“Hey, I have something to say, so open the door. Chirp!“


Suddenly, an old lady’s muffled tone came out of the window.


The little creature I thought was a white hand—




The bird that had been poking through the window with a beak smaller than my hand opened its mouth.


“This brat is leaving the guest outside the window. Chirp! Open the door!”


“What do you mean brat… I’ve stayed long enough!”


I was angry with a voice that didn’t, but I tilted my head.


‘Wait a moment.
It’s not common for a bird to be able to speak human language.’


Even if the genre of this world is romance-fantasy, it’s a devastating novel.


I had never seen a talking animal anywhere in my last life.


‘That means that it’s a life form in this world that didn’t exist in the fictional world.’


I quickly got off the bed and opened the window with the sound of footsteps, and a small bird as small as my hand appeared.


“So you’re the regressor of this world, chirp?”


“Do you know me?”


I asked him formally, but I had heard the rumors and expected it.


‘The rumors that helpers appear to the regressors are true.’


Cute and white-looking.


An unnecessary.


Approaching when I am alone.




The fact that there was a living creature that knew my identity was sufficient for me.


“Of course I know.
I have lived on this floor for hundreds of years!”


I was about to reach out to carry the bird on the bed.


“Chirp, chiiaaaaaarp!”


A hand protruding from the darkness suddenly grabbed the bird.


Surprised, it burst out a scream.


“I will take care of the petty bird head that interferes with the Princess’ sleep!”


The identity of the hand was Lisa.


The expression on Lisa’s face as she grabbed the bird was triumphant.


Her eyes, longing for compliments on me, were glistening in a burdensome way, as if she thought that the effect of being on guard all night was revealed.


Were you really watching me all night?’


Release the bird.”


I reached out to grab the bird that was in Lisa’s hand, but I was so small that it was hard to reach even if I lifted my tiptoe.


After looking at me for a moment, she looked at me and the bird alternately, tilting her head.


“Pardon? I can’t.
There are so many germs in a bird.”


“I can’t believe you called me a germmm! You called the world’s most unquestionable guide a geeeerm!”


The bird caught in Lisa’s hand screamed, but to Lisa, it seemed that only the sound of the bird ‘s voice was heard.


‘What should I do? There are a lot of things I want to ask.’


Lisa’s eyes seemed to be full of thoughts, “It’s dangerous for the Princess.”


Looking at her expression, I was even more anxious because it didn’t seem like she was simply going to release the bird.


“Don’t worry, I’ll throw this uninvited guest somewhere far away.”


Just release the bird!”


“The Princess is so kind, there must be Lisa in this harsh world.”


‘I told you that’s not it!’


Rack my mind.
My mind.


Think about why Lisa needs to release the bird!


The way I can get her to go back without looking like a bad one…




Then an idea came to mind.


Lisa gave me a weird look whenever I acted like a little kid and frowned.


“…Birds are my friends.”




“I want to play with the bird like Lisa told me to play with the cat friend.”


Rub, rub.


I now understand the complaints of the extras that even an innocent role is difficult.
I roughly rubbed my eyes with my cotton fist.


No matter how much I rubbed my eyes, no tears came out, but I couldn’t stop what I had started.


“I thought it would be fun to play together, so I invited them to a secret meeting.
But Lisa ruined it.”




I’m pathetic, right.
Don’t you feel sorry?


I covered my eyes with a fist the size of a button and pretended to cry for a long time, yet at some point, the bird that was released from Lisa’s hand flew away.




At that moment, Lisa’s eyes widened and I suddenly heard a huge crashing sound.


‘…What did you break?’


My anxious feelings suddenly rose and I lifted my head, and there was a dangerous look in Lisa’s eyes, who had struck the wall with the trembling top of her head.


“The Princess’ feelings.
Must be protected.
I have to.”


“… Doesn’t your head hurt?”




Lisa was invincible.


Her painless carrot-colored eyes seemed to be thinking of her only goal: to protect me.




As my body shivered with chills, Lisa, who had blinked her eyes, returned to normal.


“Are you going to invite me next time?”


You’re scary.


“Only animal friends can attend the meeting.”


“Then I’ll wear an animal mask too.
That will do, right?”


Those strange words might sound normal to whoever hears it.


‘As expected, she’s scary.’


I wanted to say no, but the important thing now was to talk to the Guide.


Eventually, as I nodded my head with a bewildered expression, Lisa walked and took a share of my pinky.


And she left her position triumphantly, saying, “I’m glad I was on guard all night.”




“This is the first time I’ve been treated so violently!”




“First time in 500 years! A lump of blood that’s only 18 years old crouches and grabs me!! Chirp!!”


The conversation didn’t go well because of the Guide’s whining that lasted for an hour.


It was so excited it was about to rip my ear off with its little beak.


“There’s leftovers, would you like to eat it?”


Just stop whining.


Just in time, there was a cake left by Chef Higgs.


“You are trying to quench the wrath of the divine guide with something like this! How rude… chirp?”




The Guide, who was very angry, shut its beak with the piece of cake for a moment.


“I have sincerity. Chirp.”


The Guide, who had been talking for a while with a low voice, pecked at the white cream part with its beak as if possessed.


“You’re only going to eat well.”


After the bird was quiet for a moment, I quickly fiddled with my ear.


Fortunately, there was no bleeding or anything like that.


“Are you calming down now?”


At my words, the Guide raised its head.


There was a whiter cream between the white beak, perhaps because it ate so much.


“Chirp! No!! I’m still very angry, but I have to do what I have to do as a Guide.”


I mean, I’m also returning and at loss now.”






I thought we could finally have a conversation.


The Guide looked at the empty fork for a long time and said.


“Come to think of it, I’m still a little angry.”




Understanding what it meant, I dipped the cake again with a fork and handed it to the Guide.


“You’re smart.
After all, you’re not an ordinary soul, are you?”


At that moment, I nodded my head in satisfaction.


This bastard.
As a guide, it just eats.


“As for me, I am the guide of this world, chirp! To the regressors.
The reincarnators.
And the possessors, I serve as a guide to them all, chirp.”


Oh, is it finally paying for the cake, I wonder.


There was a glimpse of hope at the bird’s grand self-introduction.


I need to know why I suddenly returned to this world.”


The puffer bird, puffed with fluffy white chest hair, replied triumphantly.


“I don’t know either, chirp.”




As the anticipation that had been rising for a while fell, my face went cold.


“Chirp, chiiirp?”


“…You’re chirping now?”


I’m suddenly craving a roasted bird.


The Guide pretended to eat the cake in a hurry, and finally lifted its head, perhaps having noticed my face.


“Until today, I have provided guidance to 50 people, but I can’t even grasp that in detail. Chirp.
T-That’s something the regressor themself should realize!”


“Then why did you come to me?”


‘Rumor has it that the Guide does everything.
Is the Guide assigned to me to just eat a cake and go?’


“There’s a reason this divine guide has come for a different reason, chirp!”




At the end of the Guide’s words, a piece of paper that flashed from the air came into my hand.


“Read it, chirp.”


The Guide finished his work and once again ate the cake without hesitation.


A little startled, I quickly opened the paper.


The words translated into the Imperial language of the Rolls Empire were shining on the old parchment paper.


I sincerely congratulate you for breaking through the 100th life.
You’re like a gift to Cassis, as Duchess Vivian said.
Don’t think that you were born wrong.]


As I was reading the sentence, my hand stopped and trembled.


‘Does the person who wrote this know what I was thinking? Then they were watching me.’


[The past is just the past.
Now is the time for you to become a part of this world.

It seems that your only father is in a very bad condition.
How about paying attention to Duke Cassis?]


“Did God send this to me?”


After I finished reading the letter, the Guide, who had been buried in the cake for a long time, looked up.


“Chirp! This is pure business! My job is just a guide! Answering isn’t part of the contract, chirp!”


“What do you want me to do? I’ve never heard such a vague instruction”


“Enlighten that on your own, chirp! The Guide is done!”


It was scratching the back of its neck in bewilderment, though.


“It wasn’t sent by God, chirp! God is busy!”


All of a sudden, the Guide who ate the cake flew up and disappeared through the night sky.


“What, has it gone?”


Unbelievable, I leaned against the window and lifted my head.


There really wasn’t a bird flying.


“…That Salary Lupin isn’t working properly!”


In frustration, I screamed into the night sky, but nothing came back.


The only hint was the letter left by the Guide.


[Why don’t you take an interest in your dad?]


A suggestion that is nothing more than a compulsion.


In a way, they spoke kindly, but there was a heavy intention hidden inside.


‘The sender of this letter is trying to use my role to change the original story.’


Changing the original story means going against the well-ordered flow.


‘Is the reason why I returned to intentionally change the original story?’


If they want to change the original story, shouldn’t the female lead, who died unfairly at the hands of Cassis, return?


‘Why me?’


After that, I was in agony for a long time, yet obviously, I didn’t know who it was.


There’s only one way.


‘Once I take an interest in Dad as they suggested, I’ll make them write a reply.’‘


It went against my plan of being quiet and glamorous, but the first priority was to find out the identity of this letter.


At least this caller knows why I returned.


But even if I made a conclusion, it was of no use if Cassis didn’t come to the duke’s castle.


“His Grace is arriving.”


When another month passed like thatㅡ


The servants with their necks stiff in tension began to gather at the entrance of the duke’s castle.


Finally, Dad is back.

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