“A letter has arrived.”


“From who… His Grace?”


At that time, he went out to proceed with the case…”


‘Cassis did?’


Bomb words that keep exploding.


The twins were listening to the whole conversation from under the meeting room desk.


[At that time, wasn’t it resolved that Billie was kidnapped?]


[…I know, right.
There was no talk after that, so I thought it was over.]


Until this time, the two didn’t feel much seriousness about what was happening in Vallois.


Although it was serious that Billishia was kidnapped.


She was saved, anyway.


Even in Agasa’s words at that time.


[It must have been sad to be kidnapped, but the problem was that the person who kidnapped her was a friend who was close to the Princess.
Of course, she’s fine now.]


Kai and Bian firmly believed what he said.


Because he said it was fine.


Because he said there was no problem now.




“A slave named Sian.
After being traded through the slave trade, they said he crawled back into Viscount Shrek’s mansion.
It seems that it was part of the plan to infiltrate Vallois Castle.”




“Also, they said that the place where he was found was the path of refugees who fled from the Law Kingdom.”




Silence fell, as if everyone was in shock.


After a while.


“It means that it’s the deed of the Law Kingdom…”


“War will reoccur.”




The twins who had been listening quietly paused.


They felt like their blood was dring up.


“Speaking of war…”


“Sir Agasa.
To be precise, isn’t it a one-sided massacre? What can a defeated kingdom do to us?”


“That’s right.”


“Yes? What is right.
How things are going?”


“I mean that it’s better to find evidence in the current situation.”



“A war? As the knight commander said, the Law Kingdom, which has lost its power, has no power.
The reason Vallois saved the royal family at that time was because they raised the white flag during the war.”




“And now? The Law Kingdom has cut off communication with the Rolls Empire.
They’re ungrateful to Vallois for saving them, but with this opportunity, we can get the basis for completely destroying the kingdom.”


“Then the urgent task is to find evidence.”


At Agasa’s calm explanation, another aide sighed.


“…By the way, is that why the Princess fell down?”


“She asked me to teach her tracking techniques.
She’s going to catch him herself.”




It was then.


Their sister’s name was mentioned at a war-related meeting.




It was from this time that the twins’ eyebrows slowly rose.


“This is why I don’t tell the Princes the details of the incident.
If they find out about this.
They will be overdoing it, just like Miss Billishia.”






“Did you hear everything?”




Bian, who teleported with a dark expression, stood up.


The two were silent for a while.


They needed time to digest the bomb secret they had overheard.


“…So, the bottom line is that Agasa is an idiot, right?”


It was then.


Kai, who was lost in thought for a long time, brushed his legs and stood up.


“That’s how it is.”


Since Dust fell over too much, he thinks we will do the same?”


Bian, who had been grinning, agreed.


“Of course not.”


“That’s right.
Unlike dust, we’re rational!”


We’re 10 years old, aren’t you?”


As Kai and Bian were direct descendants of Vallois, they were familiar with the word ‘war’.


Although they were obviously bewildered.


Of course, they were able to accept it resolutely.




Very calmly.





“Give me the clothes that beast had worn.”


The rational twins went straight to the maids.


“…Pardon me?”


Kai hit the desk with his fist in his characteristic upset tone.


There have been rumors from long ago among the servants that Kai resembled Cassis when he was angry.


That was the reason why he was angry on purpose.


‘Who would avoid poop out of fear?’


Of course they avoid it because it’s dirty.


‘…Of course, that’s not the right analogy, but still.’


Ahem, ahem.


“Whatever that bastard named Sian wore or touched.
Give me anything!”


At the sudden order, the maids brought something stiff.




“It’s that yellow hair’s, right?”




“Are you sure it’s a kid named Sian’s?”








Kai, who continued his method acting until the end, sighed.


The action he had just made was a vicious noble even to him.


“Anyway, it worked because I found it before Agasa noticed.”




What the maid gave him was a blood stained bandage.


It’s probably Sian’s.


“Now, then.
We need to find out where this yellow hair is.”




“…By the way, Agasa has our Kai, yet he whimpered that he had to find evidence?”


Bian glanced at the downcast Kai and lifted him up.


“Yeah! That’s right! Agasa that jerk!”


As expected, Kai became elated as if he had never done so.


‘Oh my, what a cute brat.’


Looking at his twin brother, Bian realized that there is a paper thin difference between innocence and simplicity.


After a moment of silent laughter, he changed the topic.


“Now we have to work in earnest.”


“Yeah, of course! Obviously!”


From now on, Kai’s strength was needed.


As mentioned before, Magi is different from the aura that can be acquired by honing it like swordsmanship.


An innate talent that only the chosen have.


Among them, Kai, who was born with Vallois bloodline, was exceptional.


“Woof! Woof!”


He could turn into a canine animal.


“Sniff, sniff, sniff…”


Follow this smell.”


“Woof! (I know, so don’t treat me like a dog.)”


“That’s right, good boy.


He gave the bandage to Kai and praised him affectionately.


But he had to focus now.


He put his black bean-like nostril to the bandage.




It was then.


Let’s get Kai to go outside and run towards the walls of Vallois.


“Can we go out of the castle?”




Keep pointing in the direction.”


Bian caught Kai’s tail as he ran.




It was a moment.


Kai and Bian, who rushed as if they were about to hit the wall, disappeared just like that.




“Chiiiirp. Chiiiirp!”


That time.


After a good rest, the bird woke up anxiously.


When it woke up, the regressor wasn’t there.


It secretly flew around the castle just in case.




Soon, the white beak opened wide as it found something.


“Are you deaaaad! Did you die like this, chiiiirp!”


The regressor with a pale face and closed eyes was lying on a white bed.


The bird, of course, didn’t know that this was a treatment room.


The anxious bird hovered around her and tried to wake Billishia up.


“…Tiny bird head.”


Lisa, who was guarding her, waved her hand to chase it away.


Lisa heard all the words of the bird as ‘chirp’.


If she had known that the bird was worried about Billishia, she wouldn’t have driven it out.




“Go away! Don’t you even have a clue?!”


Lisa, too, had been sensitive to Billishia’s nursing care.


Her eyes were bloodshot, and in a fit of rage, she chased the bird away.




The bird had no strength.


It was eventually thrown out the window and shed chicken-poo-like tears like.


500 years.


For a long time, he experienced countless deaths of [RPRsㅡregressors, possessors, and reincarnators].




[Tackling a small bird is something that even a villain’s daughter like me wouldn’t do.
Real villains don’t touch those lesser than themselves!]


[It will be cold.
Cover with this.]


Is it because she acted as an extra expert?


Billishia was kind to the bird, who was involved in the spirit world.


It would never forget her tearing up the letter, but she was definitely different from the main characters it has met.


“The regressor is dead! The regressor is dead!”


The bird that was shouting in a circle in the sky flew away.


The only thing it could do to mourn the dead girl.


“Chiirrp! Chiiirp!”


Either it could do it or not.


This time, it planned to visit the owner of the letter she was curious about.




“Can we go a little further?”




It took more than a day by carriage to travel the distance between the Duchy of Valois and the Law Kingdom.


But that’s the case for ordinary people.


Sensitive sense of direction and teleportation.


The twins entered the border area of the kingdom in an hour with this ridiculous ability.








“Over the mountain over there?”








“What’s the matter?”


Bian, who had been teleporting for a while, stroked Kai, who had turned into a dog.


Did he feel something?


Kai’s nose, which had been quiet, creased.




“That kid named Sian.
I feel like he’s in the Law Kingdom.”


“Where exactly do you think he is?”


Bian leaned his head against the wall.


On the subject of a defeated country, the royal family is still alive.


Around the perilous kingdom.


The knights were still standing guard.


Perhaps it was right after the war, there seemed to be quite a number of people standing guard.




He turned into a dog again.


Kai, who has transformed into a small dog this time, returns with his body trembling.


“The middle of three castles.
Basement there.”


“Why is it so accurate?”


“…The smell of his blood is blatantly felt here too.
I think that slave’s body is a mess.”


He was disgusted just by smelling it.


Kai felt bad and covered his nose with his hand.




Bian, who roughly understood what he meant, grabbed his sleeve.




It was a last minute move.


The two pairs of feet floating in the air touched the floor.


Damp moisture.


In the dark where not a single light entered.


The energy of the torch was felt shady in the distance.


It was a basement.


…To be exact.






It was then.


Kai and Bian quickly crouched down to hide.


A ghastly scene unfolded beneath the pillars of the ceiling where they were sitting.


“So who died! Who! My son is dead!”


Was it the queen of the Law Kingdom?


A woman sobbing, her face buried in the hem of a slick dress that didn’t go with the basement.


And in front of her.


“Why didn’t you die, and my son died! Why!”


A boy was lying in a corner.


Wet blonde hair.


Black eyes out of focus.


‘It’s probably Sian.’


“Your Royal Highness, first, your body…”


“Is he dead?”




“I asked if our dear slave is dead.”


The woman asked as she trudged along her steps.


The knight, who was staring at the woman in fright, kicked the blond boy.


The motionless boy flinched slightly.


“Not yet…”


You can’t die.
Someone noble right now will think you’re playing the role of a spy.
Isn’t that so?”




“I asked, isn’t that so!”


The shadow of the torch shook unsteadily at the high-pitched scream.




Bian, who had been watching the situation calmly, took out a purple orb from his pocket.


It was a video orb.


He was planning on filming everything with this.

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