like the West Magic Tower that I went to before, but it was safe to say that it was a different institution because each cardinal direction’s magic tower had its own unique character.


This time, I planned to invest the money I received from the Duchess into the South Magic Tower. 


The best investment is a diversified investment.


When I didn’t tell Carlot the destination until the end, he began to persistently question me perhaps because he was motivated.


“Where is it? Where are we going?”


“You’ll know when we get there.”


“Are you going to a strange place? Where are you going!”


“If you’re an escort, just follow me quietly.”


“Should I stop the carriage and ask the coachman?”


Perhaps he was genuinely curious, but Carlot looked at me threateningly. 


Such a childish guy.


I just told the destination out of annoyance.


“South Magic Tower.”


“Why are you going to the south magic tower?” Carlot pried further. 


“I’m just going to look at magic tools.”


I closed my eyes to signal that I didn’t want to have a casual talk.


However, Carlot, who I thought would naturally say a word or two, was quiet.


When I opened my eyes, Carlot’s face was stiff unlike before.


“Wait a minute.”




Carlot: “…..don’t come out.
Stay still inside.”




Before he could answer, Carlot opened the door without hesitation and jumped out of the running carriage.


And soon– 




A tremendous roar shook the earth, and the carriage also shook violently with the recoil.


The startled horses galloped and leaped up. 


I, in the carriage, couldn’t avoid the aftermath.




Thud! I hit my shoulder hard against the relentlessly fluctuating wagon wall.


I frowned at the dull pain and grabbed my shoulder.


Even in the midst of that, I heard a roar and the sound of metal clashing heatedly from outside the carriage.


‘Is it an attack?’


It was Perdia who had many enemies.
I’ve never been attacked since I’ve never been out of the annex most of the time, but the duke and his two sons have occasionally encountered assassins.


It was a sudden attack, but I thought Carlot could get rid of them quickly because he has a strong power and force to support it.


I waited in the midst of such a tumultuous noise to end.


It was not long before it became silent.


‘Is it over?’


But Carlot did not return to the carriage.


I had an ominous feeling at once.




I pulled back the carriage curtains and saw an unbelievable sight.


Carlot, with his sword plunged into the ground, was barely holding on, covered in blood.


There were many masked assassins lying around, but they weren’t completely defeated.


Two assassins who were still intact surrounded Carlot with a vicious force.




It was none other than Carlot, a direct descendant of Perdia.


He wasn’t the kind to be beaten by stupid assassins.


My body moved first before denying the situation.
After kicking the carriage door open, I threw the Duchess’s poison at the two remaining assassins.






Among the poisons, there were those that were less poisonous, but could cause poisoning effects only with their scent.


The poison I threw was one of those.


Although the poisoning effect is not as strong as drinking directly, it was enough to buy time right away.


When I helped the staggering Carlot, he grunted and opened his mouth.


“Those bastards, magic tools that nullify power-”


“Noisy, move!” I shushed him and kept dragging him toward the carriage.


As the poisoning effect was not strong, I didn’t know when they would attack.


I made my way to the driver’s seat, struggling to support Carlot.
The carriage rocked and bumped my injured shoulders, which burned with pain, but it was not the time to pay attention to such things.


The coachman was already dead.
There was no point in riding the carriage.


“You, alone, run away….”


“Who is trying to ruin my dream!”


After feeding a few finger flicks to Carlot’s forehead as punishment for talking nonsense, I hurriedly separated the carriage from the horse.


“Hop on!”


Climbing behind Carlot, who barely got on, I rode straight away.


“Chase them!”


It wasn’t long before two assassins also started chasing us.


‘What should we do?’


My powers were not from an offensive type, so I couldn’t get rid of the assassins.
Carlot was incapacitated. 


If so, there was only one answer.


‘Let’s get out of here.’


However, my horseback riding skills, which I only learned through education, were not excellent.


Even now, the distance from the assassins was getting smaller every minute.


I purposely ran in the direction of many trees, making it difficult to secure a sight.


It was then.


Carlot turned around and threw a dagger.


With the sound of a shot– 




One assassin fell backwards.
It seemed fatal.


“Forward, one, bastard….”


Carlot chewed on his lip and said as he gripped his sword.
But we soon encountered an unexpected difficulty.


The horse jumped up, surprised.


Because what appeared as soon as we passed through the forest was a distant cliff.


There was no escape now.


Turning my head, I faced the assassin chasing me.


‘There’s still one poison left, so it’ll work out somehow.’


I took out the vial from my bosom, but Carlot was faster.


Carlot jumped off the horse and attacked the assassin without hesitation.


With a bloody appearance, Carlot clashed with the assassin again.


There was a magical tool that nullified his power, so Carlot was really out of his breath.


“Damn it!”


Carlot shouted, and the tip of his sword accurately stabbed the assassin’s vital point.


Just when I thought we finally got rid of them, an unexpected attack flew at me.


“Avoid it!”


As Carlot said that, I twisted my body, but it was in the wrong decision.


The horse had a fit and threw me off.


My slanted body fell backwards before I had time to balance.


“Hey!” Carlot shouted.


The image of Carlot hastily extending his hand caught my eye as if it were playing very slowly.


It was the moment I reached out to grab it.


But why?


“Don’t touch me.
Because it’s dirty.”


Fragments of memories rushed in like lightning strikes.
These were the words Carlot once said while shaking off my hand.


‘You said it was dirty to touch me.’


………I might be thrown away.


The thought inadvertently pulled my hand away.
It was only a moment’s hesitation, but the result was clear.




I fell straight down the cliff.






Carlot staggered forward another step and peered off the edge. 


A pile of stones tumbled down the cliffside. 


The cliff was so steep that the bottom of it was swallowed in darkness; nothing could be seen.


“Elodie Perdia!”


He shouted out the name loud enough to have blood in his neck, but it was after his target had already fallen down the cliff.


The color drained from Carlot’s face.


The shock didn’t go away.




‘Why didn’t you hold my hand?’




‘You’d rather die than get my help?’ 


‘Do you hate me, to that extent…….?’


It was still in front of him.


The image of her falling with a face of resignation, without reaching out to grab his outstretched hand.

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