Chapter 32.
He Is A Scumbag

While Elodie dealt with the master of the Magic Tower, someone else was thinking about her within the duke’s office of the Perdia Mansion. 


At the report from his aide, Sylvester Perdia narrowed his brows and asked back, “Where did she go?”


“She went to the West Magic Tower.”


“Why is she there…….?”


Sylvester sighed and touched his throbbing forehead.


It wasn’t every day, but occasionally when she went out, he would get a report about Elodie’s whereabouts.


Even if Ian, the mercenary king was next to her, he felt uncomfortable to let his daughter, who had been attacked, go outside without any means of protection from Perdia.


But he didn’t think that she would go to the West Magic Tower. 


Wasn’t that the domain of Isis, the Master of the Magic Tower and great wizard? Also known as the so-called ‘little lunatic devil’.


‘I’m sure everything is fine,’ Sylvester reassured himself.


It would be fine if it was just a visit.
As long as she didn’t brag about the fact that she is a Perdia.


In the first place, Isis, the master of the Magic Tower, had a strong predisposition to self-love and no interest in other people’s affairs.


Except for things that involve one person.  


As soon as Sylvester thought about that, the aide’s additional report continued.


“It is said that there was a commotion surrounding the lady.”


“What commotion?”


“It is said that a large number of wizards belonging to the tower surrounded the lady and her escort, and then dragged them to the upper floor of the tower.”




Damn wizard bastard.


“What shall we do, Your Excellency?”


“If they knew it was my daughter, they would have done that on purpose.
It’s probably meant to provoke me.
Send Jansi to get Elodie, with as little friction as possible.”


“Yes, Your Excellency.”


Sylvester speculated, without knowing the truth, that he was the reason why the Magic Tower took Elodie.




It was made to take down Sylvester Perdia.
Isn’t that amazing?!’


As I stood stiff in astonishment, the Master of the Magic Tower tilted his head, asking, “Why do you react like that? Is this great invention really that amazing?”


“Yes, this is really amazing.


It’s your goal, not the magic tool, that’s the issue! Is there a daughter who wouldn’t be surprised to hear that it’s a weapon to defeat their father?


The Magic Tower Master, who had no way of knowing my innermost thoughts, laughed with satisfaction.


“You really know how to make people feel better.”


I wondered if he liked my flattery, but the Magic Tower’s master seemed to be in a better mood than when we first met.


“You’re quick witted and very smart.
I really want to have you as my assistant.”


I held up my hand, palm out, and said flatly, “I refuse.”


“I didn’t even suggest it this time.” The master of the tower looked unhappy, perhaps because he was hurt by my sharp refusal. 


The familiar smell of Carlot was coming from the unfamiliar Master of the Magic Tower.
As a matter of fact, I was quite good at dealing with these simple types of human beings.


“Anyway,” I said with a smile, “Your invention is really amazing.
But why would you attack the Duke of Perdia?”


“Because this fella loathes that human being terribly.
There is something I want to take away from him.”


What do you want to take away? I was curious, but I didn’t ask more because I was afraid that if I dug too deep, it would be irreversible.


‘It’s the first time I’ve heard that the relationship between the Master of the West Magic Tower and the Duke of Perdia was bad.’


Up until now, I was so preoccupied with establishing myself that I had not taken any time to look around.
So, I wasn’t interested in the family situation or the work of the duke.


Likewise, I didn’t know much about the tower and its master.
There was no one around to tell me in the first place.
It was a little surprising that the Master of the Tower is a kid.


“What? Why are you looking at me with such an unpleasant gaze again?”


“No, it’s just……it’s different from what Isis is thinking.”


“Don’t tell me you think I am a kid – you don’t really believe that, do you?”


It was exactly what I thought, so I couldn’t find anything to say.
Then, as if it was ridiculous, the Master of the Tower laughed.


“This is not what this fella originally looks like.
I have a lot of mana, so I usually just stay like this.”


This time, he clapped his hands without batting an eye at these words full of self-love.


“You have so much magical power.
It’s really cool.
You’re the best.”


“Hey, this fella is kind of cool.” Isis nodded in satisfaction.


“As expected, among the Magic Tower Masters, the best is the Master of the West Magic Tower.”


“Stop it.
It’s embarrassing if you praise that much…..” The master of the tower blushed and averted his eyes.
He seemed really embarrassed.


Still, he changed the topic of the conversation without making eye contact with me.


“Actually, there is another reason why I wanted to see you.”


Wasn’t it because I was your first investor?


“Your name is similar to the name of a person I know.
Of course, it’s probably just a coincidence.”


My heart began pounding.
Why is the beating of my heart loud enough that I could almost hear it in my ears? Maybe, he….
I didn’t think it could be so, but I asked carefully just in case.


“What is the name of the person you know?”






My mother’s name.


It may be only the same name, but I had a strong hunch that it wouldn’t be the case.
Because Isis was acquainted with the Duke of Perdia.


He definitely knew my mother.


In the end I couldn’t resist asking, “Do you know my mother?”


You know my mother.




The Master of the Tower frowned and tilted his head.
It seemed like he was rolling it in his head to understand what I was saying.


It didn’t matter if he found out that I was a Perdia.
It wouldn’t be long before the other wizards told him that I’m Elodie Perdia anyway.


I couldn’t miss this opportunity to know about my mother.
Since the original story is about the main character Estelle, there was no information about Elodie’s biological mother, so I didn’t know anything about her.


Isis, who still seemed confused, looked at me with a wavering gaze.


“Then you, you– Didn’t you say you were Lili Arcelle?”


“Lili Arcelle is a pseudonym.”


“You’re Arcelia’s daughter?”




“Is your name Elodie?”


“That’s right.”


“That means you’re the daughter of Sylvester Perdia.”




It wasn’t actually right, but that information was not known that way, so let’s accept it for now.


Isis looked at me with disgust, as if he really hated the Duke of Perdia.
How much time passed like this?


Finally, he opened his mouth and said, “Unbecoming of the daughter of someone like that, you are intelligent, reasonable and have a conscience.”




“It’s a compliment.”


Compliment……? Are you sure it’s a compliment?


In any case, it seemed I had gotten away with being my father’s daughter.
Only then could I ask questions.


“So, what’s the relationship between you and my mother?”


“It’s a relationship that can’t be defined, really.”


Was he thinking of my mother? The big blue eyes of the Tower’s Master shook with thoughts.


“She is… My benefactor, and the reason why I live.”


The child’s voice fell away briefly, and then continued again.


“The one I kept searching for…..”




I could feel it with just a few words.


How special the existence of Arcelia was to Isis, the Master of the Magic Tower.
For a while the master clenched his small fist.


“Sylvester Perdia has a wife, but despite that he is a scumbag, a trashy and promiscuous playboy, who goes around messing with women.
And when he gets tired of them, he mercilessly throws them away……”


After that, swearing about Duke Perdia continued for about ten minutes.
It was raw and unabashed cursing that was embarrassing to listen to.


Unintentionally, I had revealed my family history; I looked back at Raeyan, who had only been listening to our conversation quietly.
Fortunately, he didn’t seem to mind at all.


‘I’m glad Raeyan has an indifferent personality.’


Concerned, I immediately reflected on what Isis said.
It was completely different from the facts I knew.


The servants of the mansion said my mother went into hiding after extorting a large amount of money from Perdia using me as an excuse…….


‘What if that actually wasn’t the case?’


However, I couldn’t fully trust the words of the Tower Master, who I met for the first time today.
It wasn’t too late to make a judgment after knowing all the facts.


“Looking at you, you look like Arcelia.”


When I heard the words, I opened my eyes wide.


“Is that so?”


Do you even know what your mother looks like?”


“Nobody told me……”


Isis’s face hardened.
“Wow, that’s ridiculous.
I’ll contact you later, so come see me then.
I’ll show you Arcelia with a memory reproducing magic tool.
I can’t show it now because it’s not ready yet.”


The tiny Tower Master laughed at the dismally shocking admission that I had no idea what my own mother looked like.
Seeing that he was getting angrier than I did somehow seemed funny.


“Don’t laugh,” Isis chided me.
“You shouldn’t laugh at ridiculous things just because you’re nice.
If you live like that, you’ll only lose money.
Do you understand?”


“Uh, well I’m not that nice.”


“I know just by looking at you.
You can’t say no or say it when there is anything you don’t like.”


‘No, I don’t have that problem.’ I chuckled internally. 


It seemed that there was a huge misunderstanding about me.
What would he think if he knew that I tried to talk with my fists to the wizards on the first floor? But it was fun to watch him play the drums alone by himself, so I decided to let him just misunderstand. 


I must have heard all the stories to be heard, so it was time to leave this place.
Before that, there was something to be done.


“Isis, please keep it a secret that Lili Arcelle is me.
I’m in trouble if it gets into my father’s eras.”


Then he frowned.
“Is Sylvester Perdia abusing you?”


“Ah, no?”


I stuttered without realizing it.
It wasn’t abuse, it was neglect, but it wasn’t a big deal.


“Then why invest?” Isis pressed.
“Don’t give me money – or do you have too much money that it’s rotting away?”


“That’s not it either.”


I’m getting rid of it because I was told to use it more.


Then why do you use an alias?”


“It’s like a small hobby.
Sponsoring and investing feels like getting rewarded for my own wisdom….but my father doesn’t like it.”


Unbelievably, the Tower’s Master quickly agreed to it.


“Well, that bastard can’t see other people’s merits.
All right, I won’t open my mouth so don’t worry.” 


That was how I managed to solve the alias problem.
Now that I have nothing left to say, I gave Raeyan a signal and stood up.


“Then I will go.”


As if he had no more business with me, the Tower Master waved his hand plainly.


“All right, bye, Lili Arcelle.
See you again.”


Why do you call me by my pseudonym when you know it’s a pseudonym?


‘I guess you don’t want to call me Perdia.’


I only made an assumption.




As soon as I got out of the tower, I thanked Raeyan for accompanying me.


“Thank you, Raeyan.
It must have been boring, but you’ve been by me the whole time.”


“I just did the obvious thing as an escort.
More than that….
are you okay?”


“Huh? What?”


“Your face looks like you’re having some complex thoughts.”




I felt my cheek with my fingertips, I thought I was hiding it pretty well, but was it that obvious on the outside?


I’ve been like this since my childhood.
Strangely, whenever I heard about my mother, I wanted to cry.


‘It’s love-hate.’


The resentment for leaving me behind in Perdia.
Still, the fleeting desire to ask for the reason.


“I just feel a little…….
I’m done with my business in the magic tower, so should we go back now?”


I quickly changed the topic because I didn’t think I wanted to be rambling about how I felt.
Fortunately, Raeyan nodded slightly without saying much.


It was when I was about to head straight to the place where the carriage was waiting.




I heard a familiar voice and turned around to see Jansi approaching us.


“I’m here to pick you up, Lili.”


As expected, there was no way that the previous commotion with a sword drawn in the tower’s lobby didn’t reach Duke Perdia’s ears.


I hoped it would just pass quietly, but it was not going to be easy.


“I’ll be going back with Lili, so you may go back, ” Jansi said, casting his eyes behind me.
Raeyan was standing there.


I agreed with the idea that it would be more efficient to let Raeyan go since it was not necessary for him to visit the mansion.
I looked back at Raeyan and waved my hand briefly.


“Then see you tomorrow, Ian.”


After a pause, Raeyan nodded.


“Yes, Miss Elodie.”


What’s going on? You seemed to avoid calling my name on purpose.


The moment I tilted my head and looked at the front again, I faced Jansi, who was smiling brightly.


‘Why is he like this again?’


The brighter he smiled the more twisted his thoughts were.
I shuddered inside. 


‘There’s something you don’t like, but there’s nothing to be upset about.’


Anyway, as soon as I sent Raeyan away and got into the carriage side by side, Jansi started speaking with a mischievous tone.


“There is a rumor that the Master of the Tower threatened you and then detained you in the West Magic Tower.”


What a bizarre rumor.


“It’s all exaggerated.”


“The relationship between the Master of the West Magic Tower and our father is not good.
No, it’s so bad that it can’t be explained by bad words.”




“Well, that’s not something I can say.”


You mean you know why, but you won’t tell me.


‘Maybe it’s because it’s about my mother.’


In Perdia, the name of my biological mother, Arcelia, was taboo.
I knew it, but I couldn’t help my mixed feelings.
As my mother’s daughter, I grew up without knowing what kind of person my mother was.


The carriage quickly arrived at the Perdia Mansion.
As soon as I got off the carriage, Carlot, who had been waiting for me, came up to me and blocked my way.


“Sister, where have you been? Take me with you next time.
I was bored because you keep going outside these days.”


I answered in an indifferent voice.
“To the West Magic Tower.”


“West Magic Tower?”


It was time to nod and move to the annex.


“Oh, sister.
Father called.”




My dream of going back and resting was thwarted.
I walked into the main mansion, exhaustion visible in each step I took – It was tiring, going outside.


As soon as I entered the duke’s office, I made eye contact with the duke, who was sitting there.
The duke began to interrogate me without a moment for me to catch my breath. 


“There was a commotion in the West Magic Tower.”


I nodded.
“I guess it’s already been rumored.”


“Have you met the Master of the Magic Tower?”


Another small nod led to the next question.


“What did you talk about?”


I was suddenly speechless.


It was taboo to bring up my mother’s name in Perdia.
Furthermore, talking about my mother in front of Duke Perdia was tantamount to committing suicide.


That’s why I couldn’t say it….




I couldn’t help but hesitate at the call from the duke.


“It’s not a big deal…..”


“Tell me.”


“Can I really say it?”




“You’ll get mad if I tell you.”


He rested his elbows on his desk and folded his hands together under his chin, as if to convey how relaxed he was.
“I don’t get angry.”


I didn’t know why he was questioning me like this, but I was a little relieved to hear that he wouldn’t get angry.
It was not a direct word about my mother, it was just what the tower master said afterwards.


Taking a deep breath, I recited exactly what the master of the tower had said.


“Sylvester Perdia is a scumbag, a trashy and promiscuous playboy who has a wife but goes around messing with women.
And when he gets tired of them, he throws them away without mercy.”




“That’s what I heard.”




When I saw the duke’s face, I took a startled step back.


‘You said you wouldn’t get angry..!’


You’re angry with your whole body right now………!

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