Chapter 3: Asking Milksop to Kill Her


“Auntie Su, you’re capable.
It's a blessing to be your daughter-in-law.”

After praising Mrs.
Su-Qian against her conscience, the auntie got down to business.
She said tentatively, “Have your sweet potatoes ripened? I saw Taozi cutting the leaves in the field.”

“What did you say?” Mrs.
Su-Qian thought she heard wrongly.

The auntie repeated her words again.
“I saw Taozi cutting sweet potato leaves in the field.
Have the sweet potatoes ripened?”


“What? That wretched girl is cutting sweet potato leaves?”

After Mrs.
Su-Qian yelled that, she threw the basin aside and ran outside.
The forty-year-old woman moved really fast.
She was cursing while running, “Wretched girl, are you tired of living?!”


“Oh my God, oh my God, I must’ve been down on my luck.”

Lin Sanzhu, who was in the kitchen, also heard the conversation.
She was dumbfounded.
She quickly ran out as well after she realized what was said.

From a distance, Su Tao saw an old woman running towards her aggressively.
Su Tao pressed the sweet potato leaves into the back basket vigorously, while staring at the old woman.

She had a bad feeling about it.

Could the old woman be coming at her?

Su Tao had jinxed herself.
The next moment, she heard the old woman scold sharply, “Su Tao, wretched girl! Have you got nothing better to do? My sweet potato leaves!”

Her roaring voice sounded exactly the same as that of Lin Sanzhu.

Su Tao was stunned by the roar, then she looked at the sweet potato leaves in the basket.
Soon, she started to run up the slope.

She would be a fool if she didn’t run!

The old woman looked at the large plot of bare land, and her eyes were dizzy with anger.
Then, she pointed at the girl on the slope and roared, “I’m going to kill you! What a wretched kid you are! You’re driving me up the wall.”


“It must be the Su family’s greatest misfortune to have a loser of a descendant like you.
You should have been thrown into the dung pit and drowned in the first place!”


Lin Sanzhu, who followed after Mrs.
Su-Qian, looked at the field and felt her scalp tingle.
This wretched girl simply had a death wish!


Would she only be satisfied if their whole family was kicked out and had to beg for food?


She picked up the stick on the ground and chased up the slope.
“Wretched girl, it was just a piece of meat! Need you vent your anger? I’m going to beat you to death.”

Su Tao wasn’t a fool.
Of course she wouldn't stay there and let Lin Sanzhu beat her.
If she were caught, she would be given a severe beating!

Su Tao wished she could give Su Zhi a good beating.
She had given that half of the pie in vain.

To think that he had gotten her in trouble!

Su Tao and her mother ran all over the slope, attracting the attention of the villagers.
Everyone was chattering, and it was very noisy for a while.

“What happened?”

“Oh, Taozi cut all the sweet potatoes leaves in the field.
It was a huge plot.”

“Oh! Then she deserves to be beaten.
Why would she think of cutting sweet potato leaves?”

“I heard that she felt resentful because she was given a piece of meat less.”

“Her mother is absurd too.
She always gives Taozi less meat.
If it were my daughter, she would cry for three days and nights.”

“She’s the only girl in the Su family.
Of course she gets to eat less!”


Lin Sanzhu couldn't catch up on the slope anymore.
She staggered and fell, and her face was covered with mud.
Su Tao's heart thumped suddenly in the distance, and she was about to cry.

If she were caught, she would be doomed.


Even if she wanted to die, she couldn't die in Lin Sanzhu’s hands, otherwise she would really die!

She rolled her eyes, opened her mouth and bawled loudly, pretending to cry while running, “Mom, I was wrong! Mom, I was wrong!”

“Mom, I was wrong!!”

As it was a small village, her voice could be heard from the school as well.
The teacher sighed.
As he couldn't continue to teach, he put down his book and went out.


As soon as he went out, a group of boys sprawled at the window, poking their heads to ask, “Why was Su Tao beaten again?”

“I don't know.
Her mother beats her all the time and doesn't give her food.”

“She was walking with a limp last time.”

When the boy in the off-white clothes heard these words, he turned his head to look at the gray mass on the far slope.
It turned out that she snatched my pie because she had nothing to eat.

I’ll give her food next time.


In the end, the teacher intervened.
Out of respect for him, the Su family spared Su Tao.


Although Su Tao was spared a severe beating, her treatment was not much better.
She had to kneel at the front door under the hot bright sun as an admittance of her mistake.

The dog next door stayed with her for a while, then ran one round in a frenzy.
It repeated this several times.

Even a dog’s life is better than mine.

There was a rumbling sound, and she touched her stomach.
I’m famished.

She felt really famished.


Suddenly there were loud noises, and she looked over.
The noises came from the direction of the school.
The students were dismissed at noon.

It was already noon, and she hadn't had breakfast yet.

After a while, Su Tao saw Xie Yuntang among the boys.
His fairness would make people jealous.


Su Tao looked at him sadly.
It was all his fault.

It was all his fault that she came to this shabby place to be involved in a reverse strategy plot.


Reverse my foot.

She wouldn't have felt so hopeless if it were a normal strategy plot.

She was all so ready to give up.
She pointed at the fist-sized rock on the ground, raised her head and said, “Xie Yuntang, hit me with the rock now.
Aim it here.”

Pointing to her head as she spoke, Su Tao clasped her hands together and said, “Please, I’ll definitely burn incense and worship you like a Buddha in the future.” She spoke very sincerely.

She wasn’t joking at all.
If Xie Yuntang would kill her, she would build a Buddha statue for him after she returned home!


Whoever asked someone to kill them must be crazy.

Xie Yuntang and the other boys were all frightened.
The chubby boy on the far left was protecting Xie Yuntang.
He looked at Su Tao as if she was a madwoman and screamed, “Yuntang, run! Su Tao has gone crazy from the beating.”

The next moment, these boys grabbed Xie Yuntang and ran away.
One of the boys’ shoe slipped off and rolled on the ground several times.


Soon, a boy in gray clothes ran toward Su Tao, took a look at her, and cautiously picked up his shoe.
He acted like Su Tao was about to eat him.

Su Tao bared her teeth at him angrily.
He was so scared that he turned around and ran away.
“Mom! Mom…”

The corner of Su Tao’s mouth twitched.
Little brat! I wish you could be scared to death!


Lin Sanzhu, who was in the house, heard the movements, but didn't hear what was being said.
When she came out, she saw Su Tao grinning, not feeling repentant at all.

She subconsciously glanced at the main room.
She heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that her mother-in-law was not there.
Then, she slapped Su Tao's shoulder twice.
“Wretched girl, kneel properly and reflect on your actions!”


Her slaps were quite forceful.
Su Tao couldn't withstand them and fell to the side.
The gravel hurt her palms, and tears burst out of her eyes.

“You…” are crazy!


She held back her words abruptly before she finished speaking.

Finally, she lowered her head.
“Mom, I was wrong.”

I’ll bear with it…

Until I get home!

“You should’ve admitted your mistake earlier.
Kneel properly.”

Lin Sanzhu was just about to take something out of her sleeve when she suddenly saw her mother-in-law coming out.
She walked in hurriedly and said in a flattering tone, “Mom, lunch is ready.
Shall we eat now?”

“Of course! Are you trying to starve me to death? Don't walk around in front of me.
The sight of you annoys me.”

Su-Qian glared at Lin Sanzhu, and then gave the kid at the door a vicious look.
“Your family are all losers.
What bad luck!”


Lin Sanzhu didn't dare to say anything.
She quickly went to the kitchen to serve the meal.

The Su family had only two sons.
The older son had two sons, while the younger son had a daughter and two sons.
Although they were both sons, the older son’s life was obviously better than that of the younger son.

The Su family wasn’t an exception.
This was the norm in the whole village.
After all, the parents would have to live with the eldest son in the future.

According to the rules of the village, the younger son should move out and live independently at the age of thirty.

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