mber of pieces that have reached Ascension is now 10.

All of them were Kang Seol’s pieces.

While it was an amazing achievement for those enjoying the world of eternity, it left a sense of regret for Kang Seol himself.


That’s how the world of eternity that he enjoyed for 17 years came to an end.

However, this end was the beginning of a new fate.

Chapter 1



What on earth is making me continue this dream?

Kang Seol dreamt the same dream again today.

Architectures marvelously built on the clouds.

The eternal world was surely supposed to end yesterday, yet he was still walking there today.

That doesn’t mean there were no differences between yesterday and today.
Certainly, there were differences.

‘Why… Why is no one here?’

He was definitely a celebrity here.

Whenever he inhaled the air of this world through his dreams, without fail, others would come to greet him.

However, today, no one came to meet him.

An ominous feeling slowly climbed up his back.


Why indeed?

Kang Seol found out the reason when he arrived at the central square.
A man wearing a lightning mask greeted Kang Seol.

“Ah, the protagonist has arrived!”

“Capture him!”

‘What, what is this!’

Realizing that something strange was going on as he saw people charging towards him, Kang Seol immediately turned and ran away. 


But from somewhere, a chain of lightning flew towards him and bound his neck.


Kang Seol felt like his brain was burning from the pain etched into every joint of his body.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“You wretched human…”

“Trying to deceive us all this time?”

As Kang Seol fell to the ground, those wearing masks dragged him to the square.


Insults and ridicule were poured onto him, as if he was a criminal.

“I can’t believe I’ve been talking to you all this time!”

“How dare you, converse with us at the same eye level?”

“What has everyone been doing while a mere insect-like human was desecrating heaven?”

“Who showed this man the way?”

“Kill him! He must die!”

“Kill him!”

Despite the dizzying sense of isolation, Kang Seol heard the voices clearly demanding his death.

‘Just until yesterday…’

Yesterday’s best friends  wanted to plunge a dagger into his heart.

“Why… why are you doing this…”

“Are you asking because you don’t know? You, a mere human, dare to disguise yourself as a god in the lofty heavens?”


“That’s enough.
I no longer wish to speak with you, kill him…”

No, it’s wrong.

Their eyes were enveloped in madness and turned red, not listening to anything he said.

Just when Kang Seol, terrified by the claim of his impending death, was about to respond, a man wearing a mask with big eyes stopped observing the situation and shouted.

“I object to that!”

“What? Co, Codon…”

Codon was a man of considerable influence among them.
It was a fact that Kang Seol could feel subconsciously as he conversed with them.

Anyway, the man named Codon sprang to his feet and walked over to Kang Seol, pushing aside the crowd.

Of course, there was resistance.

“What are you doing right now, Codon?”

“Right now, deceiving us….”

“Whoa, whoa, you seem to be too excited.
Calm down.”

“Hmm… Hmph….”

Why would Codon be on his side?

Kang Seol held a bit of hope.

Perhaps, this guy could solve this situation.

However, that was a huge mistake.

“Do you think we can shed human blood in heaven? No one gets executed in this heavenly realm.”

“Well, that’s right.”

“So what should we do?”

“Well, I’ll tell you what I think.
This guy…”

Codon grinned.

“Do you mean to send him back where he belongs?”

“What, what!”

“Do you think that makes sense?”

“Of course, if we send him back as he is, you might feel that we are not punishing him for his sins… But have you all forgotten what day it is today?”

The masked ones responded strongly to Codon’s words.

“Right! We were scheduled to start harvesting from today!”

“So if we send this guy back….”

“That’s right.
This guy will return to his rightful place, the earth, and die off like a worm, becoming a sacrifice to madness.”

“Hahahaha! That sounds good! We can’t stain the heavens with his filthy blood.”

“I agree too! How dare he crawl into the heavens without knowing his place? Die stuck to the earth like a bug!”

“Codon, you are indeed wise! This way we can teach a lesson! How dare he try to mingle at the same level as gods, not realizing his true place.”

Codon wasn’t trying to protect Kang Seol.
He had chosen a different way to inflict greater pain.

Kang Seol couldn’t speak.

He didn’t know what these people, who called themselves gods, were up to.
He couldn’t move.

Then, someone’s voice penetrated his brain.

-Snowman, can you hear me?

It was Codon’s voice.

-Your identity has been revealed.
I don’t have time to explain it in detail.
I’ll tell you only what needs to be passed on.

He wanted to ask Codon.

Who are you?

Why are you helping me?

What happens if he dies in his dream?

While Codon skillfully deceived the gods with his eloquence, he continued to pass information to Kang Seol.

-The place where you lived will become a different world from today.
The convergence of the worlds is scheduled for today.
It’s your world and the world of eternity, Pandeia.

What is he talking about.

‘The worlds… are merging? How?’

-Gods have chosen madness over faith to regain their weakened power.

-Your sufferings and stories will now be sold to other believers in exchange for madness.

‘What are you talking about!’

-Snowman, there is only one way to save you and your race.
Reach Ascension, the final adventure.
Being as noticeable as possible will help in this process.
Madness is necessary for the gods to regain their original power, but it can also be useful for you.

‘Reach Ascension? How is a mortal like me supposed to do that? What are you talking about….?’

-Also, if you speak about heavenly affairs, it gives gods a reason to intervene with you.
Then you will inevitably die.
Please, act wisely.
I wish you luck, Snowman.
I hope we can meet again someday.

At the end of his words, Codon lifted Kang Seol with one hand.

“Hahaha! Now, let’s see how this bug squirms and dies….”

“Wait! If we send him back like this…”

Before the situation could change, Codon swiftly threw Kang Seol under the clouds.

Still feeling the horrifying sensation of falling without wings, Kangseol was banished from heaven.


“Darn… He’s already thrown.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter.”

Codon replied with a smile.

“Now, shall we watch the harvest of madness? Oh, noble gods.”

“Hu hu hu… Good.”

“Now, we can finally regain our power.”


Kang Seol felt completely empty.

A hollow feeling.

This was not only from the fall from heaven but also the aftermath of a panic attack he experienced after such an overwhelming event.

‘Were they real gods?’

Things that had only existed in his dreams were not just imaginary, they were actual gods with substance.

Kang Seol confirmed the collar that had just been choking him had disappeared, and he touched his neck.

Having experienced the sensation of dying and coming back to life, he sighed in relief at being alive and looked around.


The world was drenched entirely in black.


Suddenly, messages began to pop up before his eyes.

[The World of Eternity is being applied.

[The application of the World of Eternity has been completed.]

[Welcome to the World of Eternity, Pandeia.]

[A total of 7,900,021,232 lives are joining the World of Eternity.]

[Moving to character setting space.]

[Please set the abilities of your character.]

[Shortly, the first adventure will begin.]

Seeing these messages, Kang Seol understood what codon had been talking about.

Kang Seol had become a piece.

The piece of the World of Eternity that he had enjoyed for 17 years.

His 31st and final piece was himself.

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