Her name was blurred because I remembered Joy as a potato rather than a common name.

Clara, Stefan, the chef, and the servants all understood when they said ‘potato’.

If you’re a little confused, you can add one more modifier, ‘Potato Cursed’.

Moreover, today I only saw Ray’s first match and deliberately did not watch the following matches.
I didn’t watch any more matches with Ray in them because I didn’t want to see Ray’s eyes, and I didn’t watch any matches because the results were obvious.

Conversely, Joy didn’t even recognize me.

Who would have imagined that a player named ‘Dory’, who flew around the arena, would be that gentle and arrogant princess!

“Why is the princess here…”


I had Joy arrested for fear of revealing my identity.

Joy kept her mouth shut for me but twisted her head awkwardly.

I looked at Joy with a clumsy sword posture and a very nervous face.

She was a little taller than before, but her dirty and frizzy things didn’t change at all.

‘She is young, how did she apply for this competition?’

Thinking so, I understood.

The potato was the kind of person who would overturn the application table and do whatever she wanted to do.

‘She is still the same.’

I saw Joy’s face and arms stained and scratched.

If you can get here, your thighs, back, and stomach probably won’t be fine.

‘I think she was beaten hard in the previous game…’

If she was hit like that, she would have surrendered, but why did she hold out?

Even after winning like that, there were still two matches left in the tournament.

Besides, the remaining opponents were me and Ray.

You must have seen the skills through your eyes.

Knowing that, Joy’s persistence was imaginary, and she wanted to give her victory as a gift.

“Damn, why did the princess participate in such a competition? You have a lot of money!”

Joy snorted a little.

Oh, it was about the money.

I wondered why a beginner who didn’t seem to know how to hold a sword was forced to participate in such a competition because of the prize money.

As it is a Duke competition,  the winner of this contest was given a prize of 10 blancs.

It was too small for me, so I didn’t even care, but Joy was aiming for it and holding on to it.

I think she will have to pay more for the treatment.

“Damn, do I have to repay the favor here?”


“I need money, damn it, here’s the princess…”

Joey bit her lip and cried.

Don’t tell me she’s going to repay the potato’s favor by losing to me.

You really think you can beat me, do you?

Besides, even after meeting the princess, you said’ It’s a princess? your cut greetings and say ‘Damn’?

I frowned as I looked at Joy, who was just as rude and full of unfounded confidence as before.

I’m sure last time she gave me a rotten potato and said, ‘Don’t be afraid to take it.’

“Damn, I really need money.
Princess, you have a lot of money.”

Although Joy was quite dissatisfied with me, it seemed that he was still debating whether to repay the favor or not.

It was ridiculous for me.

Who told you to pay back the favor? And who’s gonna let you win? You just lose to me.

I haven’t seen her in a long time, but She was still a ridiculous fellow.

How she has survived so far with such a nature, was remarkable.

“Hey, you cursed potato.”

As I practiced patience and called out to Joy, Joy wiped the moisture off her bruised eyes with her sleeves.

“Are you still going to repay the favor?”

Joey nodded at my question.

She had been sending this month’s grace all the time, and she still seemed deeply rooted in the idea of being good to me.

then beat me If you win, I’ll let you know you’ve returned the favor.”

I said as I swung my sword and straightened it.

I mean, stop thinking that I will lose in a pathetic way.

I will beat the cursed potato, So I can never see the potato talking nonsense that “I lost’.

“If I win…?”

Joy swallowed her saliva.

“You don’t like it?”


Joey had no reason to reject my offer.

If you beat me, you can win the prize money and repay the favor.

Joy still thought she would beat me.

No, I vowed to win even if I died.

When the trumpet sounded at the start of the game, Joy clenched her sword and swung it at me.

A sword worse than Alex deflected at me by drawing a line that was not beautiful.
I was really at a loss for words at her clumsy workmanship.

You were trying to beat me with this skill? Do you mean you were trying to cut me some slack?

Since you’re an outsider who doesn’t even know the swordsman, is it easy to see everything?

I was also curious about the previous match she had not seen.

How did you win two games with this skill like wild water?

I mean Joy’s opponent was worse than this? Is it possible to have less skill than this?

I thought again, leisurely avoiding Joy’s sword.

Joy swung her sword a few more times at me, but I evaded all attacks with just a few steps.

“Damn, Please get hit!”

Joy shouted as if he were angry.
No matter how much she swung it, the sword was not hit.

I looked into Joy’s eyes.

‘That’s a real thing.’

Just by looking at Joy’s eyes, it was like a knight who went to the battlefield and prepared to die.I thought it would be of great use if she used it well.

But that’s it.

“Sorry, potato.”

I lightly hit Joy on the back and Joy’s body staggered easily.
But Joy soon stood on both feet and looked at me.

“Damn, the princess doesn’t even need a prize!”


Because I participated without any interest in how much the prize money was.

No, I forgot that there was even a prize.

“Then lose!”

Joy’s desperate sword swung big again.
But I didn’t get hit.



My sword slammed Joy’s thigh, and Joy fell to the floor.

She fell to the floor her knees were splintered and blood was dripping.

But Joy got up again like a rooster.

‘It must hurt because I hit her pretty hard.’

Even though it was a century that would not be strange even if it was bruised, Joey took up her sword and rushed forward again.

Of course, I didn’t get hit, and I once again hit Joy in the back with the intention of giving in.

Then Joey fell to the side.
Compared to the fact that she was supported by evil, his body could not keep up and collapsed easily.

How strong would your body be if you didn’t eat properly…

But Joy got up again.

By this time, Joy would have realized that she had no chance of winning.

I seemed to know a little bit about how Joy managed to win the game earlier and get here.

“Damn it,… I will win.”

Joey grabbed his sword again and spat out swear words.

“You can’t win.”

“I will win!”

‘Even if I die, I will win.
I’ll win no matter what.
Victory is the only option.
That’s the only way to win the prize money.’

Joey ran towards me with her sword high, but it was pitifully meaningless.

I could have hit Joy a few more times at the loophole, but I didn’t.

I didn’t mean to let it slide.
I was just worried about Joy’s life.

Reality is not a romantic novel, so there is something that cannot be done with desperate efforts.

“Why does a rich kid like the princess come out…!”

As if it was painful in the places where Joy was hit, tears welled up, sniffing her nose and wiping the corners of her eyes again.

She hates me.

‘It’s against the law for a wealthy noble who specializes in swordsmanship to appear in a competition like this!’

Joy think It was unfair.
Dorothea doesn’t even need the prize money, but the rich people end up taking the money.

I met Joy’s eyes, who was staring at me, and gritted her teeth.

“Money is not the only reason we fight.”


“I just like to win.
Besides, I don’t like to manipulate the game by cheating.”

Just because I was a tyrant didn’t mean I welcomed all bad things.

Rather, I was stricter than anyone in competition and victory, and that rigor was close to strangling others.
Anyone who has seen me practices my skill to beat Ray would agree.

“I don’t sell my victory for the good of ten Blanc, Potato.”

It’s a pity that Joy didn’t get the prize money, but that didn’t give me a reason to lose.

I didn’t want to prolong the fight against Joy.
If I dragged her for a long time, I would only be making fun of Joy.

Therefore, I hit Joy on the back, with the intention that Joy will confirm her defeat.
Joy’s back was bent and he fell to the floor.
A well-rounded attack.
Joy was beaten without a trick.

I was sure of my victory.


“Damn, I could sell my life for those ten blancs!”

Joey jumped up and rushed like a cow and smashed into me.

I fell down with Joy in an ignorant attack that I could not have imagined.

Joy sat down, crushing me on the floor, trying to punch me in the face with her fists.

I managed to turn my head and avoid it, and Joy’s fist stuck on the floor.



While I was in pain from her attack, I lifted my leg and grabbed Joy, and threw her aside.

Joy rolled on the floor, and I quickly got up from the gap.

The abusive potato, who rushes to the point of giving her life in this small game, stimulated me in many ways.

Joy was lying on the floor, holding Joy’s wrist with my feet, and then slashing the side of her face with my sword.

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