Clara, embarrassed of Dorothea’s praise, left to serve food and tea for her guests.

Thanks to Dorothea’s well-chosen topic for conversation, Anton gradually relieved the tension that had shuddered in front of the princess.

For a moment, the shadow of his father’s death seemed to lift from the house.

But after a moment’s hesitation, the shadows came back.

“Clara is doing so well, but I am holding her by the ankle.”

Anton took a deep breath.

he knew it.

He knew that he was the reason Clara hadn’t found a suitable mate, even though she was past the right time to marry.

“Clara was also quite popular, but men ran away when she talked about her family.
It’s all because of me.
No one wants to get married and carry an unwanted burden.”

Anton sighed pessimistically.

“I wish I could at least earn my own food, but…”

Anton tried to make things by hand sewing at home and selling them through his father.

However, his father, who was not in good health, was not very good at business, and People didn’t buy it because they hated it and said that it was made by a disabled person.

“Without Clara, I would have done nothing but starve to death on the spot.
Or I would have dragged her legs out and begged for compassion.”

Anton said to himself.

At that, Dorothea thought for a moment.

“Did you say you knew how to sew?”

“People like me should do something like that at home.”

Anton said he did most of the things he could do while sitting at home.

Sitting for a long time hurts his back, but it seemed like at least one person had to do something like sewing or arranging the laundry.

“Are you okay with a small side job?”

“I wouldn’t mind earning a penny with my own hands, but there are plenty of people with limbs, and who would take someone like me?”

Anton sighed again.
Of course, it is difficult to become a farmer, a fisherman, a hunter, or a blacksmith.

Besides, Anton couldn’t commute anywhere, and if he needed to go to the bathroom or move around a bit while working, he’d need someone else’s help.

People didn’t want to add such chores to their already busy workplaces.
There is no kind job for a slow and clumsy person.

Then Dorothea looked at him with thoughtful eyes.

* * *

After returning from Clara’s father’s funeral, I sat down at my desk.

I scribbled down with a pen the thoughts I had organized on my way back.

[Plan to establish support centers for the disabled.]

I wondered if I was planning something useless again, but I continued to write.

Things I thought about while talking with Clara’s brother Anton.

‘At least there’s hope that they can do something.’

I wanted to give them something to do, even if it wasn’t enough to support themselves, at least something they could do to earn money to pay for their meal, something they could do without being insulted by people.

‘It would be nice if there was a system to receive support for medical expenses.’

‘Could it be possible to create systematic medical support?’

Doctors might also be able to see patients and help them research treatments and medicines.

We could also create a community for them to have a social life since they’re home most of the time.

‘Wouldn’t it be nice to meet and talk to people who could relate to the same situation?’

I spent several days researching the data and even sent a person to check the situation.

In fact, support for the disabled was something I was trying to push forward even before returning.

As I refined my ideas, I spent hours writing a plan.

But suddenly, my pen stopped.

‘Would I get permission from the imperial family?’

It would be nice to think of it as a personal hobby, but for something like Milanaire’s work, especially something as big as this, royal approval was essential.

Like a bubble bursting, I woke up from my dream.

I knew how people would react when they heard of this project.

‘That’s reckless.
How many disabled people would there be in the world? Even when we go out on the street, we rarely see people with disabilities.’

It was a waste to spend the imperial budget just to help those people.

There are many other good things, but you rather use them there.

How many other good things could be done, like supporting scholars or patronizing artists?

Or it would be wise to invest in a merchant. 

Whether they were scholars, artists, or merchants, they had something in return for the imperial family’s support.

It could later become a strong supporter of the imperial family, or it could become a connection and pride among nobles.

But what about people with disabilities? Even if you help, there is practically no return to the imperial family.

So they will say that investing in scholars and merchants is the way to make the world a better place.
Don’t waste your resources on helping the needy and weak.

There was no way Carnan would allow this to happen.

‘Carnan will be doing the same thing again.
After all, he’s done to me.’

I thought to myself.

‘The plan everyone hates.
Unwelcome, uninteresting.’

I sighed as I looked at the plan I had been thinking about and immersed myself in as many times as possible.

‘Maybe I’m wrong…’

If everyone is against it, there must be a reason.
There must be a reason why no one is trying.

I didn’t have enough self-confidence to overcome that much negativity.

Because I had already experienced a major failure once when I pushed myself to my will.
So, this is an Impossible plan…

The personal desires of the tyrant Dorothea Milanaire.

‘I wasted my time like an idiot…’

I crumpled up the plan and tried to throw it away.

* * *

At that time.


Just then, Ray came to see her.

Dorothea couldn’t throw the project in the trash, so she hurriedly hid it.

“Wow, look at those papers! You look very busy!”

Ray looked at her desk full of papers and materials and asked.

“It’s nothing…”

She shook her head, pushing the rest of the materials to the edge of the desk.

Then Ray showed interest with his eyes shining as if he had driven a spirit of light.

“Looks like you’ve been working really hard on something.”

Ray had never seen Dorothea so actively preparing for something.
It was Dorothea who always read a book with a bored expression, went for a walk, watched Joy and Stefan practice swordsmanship, and had tea time with the desserts Po had baked.

“Can I see it?”

Ray’s eyes were more dazzling than ever and asked cautiously.

Dorothea nodded her head as if resigning, knowing there was no point in trying to talk him out of it.

At that, Ray smiled broadly and unfolded Dorothea’s plan.

“A support center for the disabled?”

“I was just thinking.
I will throw it all away.”

Dorothea said indifferently, but there were too many materials prepared for it to be ‘just thinking about it’.

Identifying the disabled population in Lampas, the size of the subsidy, or specific measures for self-reliance.

“Why would you throw it away? It’s a brilliant idea! I’ve never seen a better, more realistic, more detailed plan than this.”

Ray flipped through the plan in admiration. 

All the necessary things were included in the plan, but the important parts were arranged so that they could be seen at a glance.
Dorothea’s handwriting was pretty and straight, so it was easy to read.

‘Because it’s something I’ve done a lot before the return.’

It was a familiar thing to her, who was once even an emperor.

She was called a tyrant, but she didn’t just leave the country to rest.

Not only war but also large-scale civil works, personnel appointments, financial management, etc.
The emperor had to do many things.

‘At first, I worked really hard, and even though it was difficult, I was interested.’

The reason Dorothea was so immersed in writing the plan this time was because she remembered that time after a long time.

‘At that time, I was full of anticipation that I would be able to become a great emperor.’

“This is great, Dorothea.
I can’t wait to see what happens when you actually do it.”

After reading the plan, Ray was more excited than Dorothea again.

But Dorothea shook her head.

“It’s impossible anyway.”

At Dorothea’s denial, Ray’s gaze turned to the note Dorothea had just written down.

In the paper, the concerns about the approval of the imperial family and the opposition of the nobles were clearly revealed.

“Do you need the Emperor’s permission?”


Ray knew better than anyone that Dorothea and Carnan weren’t on good terms.

“Can I help you?”


“Isn’t it difficult to ask the Emperor? I’ll help you with that part!”

Ray smiled softly.

Dorothea looked at Ray’s face brightly waiting for her answer.

Dorothea without legitimacy and Ray with legitimacy?

Her heart wavered a little.
It wasn’t because the effort and sincerity put in so far were wasted, but because it was something she really wanted to do someday.

‘I wanted to do it when I saw the faces of Clara and her brother, Anton.’

“Are you sure you can do this?”

“Yes! But only If you hug me while saying, ‘Thank you, brother.’ ”


Dorothea quickly turned her head and looked away, and Ray hurriedly grabbed her.


“I don’t have to do it.”

“Ah, you only have to do it once, so why do you hate it! I made a deal.”

As Ray whined, Dorothea frowned at him and asked.

“Why do you want that?”

‘I was genuinely curious.
Why do you want to hear the words ‘Thank you, brother’? Why do you want a hug?’

“You’ve never done that for me since you were a kid.
You’ve hated it when I hugged you since you were a year old.
Do you know that?”

Dorothea’s conscience was pierced by Ray’s words.

‘I really hated it.’

When Ray hugged her, she could feel his breath close, and her whole body felt his touch.

“Of course I hated it.
How uncomfortable would a three-year-old be hugging a one-year-old.”

“You didn’t even hug me at my ceremony!”

Ray says it to Dorothea with wide eyes.
Dorothea was surprised.

‘Idiot Ray still remembers those old days.’

Dorothea remembered everything from that day but pretended not to know and shook her head.

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