d to calm my emotions.


“A banquet?”


Twinkle, twinkle.


I have work to do as a princess with a gold spoon!


Let me, full of curiosity, ask for an explanation with shining purple eyes.


“I was mistaken that Miss Baby has been here for a long time.
So, of course, I thought you would know, but now that I think about it, you haven’t been here for less than a year.”


“So am,”


Cassis, who was about to agree, frowned.


Dad also had a regular banquet for the first time in five years.


Get Billie’s dress and supplies ready soon.”


“I understand.
How much should I budget for?”


He gave the order with his eyes fixed on the paperwork while concentrating to play with me quickly.


“To the level of Vallois.”




A few days later.


On the day of Vallois’ regular banquet.


“Kyaa, you’re so cute! Princeeeeess! Aagh!”


Lisa, who had finished putting on my dress, covered her mouth with a fist and suppressed a scream of emotion.






I did a final check in front of a full-length mirror.


As I shook the hem of the dress, which had a color similar to Vallois’s unique eye color, a soft light seeped in.


Like the self-made sparkle in the cave.

A brooch of a black panther symbolizing Vallois was draped near the right chest.




As I turned around, the two strands, which were tied together with genuine self-made string, gleamed.


This is good enough for the Princess of Vallois.”


Confidently, I put two cotton fists on my waist.


“I’m Vallois! I can introduce myself like this!!”


Clap, clap, clapㅡ     


Satisfied applause from Lisa and the maid sisters.


Thanks to that, I was able to go out with a charismatic Tibetan fox look.


It’s 4 P.


‘The banquet starts at 5.’


I bravely looked at the third annex where the banquet was being held from the veranda of the central castle.


Quite a few nobles were already present in the hall.




It was then.


I turned my head to Cassis’ voice.




A black uniform that was perfect for his tall and broad physique.


His black hair was pulled straight up and his features were shaved under the forehead, which was clearly exposed.


The purple eyes toward me looked more mysterious today.


‘It’s Vallois.’


It was the word that came to my mind the moment I saw Dad.


‘The Vallois that the people of the Rolls Empire yearn for.’


There was silence for a while.


Same black hair.


Same purple eyes.


Even the strange atmosphere of rebellion.


He was a little taken aback by his resemblance to mine.


But me too.


‘There are times when I’m proud of the fact that I resemble Dad.’


We looked at each other for a while and fell silent.


And then.


“…It’s my daughter.”


“It’s my Dad.”


We smiled at each other with satisfied faces.


Come here.”


Excited, I ran as if I was rushed into Dad’s arms.




Thanks to this, his uniform, which had been set up at an angle, was slightly disorganized, yet Cassis didn’t seem to care.


“Miss Baby is Your Grace’s mini-me no matter who sees it.
It’s nice to see.”


Agasa, formally dressed, followed Cassis.


He glanced toward the veranda and reported.


“The banquet starts at 5, and quite a few nobles are gathered.
Since this is the first Vallois banquet to be held in five years, there seem to be many nobles looking forward to it.”


“Vallois will enter at 5:30 as scheduled.”


“I understand.
First of all, we will place servants who will serve drinks for waiting guests.”


The later the main character appeared, the more brilliant it was.


He had been away for five years, but that didn’t change the fact that he was the head of Vallois.


That was attested to by the numerous nobles seated in the central hall.






“Look over there.”




Sitting on a chair on the veranda, he suddenly sat me on his lap.


“Everything is under you.”


Then he shifted his gaze to the outdoors and leisurely watched the nobles who had gathered before the meeting.


I know, I know.


I wanted to reply so, but I tilted my head because it didn’t seem appropriate for a 5-year-old.




“… It’s actually under you right now.”


Dad, who laughed at my bland reaction, stroked my cheek.


He seemed to think that I, as a child, didn’t understand.


We were on the 7th floor.


And the nobles in the first floor annex party hall leading to the outdoors.


It was an obvious fact.


Vallois is one of the four most prestigious families, so unless the Emperor appears, there will be no one I will bow my head to.



“Your Grace.
I will meet you on my own.”


An hour after that.


“This banquet has been a while.
Five years ago was the last banquet.”


“Did they say he officially announced his return?


“Oh my, in that case.”


“I wonder how society will change in the future.”


It was a little after 5 o’clock, but the central hall of Vallois was already overflowing with nobles.


The conversations of the guests were about to break through the closed door.


‘I’m nervous.’


I swallowed my burning saliva and held my Dad’s hand tightly.


“The head of Vallois and the ruler of the West.
Cassis Vallois.
The direct princess of Vallois, Billishia Valois, are entering.”


After the servant’s shout, the huge double door opened slowly, and the central hall, which had only been seen from a distance, opened up.


When the main characters appeared, all the eyes gathered in the central hall were focused on us.


It was the return of Vallois.

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