“It seems that grandma and fifth aunt have already decided that I said so,” Jiang Lin smiled sarcastically.

     Zhou Shi  gave Jiang Lin a sideways look, “It doesn't matter if we believe it or not, the reputation of the Wei family has been ruined by you, Jiang Lin, don't you plan to give us an explanation?”

    “Then what does Fifth Aunt want?” Jiang Lin questioned her.

    “Of course you left the Wei family to go back to your Anyang  Houfu , and then you made it clear that My Wei family never asked your dowry.
You asked for the dowry when you went back because your stepmother treated you badly and took away your mother's dowry.


It could be said that Zhou Shi made no secret of her purpose, she just wanted Jiang Lin to leave the General's Mansion.

    “It seems that Fifth Aunt is not as stupid as I thought.
She heard that my stepmother was greedy for my mother's dowry, but instead of defending me on the spot, Fifth Aunt came back to trouble me.
She didn’t regard me as someone from the general’s mansion.”

    Jiang Lin sighed disappointedly, “Alright, since the Wei family doesn’t welcome me so much, then I hope Old madam Wei to enter the palace and ask the emperor to take back the imperial decree of granting marriage and let me go back to Anyang Houfu.”

    “It's none of your business, if you want to leave, it's just a matter of taking a step, and you can leave by yourself, don't talk about the marriage ceremony.” Zhou Shi said with a face full of contempt.

    She made Jiang Lin laughed, “Fifth aunt thinks the world belongs to you, so you think you’re worthy to give me a marriage?” .


    Old madam Wei glared at Zhou Shi, “You are not allowed to talk nonsense about the gift of marriage.
If you dare to speak out, I will nott spare you!”

    Zhou Shi was not really stupid, she was just anxious to drive Jiang Lin away, she was scolded by  Old madam Wei , she murmured and didn’t dare to speak.

     Old madam Wei turned her eyes to Jiang Lin, “She is right, no matter what you said when you went back to the Anyang  Houfu , but my Wei family has been stigmatized because of you, you have to find a way to resolve it.”

    Jiang Lin nodded, “It's no problem, but I would like to ask the old lady to remind some people that I’m now in the General's Mansion, and I’m a member of your General's Mansion.
Let outsiders slander me and refuse to help me to say a word, then the stigma of the General's Mansion will only increase in the future, and it will never be cleared.”

    “Jiang Lin, what do you mean!” After Jiang Lin finished speaking, Zhou Shi immediately attacked.

    Jiang Lin looked at her with eyes full of anger, “Fifth Aunt knows what I mean, and I hope that Fifth Aunt can take your brain with her when she goes out in the future, so that you don't lose it.”

    He didn’t want to stay any longer, Jiang Lin turned around and left, completely ignoring the shouting scolding from Zhou Shi behind him.


    After walking for a while, someone called him from behind.
Jiang Lin turned around and found that it was Wei Yunjia who led Wei Yunqi to catch up.

    Wei Yunqi ran to hug Jiang Lin's thigh, “Sister-in-law.”

    This child was naturally cute, and Jiang Lin's anger dissipated a lot in an instant when he hugged his leg like this.

    Wei Yunjia wanted to take Wei Yunqi to see their eldest brother, so they went with Jiang Lin.

    As they walked, Wei Yunjia suddenly said, “When my elder brother was brought back last year, a girl from the Zhou family came to take care of him for half a month.
Once a few imperial doctors gave my elder brother a pulse, then they got together and whispered that my elder brother might never wake up again in this life.
The next day, the Zhou family called the girl back because her mother was unwell and needed her daughter to go back to serve the sick mother.”

    “Later, another girl came from Dong's family.
She also took care of him for half a month.
Seeing that my elder brother still didn't wake up, she packed up her things and went back.”

    ” If elder brother can't wake up anymore, the women who entered the mansion are here to be widows.
The Wei family is full of widows, it's bad luck to see them, and there are few people passing by outside the door.”

    Jiang Lin looked at her sideways, the little girl was not very old, the words and deeds were beyond her age.

    “So, now that they drive me away, the Zhou family and the Dong family are willing to send their daughter to be a widow?” Jiang Lin asked bluntly.

    The Zhou family was the mother's family of the old lady and Zhou Shi, while the Dong family was the mother's family of madam Wei, each had its own plans.

    “They believe that my elder brother can wake up.” Wei Yunjia lowered his head and patted Wei Yunqi's head, “Brother Xun Qi  said to grandmother that they wouldn’t invite a doctor to treat him, and my grandmother guessed that Chongxi is effective or you have a way to make my brother wakes up and becomes active again.”

    Jiang Lin: “It doesn't look stupid, is there something wrong with the brain?”

    Whether it was Chongxi's effect or he could make Wei Yunzhao woke up, it was all his credit.
Seeing someone woke up and wanted to chase him away, they were not afraid that Wei Yunzhao would pass out as soon as he left and never woke up again?


    “They won't let you go so soon.
At least they have to wait until my elder brother wakes up.
You let the Wei family suffer stigma for no reason.
Even if there is an imperial decree to force you not to leave, the elder brother will hate you because of it.”

    Jiang Lin understood, as long as Wei Yunzhao didn't like him, he was a wife and a man.
Wei Yunzhao would take two more concubines to have children.
Old madam Wei wouldn’t cut off his sons and grandchildren, so he could kill two birds with one stone.

    Jiang Lin couldn't help laughing, “That's a good idea, please tell them that I can make Wei Yunzhao wake up, and I can also make Wei Yunzhao die.”


 The death word was said lightly but Wei Yunjia shuddered when she heard it, and believed what Jiang Lin said was true without any hesitation.

    For the sake of his elder brother's life, Wei Yunjia hastily added, “My elder brother is not such a person.
You are kind to him, and he will not let you down.
Grandmother and the others actually can't control elder brother.
When he wakes up, he will be the one who decides everything in the Wei family.”

    Jiang Lin flexed his wrist, “Let's see how he behaves.”

    After all, he was the one who killed so many zombies in the last days, and he could do such a thing like killing, Jiang Lin didn't think he was a good person .

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