Ethan wrote something carefully for quite some time, and at the end of a long time, he put the pen down.

“Okay done.”

Ethan puts on my cast with a wide smile.

It had been a long time since Ethan had been so occupied, so I raised my head wondering what he might have written.

[Beautiful pearls grow from old wounds, They will shine brightly after a long and dark time.]

an elegant flow of cursive writing on the white cast, The metaphor compares my injured arm to a pearl.

Ethan wrote down his name under it as if to prove that it was his writing.

[Only for Dorothea Milanaire, written by Ethan Bronte.]

Ethan, who had his name tattooed on my arm, smiled and met my eyes.
Although the cast will be removed in a month, I will have to carry this phrase for a month.

“Wow! Master Ethan is also good at writing! It’s not a cast, but you can write it in a big place and hang it there!”

Clara, who was peeking from the side, applauded when she saw Ethan’s words.

The writing was beautiful as well as the content of the writing.

Even Before the return, I enjoyed reading the books and reports that Ethan wrote.

The nobility of the social world chatted about Ethan’s writing, saying that beautiful people also had beautiful writing.
He also often wrote signboards to be hung in the palace or important phrases needed for a big event.

Aside from martial arts, Ethan was a man of many talents, So how can people not like him?

“I hope you like it.”

Ethan clasped his hands together, waiting for my reply.

“I like it.”

If I say I don’t like it, It was an oddly good phrase and great handwriting.

Thinking back, God gave Ethan too much.

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to say to the princess someday.”

“Have you been saying this for a long time?”

At Ethan’s proud smile, I smiled a little.

“What would you do if I didn’t allow you to write in a cast?”

“I believed the princess would allow it.”

The number of cases of rejection seemed to be not in mind at all, and his beautiful smile was brazen.
I hope I’m not swayed by this guy’s plan again, am I?

I looked at him suspiciously, and Ethan smiled as if he knew nothing, and made eye contact.

“Can I come again next time?”

* * *

“Look at this, Princess!”

A month later, Clara ran to me, who took off the cast.

“Princess! Letter! A letter has arrived!”

Clara shook the letter in her hand violently.

What is the big deal with the letter?

Judging from the timing, it was time for Ray’s letter to arrive, and it was a letter that was in a drawer that I wouldn’t even open as usual.

“There is a letter from the imperial family to the princess!”

From the imperial family?

I lifted my head and looked at the letter in Clara’s hand.

‘Is Carnan trying to call me back?’

Expectations and antipathy were mixed.

It really was a letter with the seal of the imperial family, and that was also Emperor Carnan.

The first letter from the emperor who came here after more than two years of staying here.

‘I have to open this, right?’

No matter how much you hate the name Milanaire, I can’t help but read what came down from the imperial family.

I opened the letter from the imperial family with a little trembling.

“What is written on it, Princess?”

Clara and Stefan glanced behind me.
I, who was still reading the letter, did not speak for a long time before folding the letter again.

“It’s telling me to act like a princess.”

I threw a letter on the table with a blunt expression.
It’s completely different from what I thought.
‘What did I imagine?’

I know Carnan better than anyone else.
The letter was about diplomacy.

Soon, the Hark royal family will be visiting this area and I was ordered to show my face to welcome them.
The diplomatic ceremonies with Hark, a neighboring country facing the west, are held, and those coming from Hark come in through Cerritian as a gateway.

I, who was nearby, was obliged to greet them face-to-face as a member of the imperial family.

Moreover, the Prince of Hark, who is said to be coming with the Hark family, So I took on the cumbersome task of being a good friend because he was the same age as me, who was entering Episteme this time.

“We have guests from Hark.
We Will go and greet them.”

“Amazing! I can’t believe that you’re in charge of such a big thing by yourself!”

“Basically, the Duke of Bronte will take care of it.”

I knew quite a bit about Hark, thanks to my experience before my return.
After becoming emperor, I expanded the largest territory in Ubera’s history, and the most victim of that territorial expansion was Hark.

The reason Hark was sacrificed was that he touched my closest person.
And the person they touched…

‘Ethan Bronte… It was.’

Nereus The Prince of Hark, who later ascended the throne, has a fiance who likes Ethan.
Monica was the daughter of a great aristocrat and was also from Episteme.

Nereus liked Monica, and Monica’s family decided to engage Nereus for political reasons.

But Ethan was caught in the middle.

At the debut prom, where Ethan made a splash in the social world, Monica, like other young girls, fell in love with Ethan.

Ethan enjoyed taking advantage of it.
Besides, it was his habit to be kind to everyone and to seduce people.

There were times when many young ladies who met his smile said, ‘Ethan seems to have a crush on me’ and then fought.

Even I would have mistaken Ethan for liking me if it hadn’t been for Theon and didn’t know my heart.

When a handsome man smiles and holds my hand, compliments me on how pretty I am, and puts a jacket over my shoulder, it’s only natural for my heart to change, isn’t it?

Ethan was a man like a fox.
Also for Monica.
In the end, Monica breaks up the marriage with Nereus.

“I don’t want to sell my body in the name of marriage.”

Because she doesn’t want to get married without a heart.
Surprisingly, Monica decided to break up the marriage even though she knew Ethan wouldn’t come to her.

But Nereus blamed Ethan for all this Nereus was proud of himself, and Ethan laughed at it.

“I can’t believe that you blame someone else because you can’t protect a girl you like.
Hark’s future is bleak, isn’t it?”

Ethan added fuel to Nereus’ anger.
And that led to the rise of Nereus and the attack on the empire.

They attacked the Cerritian area where the Bronte family of Ethan was, and I blocked it with Ethan.

Maybe the timing was good.
By the time the war was over, Carnan was dead, and I was in control of the army, so I led the army and went up to the Lampas.

Anyway, that Nereus of Hark comes here.

‘Nereus, He didn’t like Ethan very much from the beginning…’

Was it an instinctive intuition? Or would it have been natural if it was a proud prince, from Episteme, of a country?

Nereus ignored Ethan from the beginning, ridiculed him, and spread rumors about Ethan.
At first, the two were opposites.

Incidentally, I didn’t even like Nereus very much.
So Ethan was delighted when I scratched Nereus and was willing to go to war with Hark.

‘Monica was definitely upset.’

My thoughts became complicated.
What was clear, however, was that if Nereus met Ethan, he would smirk, ignore Ethan, and crave him.

‘Aren’t the two of you going to meet? Ethan can’t come here…’

I decided I would rather believe that Carnan’s orders worked out.
This is because we can prevent the bad relationship between the two of them from starting in advance.

It also gives a positive impression of the Bronte family in advance and helps to maintain a gentle relationship with Ubera.

‘If I do well, Hopefully, the bucket list of living a good life number 3 might be realized.’

Living a good life bucket list number three, saving a million people.

If the relationship between Ethan and Nereus was well resolved, tens of thousands of people could be saved.

 * * *



Ethan did not believe Dorothea’s visit.
This was Dorothy’s first visit to the Bronte family since her first visit.

Ethan hurriedly set up a seat for Dorothea and had the maid come out.

“Did you hear about people coming from Hark?”

“Yes, my father told me.
Oh, come to think of it, the Princess will also welcome Hark…”

“So what did you decide to do?”

Dorothea, of course, assumed that Ethan was going somewhere or hiding during Hark’s visit.

As always, he remained a beautiful shadow of Bronte.
Besides, this is something that adults have to deal with, so Ethan doesn’t have to intervene…

“I want to greet them too.”


“My mother and father don’t seem to like it yet, but if I tell you the truth, I think we will be able to even have dinner together.”

“Why do you want to greet them?”

‘Why? Up until now, you’ve seldom shown your face in public.’

‘Is there something he is hiding?’

“The princess is also coming.
I heard that the prince coming from Hark is the same age as us.”

Ethan smiled and Dorothea hurriedly exclaimed.

“No, Ethan!”

Ethan is surprised at Dorothea’s insistence.


“That, that…”

‘Nereus will ignore you, the one who didn’t even go to Episteme.
Prince Bronte will regret putting you out in front of people, and you will be hurt.’

Dorothea should have said that, but no words came out.

As she was rolling my eyes around in embarrassment, a card came into her eye.

“Tarot card!”


“I saw the tarot …It’s not good.”

Dorothea had never seen a tarot and didn’t believe it because it was a folk belief, but that was the only thing that came to mind right away.

“Princess, do you know how to read Tarot?”

“Huh? No, I didn’t read it, but one of the court maids said there was a good astrologer…”

And Dorothea soon regretted it.

Isn’t it lacking persuasive enough to not do what you want just because of a tarot card? But it was already spilled.

“So, when you meet the Hark family, the energy of death becomes stronger.”

It wasn’t a lie.

Dorothea knew the future, and she knew that Ethan and Nereus were opposites.

In a way, Dorothea is like a prophet.


“Pfftt Hahah, Princess.
Do you see anything like that too?”

Ethan burst out laughing at Dorothea’s serious expression.

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