chance to see if everything was all right, and the duke’s eyes changed.


“What is that one thing?”


I was embarrassed because I didn’t know how to ask, but it wasn’t hard to answer.


“The meals.
As for the food, the chef’s dishes in the main mansion were more to my taste than that of the annex.
But it’s not a big problem because the chef’s cooking in the annex is also delicious.”


I didn’t forget to defend the chef of the annex because I was afraid that sparks might fly to the annex chef.


The duke still didn’t seem to like it, but he seemed to give up because I insisted on not wanting to enter the mansion.


“Elodie, if that’s what you mean, I understand.”


“Thank you for your concern.”


“If you change your mind, tell me anytime.”




I smiled brightly at the duke and thought, ‘I’ll have to be a good daughter until I become independent.’




And the next day.


Martha and I saw the face of the person who knocked on the door of the annex, and my sleep ran away in an instant.


“I’m the chef who will be in charge of cooking in the annex from today.
I look forward to your kind cooperation, Miss Elodie.”




The chef of the main mansion had been demoted……




Martha, who entered the bedroom, shook her head, and announced the visit of an uninvited guest.


“Miss, he came again today.”


“Jan or Carl?”


“Master Carlot.”




It seemed that Carlot was wandering around the garden again.


“Did you tell him to go back?”


“He called me Misa, so I got angry and just came inside.”


“Well done.”


There was no answer to either Carlot, who stubbornly called Martha Misa, or Martha who was a maid and just came in saying that the young master pissed her off.


“Master Carlot will kill himself with this ridiculous behavior.
What if he’s lying down with a heat stroke?”


“No way,” I said with a shake of my head.
“That’s just Carlot.”


He’s different from ordinary humans, so strong sunlight shouldn’t be a big deal.
I know that, but it bothered me to know that he was under the scorching sun.


Eventually, when I went out of the annex, Carlot found me and ran over with a big smile.




 “What are you doing here when it’s this hot?”


“I was waiting for my sister to come out.
Aren’t you going out today?”


“I will.”


“Oh, really…….?”


Carlot was visibly sullen when I said I was going out.


‘I’m leaving because of you.
You ignorant boy.’


These days it was common for Carlot and Jansi to just leave the mansion when they took turns coming to the annex.


Whether he knew my heart, Carlot held out something that he was holding dearly in front of me.


“Sister! I heard this is a popular accessory among young girls these days.
What do you think?”


The jewelry box Carlot opened was full of all kinds of accessories.


‘Have you got a girlfriend?’


Carlot, who suddenly asked a random question, was strange, but I responded appropriately.


“Really? It’s pretty.”


C: “Pretty? Then take them all.”


“Why are you giving this to me?”


“It’s not unusual for a younger brother to give a present to his older sister.
My sister also has given me a banquet dress once.” 


“I think that’s different from this.
Carl, I’m not taking this-”


The moment I was about to say I wouldn’t accept it, Carlot…..jumped away?


He literally bounced.




Having placed the jewel box Carlot forced onto me into my room, I prepared to go out.


After a while, Raeyan found me.
After escorting me for a few days, Perdia seemed quite familiar now.


As soon as we got into the carriage, Raeyan commented, “I think you go out a lot these days.”


“Well, there’s a cat at home that’s been chasing me around.”


“Do you hate cats?”


“I like cats.”


It’s just that the cat Carlot is a bit……


The Perdia brothers made me feel burdened, so I had no choice but to wander around outside.
I at least felt at ease when I was with Raeyan.


Also, I have to go out and stop by all kinds of stores to complete the homework of spending the allowance given by the Duke of Perdia.


But again, the problem was the antidote.


“I need a place to be alone, but it’s not easy.
There’s something I have to concentrate on.”


When I complained without realizing it, Raeyan, who had been silent for a while, recommended something to me.


“There are many unused rooms in the mercenary headquarters.
We can provide you with a place if you need it.”




It was a very tempting proposal for me who was struggling with the antidote.


If I ate poison, I would be stuck in bed for about half a day because of the poison’s effects.


If I came out early in the morning and stayed at the mercenary corps and drank it right away, I’d be able to move around by evening.
It was perfect.


“Are you sure you don’t mind?” I asked, eyes glimmering.




“No one can interrupt me in the middle.”


I don’t want to reveal my secret.


But Raeyan was adamant again this time.


“No one will disobey my orders.”


“Then can I ask you for that favor?”




We immediately turned the carriage’s destination to the Earth Hawk Mercenary Headquarters. 


Arriving at the mercenary corps, we went straight inside.
It was said to be the largest mercenary corps, and it was a truly enormous building.


“It’s not organized yet, so it can be messy.”


“I’m just going to look around today, so it’s okay.”


It was when I was walking down the hall talking about the place with Raeyan.


A mercenary who appeared from the opposite side greeted Raeyan.


“Oh, Captain? You’re coming already? Didn’t you say you were going to Perdia?”


I wanted to see the face of the person with the husky voice, but I couldn’t see it because Raeyan covered it with his body.


The other person didn’t seem to know I was there.


The mercenary was quite a talkative person.
To the extent that he talked about the captain’s escort target.


“Anyway, the captain is working hard.
I heard the woman escorted by the captain has a crazy personality.
Tearing a man’s hair out? Her nickname is Perdia’s madman! Hahahaha.”


“Keep that mouth quiet.”


“Huh? Why are you telling me to keep quiet instead of telling me to shut up?”


“Shut up.”


Raeyan warned coldly, perhaps because of me behind his back.
But I’d already heard it all.


Soon after, the mercenary who found me standing behind Raeyan opened his eyes wide.


“Whoa, who is that? Who is this beautiful woman? A lover? Are you his girlfriend?”


I gave a witty greeting to Raeyan’s subordinate, who was making a fuss.


“Hello, I’m Perdia’s madman! Nice to meet you.”




Then the mercenary’s face turned white.

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