“Then go out.”


“Call me if you need me.”


When the maid went out, Dorothea sat down in front of the dressing table.


It had been a long time since all the mirrors in the room had been removed.
If she looked into them, an urge to break them several times a day would overcome her. 


 Even if all the competent pharmacists of the empire were brought in, they couldn’t find a cure for the rash on her skin.


She once begged her mother to do her a favor and go to the Duchess of Perdia, but she didn’t listen to her.


“Even if I were to die, this mother would never kneel before Themis.
Baby, just in case, don’t think nonsense.”


Rather, her mother feared Dorothea would visit Themis, so she even put a family knight in front of the door in the name of escort.


Dorothea, who was reluctant to meet people, became more confined to her room.


‘This is all because of Elodie Perdia…..’


It started when Elodie brought Ian, the Mercenary King, to the banquet.


 If it weren’t for that incident, she and her mother wouldn’t have visited the Perdia family, and if it wasn’t for that, her skin wouldn’t have been ruined.


Dorothea thought of Elodie’s face which was as beautiful as an angel’s and squeezed the hem of her dress.


It was just then.


“Dorothea, have you been doing this all this time? Aren’t you frustrated?”


The Duke of Angellus opened the tightly closed door and entered.


“Father!! When is the next pharmacist coming? You said you would look into it again,” Dorothea whined and fell into the arms of the duke.


Dorothea stomped her feet and asked, but Duke Angellus did not give the answer she hoped for.


“I’ve had enough of the pharmacists.”


“What? What do you mean?”


“The invitation to the Ishtar temple meeting arrived, Just get ready to go.”

At the words of the duke, Dorothea covered her face with her hands and shouted in a shrill voice.


“How can I go there like this!”


If it’s the Ishtar temple meeting, all four major families will gather!


She couldn’t show herself like this.


Unlike the frightened Dorothea, the duke remained calm all the time.


“There’s nothing to worry about, baby.
This dad will take care of everything.”




“This person will help you.”


At the same time, someone quietly came inside through the open door.


Dorothea got goosebumps the moment she faced those staring eyes.


Duke Angellus introduced him with a friendly smile.


“Say hello formally.
Gabe Jenade.
A wizard who will help us.”




As I was getting ready to go out, Martha ran over to me and asked.


“Is that true, Miss?” I heard the miss told them to cut off Viscount Trokel´s shoulder! I heard he got down on his knees too.”


“What do you think? Do you think it’s real?”


Martha, who had been pondering about my question for a while, gave a bold answer.


“If it’s you, Miss…..yes!”


E: “Ugh!”


In an instant my blood pressure rose and I grabbed the back of my neck.
I couldn’t believe that the trust level of my one and only exclusive maid was this low.


It was unfair.


Even though the ‘me’ in the past was a bit of a bully, it was only to the extent of slapping or pushing someone or making them do a lot of work.
I didn’t ask to cut off a shoulder or anything like that.


‘Though the servants of the annex are still running away to be unnoticed.’


It didn’t matter, because Martha was my exclusive maid anyway.


It wasn’t bad for me to be alone, so I didn’t need to take care of others.
If I lived independently later, I wouldn’t even have a maid.
Let’s call it a rehearsal.


“What’s your schedule for today, Miss?” Martha asked, rushing over to me, smoothing my hair.


“I’m going to the mercenaries.”


“You haven’t gone there for a while, but you’re going today.
Do you want me to accompany you?”


“No, it’s okay because Raeyan will be there.”


With these words, Martha’s hand, which was smoothing my hair, slowed down.


Martha hesitated but soon opened her mouth.


“I’m a bit upset these days, miss.
Why do you keep leaving me behind?”




Actually, there was a reason.


After Carlot and I were attacked by an assassin, I couldn’t forget that there was always a possibility of being killed.


The family’s coachman, who was driving the carriage at that time, had already been attacked and killed when we found him.


If Martha was there with me…….?


‘She’d be dead.’


That thought made me reluctant to let Martha accompany me on my outings.


I didn’t want Martha in danger because she has nothing to do with it.
At least the Perdia mansion would be safe, so it was better to be here.


I put my hand on Martha’s, who still smoothed my hair.


“Martha has things Martha can do.”


I hope you understand my true feelings that are hard to say.


Through the dressing table mirror, I could see Martha smiling, raising the corners of her mouth.


“Don’t keep too many secrets, Miss.
I’m upset.”




“You know I’m always on your side, right?”


“Yes, of course.”


Martha smiled more brightly at my firm answer.


“You shouldn’t get closer to the mercenaries than to me.


I smiled and nodded at Martha’s joke.


She knew I was hiding something, but didn’t ask any further.


‘Thank you, Martha.’


I swallowed the gratitude in my heart.




Raeyan’s office.


I sat face to face with Raeyan as a commissioner, not as an escorted person and their escort. 


I was thinking of entrusting a background check on the wizard I met at the restaurant.


“This is the last personal request.
I’m going to be a beggar now.”

Since my source of income was cut off by Duchess Perdia, I had no place to get money from now on.


“Do you need money?” Raeyan asked curiously.




“How much?”


“So much that I can buy a house and play and eat for the rest of my life?”


Simply put, I meant that I needed a lot.


But what Raeyan said to me was very unexpected.


“I can give you money.”






Raeyan’s goodwill for an unknown reason.


I looked at Raeyan’s expression.
His cold and indifferent expression made it impossible to know what he was thinking at first glance.


‘What is he up to?’


I couldn’t believe he was going to give me money when I had to pay for the commission.


Suddenly I wanted to test the man in front of me.


I took a deep breath and asked Raeyan.


“You’re giving money? To me? How much?”


“I will give you as much as you need,” Raeyan replied without hesitation.


What do you mean as much as I need? You don’t know how much I’m going to ask for.


I threw out what came to my mind in precipitation.


“Then, if I ask for this mercenary corps, will you give it to me?” 


Mario, the vice-captain who was overhearing our conversation, looked this way with eyes wide open.


Mario burst out laughing for a moment and turned his eyes back to the documents.
Of course, it was a joke, so he didn’t seem to take it seriously.
I did so too.


However, Raeyan’s answer was unexpected.


He spoke with a more serious face.


“……it’s pretty annoying, so will you be okay?”




“If you wish, I’ll give them to you.
The mercenaries.”


I swallowed hard. 


‘Martha, I’m rich…….’

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