Madam Wei didn’t move, but kowtowed to Jiang Lin, “Just as I beg you, please go, go back to Houfu, you can go anywhere, please leave the Wei family, and the Wei family will be the same after you leave, please let us live.”

    Jiang Lin laughed at her , “You pondered about your feelings all night, without reflecting on where you were wrong at all, and just thinking about how to get me away.”

    “What? Do you think I'm a disaster star, killing your Wei family?”

    MadamWei said: “Since you entered the Wei's mansion, accidents happened repeatedly at home, never stopping for a moment.
There has never been such a thing before.”

    Jiang Lin: “In the past when your man didn't die before, you must have been rotten by the incense.”

    “That's not the case.
You caused all these things.
Yunzhao finally woke up.
We all saw hope, but you seduced him and made him ignored his family and be ruthless.
That's how he got to this point.
If it wasn't for you, nothing would happen to my mother in law and the fifth child, and Qinghe County Wangfu wouldn't harm me or Yunqi, everything would be different.”


    Jiang Lin couldn't hold back his swearing.

    “Madam Wei, I will fulfill your wish.
I can tell you clearly that the Dong family is over.”

    “Don't talk about promotion, don't even try to keep their current position!”

    Madam Wei looked at Jiang Lin incredulously, ” You, why are you so vicious?”

    Jiang Lin sneered, “Because you offended me, and the Dong family will have to pay for it.
Believe me, Wei Yunzhao will stand by my side.”

    Jiang Lin got up with a flick of his sleeves, called out the younger sister from the twin, and told her to throw madam Wei and Sun momo out of the yard.

    The younger sister was an ice beauty, she was as cold as ice, and her eyes were extraordinarily sharp, as if she could kill anyone anytime and anywhere.

    It was ruined by her name, Huai Shi.


[怀 huái: bosom; heart; mind; to think of; to harbor in one's mind; to conceive (a child); 十 shí: ten]

    It was so bad, and the name like 10 months prenancy, not worthy of that face and her aloof temperament.


    After Huai Shi came back after throwing people away, she cupped her hands at Jiang Lin to express that her task was completed, and then disappeared, without any intention of chatting with Jiang Lin at all.

    Jiang Lin spread his hands, all right.

    Jiang Lin called the housekeeper, and told him to arrange people to guard the front and back doors of Wei's mansion, and no one was allowed to go out without his order.
He wanted to guard against the possibility that madam Wei and that momo would report to Dong's house.

    Even with madam Wei's brain, it was not something that she couldn't do.



    On the other hand, Wei Yunzhao's request for the emperor's grace to let the imperial doctor treat his mother went smoothly.
Wei Yunzhao didn’t directly point out that Qinghe County Wangfu did the trick, but he begged in front of Emperor Changde.
It was only a matter of one sentence for the emperor to ask people to find out the reason.

    Emperor Changde nodded, and Wei Yunzhao took the imperial doctor out of the palace.

    He walked on the front foot, and Emperor Changde sent people to check what happened to Wei's mansion on the back foot.

    And Wei Yunzhao's entry into the palace was noticed by another person, that was the empress.

    The empress heard the palace man report that Wei Yunzhao had entered the palace, he looked normal, he seemed to be a little fatter than before, he didn't look like he was sick or had a blood bone worm at all.

    The empress’ displeasure instantly showed on her face, and she called Qiuxi to her, “Did you really hand over the headdress to Jiang Lin that day?”

    Qiuxi knew what the empress meant, and she hurriedly said, “Your Majesty, I swear, It’s absolutely true, Jiang Lin was the one who picked the headdress, and everyone who went to Wei's mansion with this servant can testify.”

    Of course, the empress knew that what Qiuxi said was true, and the little eunuch who went with her that day had already spoken to her, the empress didn't suspect that Qiuxi was doing something wrong, she just felt that it was wrong that Wei Yunzhao still allright, or that it was not what she wanted.

   It was very easy for blood bone worm to find opportunities to enter a person's body.
As long as you touched that headdress with your hand, you would suffer.
That headdress was Jiang Lin's mother’s relic, and it was stolen by his stepmother.
She didn't believe that when Jiang Lin saw his precious mother's relic, he would put it away without even touching them.

    Even if Jiang Lin didn't touch it, there would always be the maid who collected it.
As long as one person was infected by the blood bone worm, no one who got along day and night would be able to escape.

    Seeing that the empress was not happy, Qiuxi hurriedly offered advice, “Your majesty, Wei Yunzhao brought the imperial doctor out of the palace.
It must be someone from the Wei family who is seriously ill.
The doctor outside the palace can’t cure that person so he entered the palace and begged the emperor to let the imperial doctor to treat that person.
Maybe Jiang Lin has been hit by a Gu, but it hasn’t been passed on to Wei Yunzhao, after the imperial doctor has finished the diagnosis and treatment, the empress will let someone to ask, and then she will know what happened to the Wei family.”


The empress didn't know what was going on, and she nodded and spoke for a while, “Then wait for the imperial doctor to go back to the Imperial Hospital and call him to ask for clarification.”

    But the empress wanted more than that, she was not at ease if Wei Yunzhao was not removed as soon as possible, so she beckoned to Qiuxi for her to come over.
“Qiuxi, go and help me with something else.”

    Qiuxi listened to the empress’ order, her heart trembled slightly, and she carefully persuaded, “Your Majesty, if someone finds out…”


The empress glanced over, and Qiuxi immediately closed her eyes.
She said, “Yes, the servant knows.”

    Even if they found out, so what, as long as the emperor didn't really want to deal with the empress, there were many scapegoats in this harem.

    The news that Wei Yunzhao entered the palace and brought an imperial doctor out of the palace soon spread to Qinghe County Wangfu.
As soon as Qinghe County Wangfei heard the news, she walked up and down the room restlessly.
She asked her daughter who didn’t take this matter at her heart at all, “Rouer, what to do?, the Wei family has to bring such a small thing to the emperor, and the emperor will definitely investigate the matter.
At that time what should we do? “


“Your dad doesn't know about it yet.
If he knows, he will be angry.
Rouer, you think about it quickly, what should we do? “

    Jiang Rou’s face was indifferent, “Don’t worry, we can’t make waves, not to mention there are still The Dong family, just push everything to the Dong family.”

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