“I called you a few times, but you’re only now coming in! It’s past lunchtime!”

Clara hurriedly took me to the bathroom without me calling her name.

“Look at this! What kind of princess is this? You’re a beggar!”

Clara said while pointing to the mirror in the bathroom.

My reflection in the mirror was messy with my sweat-drenched hair, and my face was dripping with soy sauce.

“How many things have come to the Princess today! Come in and take a look.”

Clara took off my clothes and put me in the warm water she had prepared.

“Ah, did you receive this month’s grace today?”

“Yes, I am.”

“So, what is this month?”

“A pound of wilted chicory.”

I laughed at Clara’s answer.

‘Blessing of the Month’, which started at some point, became a small pleasure for me.

‘I didn’t know that naughty potato could do it.’

Shortly after returning Joy, a suspicious object was placed in front of the Villa once a month and every dawn.

At first, the doorkeeper thought it was garbage and threw it away several times, but after catching Joy at dawn, he found out that it was Joy’s work.

In other cases, it was done to repay the favor with those insignificant vegetables.

My lack of conscience was pierced because it was a gift she had to walk a long way to a house, but I decided to quit soon and let her do it until she was satisfied.

I’ve been waiting to see how far she is going to go.

I gradually got accustomed to the gift and began to wait for Joy’s gift every month.

‘Still, I have to go back and forth for four hours because of a pound of chicory.’

Looking at what she was doing, she was stubborn enough to be stupid, but at the same time, it felt virtual.

Should I catch Joey at dawn next month?

“It’s not something you can eat.
If you pluck out the inedible leaves, will the only thing left will be the yellow stems?”


“I wouldn’t say anything about what I eat.
The princess is going to eat it, so I’m more concerned about it.
No matter what you say, it is my wish that the princess eats better things and wear better things!”

Clara was a bit nagging.

Joy’s gifts usually served as ingredients for dinner that day or became part of the chef’s garden in the backyard.

“Still, Reniere is given a special mission every month, so she puts great effort into the menu so that she can do it properly.”

I laughed.

Chef Renière seems to have developed a sense of challenge to make the princess eat deliciously with low-quality ingredients.

Thanks to that, on days when ‘Blessing of the Month’ came, a special menu would come out.

Perhaps there will be a menu that uses chicory for dinner tonight as well.

“Oh, and Princess, a letter came down from the island.”


At Clara’s words, I asked in a half-knowledge.

Ray sent one or two letters each month.
I always had neither read the letter nor responded to it.

However, Ray did not give up on the unanswered letter and persistently sent it.

“Yeah, he sent you two copies this time.”

As soon as I finished bathing, Clara handed me two letters from Ray.

I tried to put it in a corner without opening it, as is customary. 

But one of his letters stood out.

“It’s Stefan, this is it.
come from the Knights.”

Although it had the imperial seal on it, it was written that the sender was the Knights of Radiance belonging to the imperial family, and the recipient was Stefan Greenwall.

Since there had been very few letters from Stefan until now, everyone seemed to think that the letter bearing the imperial seal was for me.

As I handed the letter, Stefan opened it with a large hand.

I and Clara looked carefully at Stefan’s expression as they read the letter.
It was because I was so curious about what the letter to Stefan would be like after a long time.

But Stefan’s expression didn’t change at all, and he couldn’t tell if what was written in the letter was a good thing or a bad thing.

A letter from the Knights, with an imperial seal, would be important.

“What letter?”

In the end, I had to ask him.

It was only after I asked a question that Stefan’s mouth, which was always closed like a clam, was opened.

“It’s about the knights’ promotion test.”

Stefan said bluntly and put the letter in his arms.

If it was a promotion test, it meant that Stefan had met the requirements to become a high-ranking knight in the Knight, and the opportunity had come.

“It’s so good!”

Clara clapped her hands in joy.
This was an opportunity that only came once, after waiting several years for the knights.

“So, it went really well.”

When Clara rejoiced over Stefan’s good news, my congratulations were delayed.

Stefan glanced at me congratulating him.


Then he took out the letter he had in his arms again and handed it to me.

“Can I see?”

When I asked, Stefan nodded.

In response, I cautiously accepted Stefan’s letter.

When I opened the letter, as Stefan had said, it was written about the promotion exam that had been going on for the first time in several years.

In the Knights of Brilliance, the knights who meet certain requirements will be tested for promotion to higher ranks.

The dates for the promotion exam were very tight, so he had to leave this week to meet the schedule.


[No replacement staffing.]

Decisions were engraved even with the imperial seal.


Clara saw the contents and sighed a little.

This meant that the imperial family would no longer support me as a princess escort knight.

In other words, when Stefan leaves, there is no knight.

I stared at it for a moment, then opened my mouth slightly.

“It’s okay.
It’s so peaceful here, and it’s well-maintained.”

I shrugged my shoulders as I returned the letter.

I was a little surprised because it was unexpected, but Carnan’s decision was not new.

[‘Everything bothers me.’]

A human who spoke like that even after his daughter was abducted and returned.
Rather, it was incredible to put Stefan until now.

Had it not been for the kidnapping case, there would have been no Stefan from the beginning.

Maybe this is why he wants me to die in danger.
I often thought so.


Clara was about to say something, but stopped and looked at Stefan.

There is no knight of the princess! So far apart like this, you mean to entrust the safety of the princess to just a few guards and a nearby security force!

Clara wanted to hold on to Stefan.

But for Stefan, this promotion test was an important opportunity that could be a turning point in his life.
So she couldn’t catch him right away.

“don’t worry.
I learned swordsmanship from Stefan and my body has improved a lot, so I can protect myself.”

I can live well without any escort knights.

I smiled broadly, trying to lighten Stefan’s heart as he had to leave.

Stefan stared at me with his mouth shut.

Clara leaned back slightly, perhaps because it was hard to get between the two.
It was not a matter for Clara to argue about.

“Then, Princess, I will come and see you for dinner.
Take a break.”

Clara nodded and vacated her seat.

But Dorothy thought it would be better for Clara not to leave.

What do I have to say? Stefan is leaving.
He has to leave.

How do I hold onto it?

There was a breathtaking silence in the room where Clara left.
It was always so quiet when I was with Stefan, but I didn’t know why this silence was so uncomfortable today.

“Stephan will definitely pass the exam.”

Dislikes the silence, I opened my mouth for nothing.

Stefan, whom I’ve been with, was a nice man, so I really wanted him to do well.

But Stefan just stood my congratulations without saying a word.

I’m trying hard to congratulate you, but if you show me your joy, where will it go?

“Honestly, You don’t have to set a ball or hang out with other knights because of my escort, so I thought you wouldn’t be able to get promoted, but I’m glad.”

I was a bit too talkative.
I hoped that Stefan would not be stranded because of me.

I say I want to live in this private palace, but for Stefan, life in the countryside must be hard work.

Do you have any special skills, other knights to deal with, and regular training to hone your skills?

Which knight wants to do the job of falling into a quiet countryside alone and following a cute girl or something?

If I had power in the imperial family, He would have survived by thinking about his future connections.

That’s why there must be no knights coming down here for Stefan…

“It’s better to go up than to escort me in a country like this.
Stefan will surely be able to rise to the top of the Knights.
I bet you.”

Dorothy smiled hard.

‘It’s okay if Stephan leaves.

Carnan, Ray, Theon, Ethan, and the people.
So far, many have turned away from me.

I was therefore confident that I would accept it gravely, even if Clara or other servants, as well as Stefan, left.

The servants can get another job around here, and there’s no problem living if there are only a few caretakers and people who do odd jobs.

Rather, I hated being a “bad person” who held them back.

‘Stefan, who once rose to the rank of deputy commander of the Knights of Brilliance, can’t ruin his life because of me.’

Stefan, who has been with me so far in this place that all other knights hate to come, is amazing.

So, it’s okay.

“But looking at the date, you have to prepare quickly and go up.
You will have to go and prepare for the exam.”

Stephan didn’t say anything, while I spoke to him.


“It’s still short, but since we’ve been together, I want to give you a farewell party.
Tomorrow is too urgent.
Can you go up the day after tomorrow”

Dorothy looked up at the huge Stefan.
But Stefan kept his mouth shut and didn’t answer as usual.

Seriously, I’ve gotten along really well with this rude knight who chews on the princess’ words.

“Tell me, Stefan.”


I urged further, and finally, Stefan’s mouth was opened.
But Stefan’s voice was lower than usual.

The atmosphere was a little frightening, so I opened my mouth hastily.

“Before you leave, this is my last request… Aren’t you going to listen?”

My voice crawled again because I’m sorry to ask him not to leave in a hurry even if he leaves my side.

But Stefan said nothing.
Silence without a nod was like a roundabout refusal, I broke my lips.

“Still, I thought that I got to know Stefan a little, really, a little bit….”

We have been together ever since we came here when I was nine years old.
Although he didn’t talk much, he was always by my side, and I also learned swordsmanship…

Then Stefan knelt down in front of me and made eye contact.

His eyes, which were always so high, lined up exactly with me sitting in the chair.
His black eyes were terrified and I still couldn’t understand what was inside.

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