He asked why I was buying it, and when I said I was going to take it out, he suddenly got angry.


A strange guy.


“If you wanted to have it, you should have told me.
All right, I won’t take it out.”


“That’s not what I meant!” Carlot fumed.


I ignored Carlot, who was busy being angry, and showed the clerk of the dressing room the Perdia’s seal necklace.


It was one way for a high-ranking aristocrat to pay their bills.


Since the seal necklace was engraved with a magic circle it cannot be stolen.
It was like an identification card and a blank check in itself.


It was a system in which I picked up an item and showed the seal, and the price was charged to the Duke.


‘That’s why I can’t create personal funds.’


It records what you buy and how much you spend.


“Send them all to the Perdia mansion.”


The attendant bowed politely.
“Yes, Miss.”


There was no time.


After paying, I headed straight to a nearby jeweler and pointed to a stand.


“I’ll buy all from this whole stand.”


“You’re really….”


As always, Carlot looked at me in amazement.


“Stop being surprised, Carl.”


It seemed that he had not yet received Perdia’s money education.


You’re acting like Yoon Ga-eul, the ‘me’ in my previous life.


It was easier to spend money with a startled Carlot beside me.


‘I’ve bought precious metals, so it must be over now.’


I spent up to 140,000 larit, which means I finished the first assignment quickly.
Next, it was my turn to take care of my personal business.


The destination was the west magic tower not far from Toinette street, but there was a problem.


“Are you done? Let’s go.”


I can’t take Carlot with me.


That’s why I said I don’t need an escort.
It was too difficult to move.


As we left the jeweler, I looked up at Carlot.


“I want to eat cake.”


“Cake?” He repeated, furrowing his eyebrows in irritation.
Go home and eat.”


Carlot seemed annoyed just by hearing it, but I did not give up my stubbornness easily.


“I want to eat fondant chocolate cake from the patisserie .”


“What? The people are crazy about that.
To buy something there you have to wait for hours.”


I smiled without answering.


‘That’s why I want it.’


Then it will be easy to get rid of you.


“You can eat any cake, you don’t have to….”


Elodie: “Have you forgotten your duty as an escort? I told my father–”


“Yes, let’s go, let’s go!”


In the end I was the victorious one when Carlot, who couldn’t break my stubbornness, gave up.


“Come on, Carl.”


“What a real waste of time.
A waste of time….”


When I hurriedly walked ahead, I saw Carlot’s face.
He was sighing deeply, as if it was bothersome.


is the most famous patisserie in Somnia, and it has the peculiarity that it was established by a retired imperial pâtissier, so there was a steady flow of customers every day.


Thanks to the sassy personality of the pâtissier who was favored by the emperor, you have to wait in line to buy something, regardless of your status.


Usually, if you want to eat this patisserie’s cake, you order a maid to wait and buy it, but I had no intention of doing that.


When we arrived at the patisserie, there was already an expectedly long line.


Carlot and I stood at the end of it.


“All cakes taste the same.
Do you really want to eat the cake from here?”


“Carl, your swords are all the same, so why don’t you just use a cheap manufacturer?” 


“How is it the same as that!”


“It’s the same to me……”


“Never mind.
I’m not talking to you.”


The sulking Carlot turned his head away.
I didn’t want to talk to Carlot in particular, so I just waited quietly for the line to decrease.


The noon sun was very hot.
Even with a parasol, I could not completely escape the heat due to the geothermal heat that was creeping up.


I’m dizzy.”


“Let’s just go back.”


“It’s a waste to just go back, since we’ve waited this long.”


I held it in and eventually Carlot exploded.


“Why are you so stupid? You can just buy this patisserie instead of waiting foolishly!”


It’s not that I didn’t get the Perdia-style money education, but I didn’t have to be a Perdia from the inside.


‘I can’t believe I can just buy that store.’


This level of thinking is unacceptable.


As I looked up at Carlot with a surprised expression, he thought he had a great idea.
He coughed in vain and as if he came to his senses, he opened his mouth again.


“You can ask the maid to buy it tomorrow.”




I lowered my gaze to the floor, kept my mouth shut, and made a silent protest.


Then I heard a suppressed sigh and Carlot’s hand pushed my shoulder slightly.


“Then take a rest in the shade over there.
I’m going to buy it.
Fon– what was it?”


“Fondant chocolate cake,” I said with a small smile tugging on my lips.


Damn fondant chocolate cake.”


Carlot muttered as if he was angry, but steadily stood in the decreasing line.


As I headed towards the shadow that Carlot had pointed out, I turned around and he was caught in my gaze.


‘If I disappear, he’ll be in trouble.’


I felt a little, very slightly sorry, but I couldn’t help it.




“Isn’t that the little master of Perdia?”


Why would he be here?”


“Really! Look over there!”


“Wow! Carl?”


“It’s really Carlot!”


Carlot’s nerves became sharp as all around him, young women began to recognize him and giggle everywhere.




“Why am I running a cake errand like this….” he swore under his breath.


The more he thought about it, the more he came to the conclusion that he was stopped by Elodie Perdia.


He wanted to leave this line at any moment and go back home, but it was a waste of time since he already waited for half the line to decrease.
It was the moment when he understood what Elodie meant before.


After a long wait, Carlot was finally able to enter the patisserie.


Carlot, who stood at the counter, ordered as he memorized.


“Damn fondant chocolate cake, one.”


The cashier repeated cheerfully, “You ordered fondant chocolate cake, one.
Do you need anything else?”


Carlot: “No–”


It was the moment he was about to say no.


“Actually, one of each type of cake, to the Perdia mansion.
You can deliver, right?”


“Delivery is possible, but…… do you mean everything?”


Carlot nodded resolutely.


“All right, Sir.”


After paying the bill, Carlot left the patisserie in a light mood.


‘I wasted so much time and buying just one cake is ridiculous.’


Of course, he was going to pass it all over to Elodie.
He felt a little relieved to imagine her surprised face after seeing a mountain of desserts.


The cake you want to eat so much, try eating it until your stomach explodes.




“That’s Carlot, right?”


Carlot, who passed the people who were still shouting at him, headed to the alley where he told Elodie to wait.


Carlot entered the alley at the end of the street, and then made a stupid expression for a moment.


A parasol that fell to the floor.


“Hey,” He called. 


An empty alley.


“Elodie Perdia.”


No answer was heard.


Elodie Perdia had disappeared.

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