girl.

“Where is your house?”


A vigilant light appeared in Joy’s eyes when I asked for personal information.

Her eyes were frightened, wondering if she might be punished for causing a riot.

It’s clumsy, but I guess she is wary.

“How far is it from here?”

“Walk… about two hours.
So I couldn’t go back any further!”

Joey shouted as if trying to excuse the reason for the riot.

It’s a two-hour walk one way.
She came a long way carrying a heavy bag.

Well, you can plant sprouted potatoes somewhere in a large garden.

I’ll accept the hard work you have brought so far.”

At those words, Joy’s expression brightened.

Stefan then tied the bag of potatoes back together and picked it up.

Then Joy raised her hand in embarrassment.

“Now, the bag must be returned! It’s mine! Just take the potatoes!”

It was a shabby and old bag, but it seemed to be a very precious property to Joy.
Eventually, the servants had to take the potatoes out of the bag.

I could clearly see the servant’s grumbling expression, asking if they had to do such a troublesome thing because of the old bag that had been crumpled here and there.

As the servants emptied the bag, Joy reached out to pick up the bag.

The bag is for me.”

But I didn’t give Joey the empty bag.

A look of embarrassment appeared on Joy’s face.

“Damn, that’s mine!”

“swear words.
Just do it one more time.
That is contempt of the imperial family.”

“After all, it’s mine!”

Joey tried to run at me again, and Stefan simply stopped her.

I called Clara without caring whether Joey hit Stefan or bit his leather shoes with her teeth.

Go and fill this bag with some potatoes.”


Not the potatoes we have now, but the potatoes we have in our kitchen.”

In my words, Clara took the bag and headed to the kitchen.

Joy didn’t listen to me because she was struggling with Stefan.

I waited for Clara as I watched Joy attack Stefan with a string of cotton fists.

She’s fearless and the top of her head is full.

It was quite the appearance of a big Stephan sticking to a fight that looked scary but had no chance of winning.

And not long after Stefan had been patient, Clara returned with a sack of potatoes.


The bag that Clara brought was heavy with potatoes.

“Come on, Joy.
I will return the bag.”

Joy, who was fighting Stefan, took turns looking at me with the bloated bag.

“damn! Then there is no reason why I brought potatoes!”

Joy saw the potatoes in the bag and cried.

But while swearing like that, she couldn’t hide her swallowing saliva.

Potatoes bigger than her fist, which she wouldn’t normally see.
If she takes it, she and her brother will have enough to eat for a few days.

“It’s a reward for praising me.”

“I never praised the princess!”

“You came for two hours with a bag of potatoes and told me that what I did was a good job.”

“I? I never said it was a good thing.”

I swallowed a sigh of relief at the one-dimensional answer.

Yeah, you never said it with your mouth, but you showed your actions.

I am grateful enough to repay the kindness through suffering.

“You are the only one who came to return the favor.”

Treating infectious diseases was nothing more than fulfilling my bucket list.
A decision made for the goal of living a good life.

I’ve heard of many people living there, but I haven’t realized it so far.
Good deeds that were only proven by ink and numbers seemed to have no substance.

I couldn’t see with my own eyes whether a person really lived or not, and I didn’t really understand how valuable it was.

But thanks to Joy, I could feel a little bit of what I had done.
Although it was a shabby potato for what I had, for the first time I felt like I had been praised for a job well done.

Some people thank me so much.

Somebody will remember me as a good person, who was pointed out as a tyrant, who even my father, Carnan, turned away from me, and Theon, who didn’t look at me.

To be honest, I might have been a little touched, but the atmosphere was ruined by that damned curse.

“It’s going to be heavy, so I’ll pack a carriage and send it home.”


“You said your brother was sick.
Even if he is cured, shouldn’t you eat well and be healthy?”


Joy’s momentum was dampened by talking about his younger brother.
Joy looked at me and muttered to himself again.

“Damn it, wait.
I will definitely pay you back for this next time.”

“If anyone hears it, I think you will get revenge.”

I burst into laughter at Joy’s threatening remarks.

Then Joy’s face turned red and she couldn’t make eye contact with me.

There is also a surprisingly cute side.

“Put her in the wagon and send her away.”

I made it easy to take Joy home with a heavy bag.

As the servants prepared the carriage, Joy lowered her head and stood as if a stake had been stuck in the soles of her feet, and opened her mouth.

“Thank you…”


“Damn, thank you!”

Joy, who was red to her ears, shouted while looking down at the floor.

My voice seems to be crying a bit.

“ If you thank me twice, you’ll grab me by the neck.”

I just smiled at the harsh thank you.

With this, it seemed that I could safely fill my ‘Thank you three times’ bucket list this week.

* * *

Dorothy liked the sound of the clash of swords.
She was born with a taste.

“yaaa… !”


It was another thing to get angry every time the sword I wielded over and over was blocked by Stefan’s leisurely hand movements.

Even more so if you can’t break down your arrogant attitude of holding one hand behind you.

Sweat dripped down my forehead and ran down the tips of my hair.

‘Why can’t my body be like my heart!’

Before the return, my skills were comparable to Stefan, but now I was slow, short, powerless, and shaky.
What I was originally able to do didn’t work out the way I wanted to, so I resented my inexperience.

“Princess! Don’t do itu too much and come in!”

Clara, who was watching Stefan and Dorothea, shouted from the terrace on the second floor.
But Dorothea remained silent.

Princess Dorothea is twelve years old.

It has been three years since she started holding the sword.
Her skills had already risen to a level comparable to that of her other knights.
It was an amazing achievement.

But even so, it was impossible to defeat Stefan, one of the top knights.

Regardless of age or career, it’s natural.

‘The Knight Stefan is much bigger and has a lot more experience, so why do you want to win so much?’

Clara thought that Dorothy was very strange.

How unfair is the normally calm and obedient princess when she loses to Stefan?

‘But I can’t stop you when I see you like it and concentrate on it.’

Other than that, Dorothea, who was always blunt and lackluster, was the only one who was immersed in and worked hard to do.

even though it was a flaw to overdo it, Clara thought it was a good thing that Dorothy was interested in swordsmanship as well.

Dorothea’s body was healthy enough that she didn’t have to worry about it anymore.
But no matter how much it is, it is difficult to hold on to the sword from morning until late lunch.

* * *


I was engrossed in listening to Clara no matter how much she called. 

Clara pondered whether to force herself to stop by throwing herself between the two of them.

Stefan looked at me after checking the sloppy Clara who had been shouting before.

I couldn’t hear Clara, showing no sign of stopping.


As I swung the wooden sword without letting go, in a snap, Stefan grabbed the sword in His hand.

When I looked up at him in surprise, Stefan blinked as if to quit and enter.

Plus, Clara might have jumped down with something like a broomstick.

I understood what Stefan meant, but I wrinkled my brow.

“But why are you holding a sword in your hand? Are you making fun of me for being weak now?”

Holding it with your hand means that the swing is slow enough to be seen, and weak enough that it does not hurt even if you hold it with your hand.

If you want to stop, just say it.
Do you really need to insult me with an action like this?

Stefan shook his head as he looked at me.

‘I’m not trying to make fun of you, because if I don’t do this, it will not end….’

Clara told me to come in, but I couldn’t stop.

Stefan comforted me by handing a towel to me, whose face was red from rising fever.

My clothes were all wet with sweat, and the color had changed.
When entering, Clara was waiting, with a face as angry, with her hands on her waist.

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