Jiang Lin couldn't say for sure, he only knew that Lingquan water could detoxify, but he didn't know when the poison would be fully detoxified.

    Jiang Lin asked Xun Qi, “What did the doctor say?”

    Xun Qi was silent for a moment, then suddenly knelt down towards Jiang Lin, “Young madam, as long as young madam can wake up the general, Xun Qi's life will be young madam's.”

    Jiang Lin: “…You talk as soon as you talk, why are you still kneeling, you get up first, and I don’t want your life.”

    “I’m not a doctor, and I don’t know how to detoxify and heal injuries.
I can only take care of him as best I can .
If his fate is good the general will wake up.”

    Xun Qi didn't know what Jiang Lin had done, he tried it out, and the young madam didn't know kung fu, let alone internal strength. Every day, he just fed the general some water and some juice, all the things were taken from the kitchen, nothing special.

    Just as he was thinking, Xun Qi caught sight of the corner of the fire-avoiding picture exposed under the pillow from the corner of his eye, and bit his lip, feeling that he had glimpsed of something.

    Xun Qi once heard in a teahouse that there was a kind of exercise called double cultivation.
Practicing together could not only get twice the result with half the effort, but also could induce and detoxify.
He  wondered if the young madam would double cultivated with the general in the dead of night.

    The more Xun Qi thought about it, the more he felt it was possible, otherwise why would the general be covered in black mud every morning, the black mud must be the poison drawn out by the young madam and the general during their double cultivation.

    Xun Qi looked at Jiang Lin again with more admiration.
There were only rumors, and no one had actually practiced the double cultivation method.
The young madam must be a master.

    The 'superior' Jiang Lin was quite confused, and didn't understand why Xun Qi looked at him with adoring eyes.
Jiang Lin kindly reminded him, “Worshiping is useless, I really don't know medical skills.”

    Xun Qi hurriedly said: “It's okay, young madam is not an ordinary person, he will definitely wake up the general.
The young madam can detoxify the general at ease, and the subordinates will report to the old madam so they will no longer invite doctors to treat the general these days.”

    Whether it was the imperial doctor in the palace or the doctor invited from outside not entirely credible, the doctor said after the general's diagnosis and treatment today that he was still the same, and he was afraid he wouldn't wake up, but Xun Qi still remembered that the doctor said that the general's health had improved, and he told the young lady not to give the general an early bath.


    At noon when Xun Qi was feeding the general, he found that the general's fingers moved.
If he couldn't wake up according to the doctor, how could the general's fingers move? This was obviously a sign of waking up.

    Xun Qi knew that the doctor couldn’t be trusted.
Not only did he withhold the medicine left by the doctor, but he didn't even feed the general the bowl of medicine at noon, and turned around and poured it into the chamber pot.

    Compared with those people, Xun Qi believed in this young madam more.
No matter what method he used, as long as he could wake up the general, he would be the benefactor of the entire Wei family.
Xun Qi stood up and bowed solemnly to Jiang Lin, then turned around out.

    Jiang Lin was even more confused, where did Xun Qi's inexplicable admiration and trust come from.

    Could Xun Qi see that he was time-traveling?

    Jiang Lin denied this idea as soon as he came up with it.
After two days of contact, his view of Xun Qi had changed from being honest on the first day to being stupid.

    Xun Qi's performance made Jiang Lin felt a little worried about Wei Yunzhao.
With such subordinates, wouldn't Wei Yunzhao, the general, be an idiot?

    If he was really a fool, the Wei family probably wouldn't be able to become his backer.

    Jiang Lin was very worried.

    But when Jiang Lin was worried, the Anyang Houfu looked different.

    The crown prince who was invited by Jiang Jinyue didn’t accomplish anything, instead, he got angry at Jiang Lin, and when the crown prince left, he didn’t give the people of Anyang Houfu a good look, thinking that this family invited him here to play tricks on him .

    Even Jiang Jinyue chased him to explain to the crown prince, but the crown prince didn't give her a chance.

    Here, Zhao Qiuru saw the crown prince leaving, and immediately cried to the Anyang Houfu, “Master Hou, Jiang Lin is obviously here to trouble Houfu this time, since the dowry has entered Houfu, it’s naturally the property of the Houfu.
There is no reason to give it away.
What's more, the Houfu has spent a lot of money to support him for more than ten years.
He has calculated the accounts so clearly that he clearly doesn’t regard himself as a member of Houfu.”

    “Master, look, do you want to talk to Jiang Lin again about this matter, forget about what you have already used, or count it on master Hou, didn’t he say that if master Hou spends it, you don’t have to pay it back.” Zhao Qiuru softened her tone and wanted to make Anyang Hou as a way out.
There were so many things that were worth more, and she really didn't want to take them out.

    What's more, she couldn't get back some of the things she gave away.

    But Anyang Hou didn't fulfill her wish, he turned around and gave her a cold look.
Anyang Hou knew how much Yun Wanyan had back then, but he didn't expect that after all these years, so many things would be left only that.

    How much Anyang Hou used in Houfu was probably countable, and the missing big head must had been taken back to her mother's house by this woman.
Thinking of this, Anyang Hou couldn't bear the fire in his heart, “Stupid woman, you still have the face to mention it.
If I don’t open the warehouse today, I don’t know that the whole Houfu will be emptied by you.
You also want me to help you bear the reputation of embezzling dead wife’s dowry, I don’t know that Mrs.
Zhao’s face is huge!”

    “This master Hou warns you, you can get the things back from your mother's house.
If you dare to ruin the reputation of the Houfu, you will go back to your Zhao family!”

    Anyang Hou said angrily.
Flicked his sleeves and left, leaving Zhao Qiuru looking at his back with no emotion on his face.

    Zhao Qiuru stood for a while, and Jiang Jinyue walked in from the outside.
She obviously heard the conversation between the two.
Jiang Jinyue helped Zhao Qiuru to sit aside, and asked her worriedly, “Mother, do you really want to return those things to Jiang Lin?”

    Zhao Qiuru smiled coolly, “Return it? When did I say I will pay it back?”

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