“Grandma, no!” Jiang Lin himself hadn't reacted yet, but Wei Yunzhao yelled anxiously first.

    He pushed away madam Wei who was holding him and crying, “Mom, I'm fine, nothing happened, you don't have to worry.”

    Then Xun Qi hurriedly pushed him and Wei Yunzhao stood in front of Jiang Lin, ” Grandma, cough…” Wei Yunzhao's anxious face turned pale, and he coughed continuously.


Old madam Wei moved her cane  and wanted to take it back.
Wei Yunzhao thought that she still wanted to hit Jiang Lin.
He tried to grab the cane , but because his legs were not strong enough, he turned over the wheelchair and sat on the ground. When he fell down, the wheelchair hit his legs directly.
Wei Yunzhao didn't even groan, but kept coughing, looking particularly embarrassed.

    Old madam Wei was taken aback, “Zhaoer, Zhaoer, how are you?”

    Other members of the Wei family also gathered around and asked about Wei Yunzhao's situation.
Wei Yunzhao raised his head as if to explain, but because of coughing, he couldn’t speak, anxious in heart, suddenly rolled his eyes, and passed out directly.

    Jiang Lin sighed in his heart, his reputation as a mourner was really confirmed.

    Wei's family was also in a mess.
They invited a doctor, boiled medicine, and tossed until the moon was in the middle of the sky.


    Knowing that Wei Yunzhao passed out because his body was too weak, he was blown by the wind and the worry attacked his mind, Old madam Wei held up her cane  again and wanted to settle accounts with Jiang Lin.

    This time Wei Yunjia stood in front of Jiang Lin, her face was not very good-looking, “Grandma doesn't understand yet, brother was so anxious because grandma wanted to punish sister-in-law, and grandma is going to do it again now because grandma wants when brother wake up, if he know it and then he will faint again”

    “Jia'er, why are you talking to your grandma like this?” Madam Wei scolded her from behind.

    Wei Yunjia ignored madam Wei and continued: “Brother has always acted properly.
He insisted on going out even though he knew he was weak.
He must have his own motives.
But you can't even ask a question and put all the blame on sister-in-law.
Grandma, when did our Wei family become so indistinguishable from right and wrong and unreasonable?”

    Old madam Wei was obviously annoyed by these words, and her hand holding the cane was shaking, “You! Are you teaching your grandma a lesson?”

    Wei Yunjia: “Granddaughter doesn't dare, granddaughter just tells the truth, I believe that elder brother will say the same thing to me when he wakes up.”

    Wei Yunjia: “

Does grandma have to teach the people he cares about when elder brother is in a coma? Isn't grandma afraid of making elder brother unhappy and go with sister in law? “

    Wei Yunzhao carried all the hopes of the Wei family now, as long as Old madam Wei was not old and confused, she wouldn’t choose to go against Wei Yunzhao.

    “Good, very good, both of your wings are stiff, dare you teach your grandma a lesson.”

    Old madam Wei's chest heaved angrily, “Okay, I can't control this mourner, I still can't control you anymore, since you are so capable, go to the ancestral hall and kneel for two days and two nights, and let me see how capable you are!”

    Wei Yunjia bowed, turned and left without any hesitation.

    At this time, madam Wei began to step forward to intercede for Wei Yunjia.

    Jiang Lin glanced at the group of immovable women, sneered, raised his steps, and followed Wei Yunjia.

    He was also followed by a little tail, and Jiang Lin went directly to the ancestral hall with WeiYunjia and Wei Yunqi in his arms.

    The tablet of the ancestors of the Wei family were tall like a pyramid.
Wei Yunjia knelt in front of the tablets with futon, the little girl's back was straight, there was nothing to fear.

    Jiang Lin put down Wei Yunqi, squatted next to him, and talked to Wei Yunjia, “You like your sister-in-law so much, you would rather kneel down and speak for me.”

    Wei Yunjia said, “You saved my elder brother, you are our Wei family’s benefactor.
What's more, you are still my sister-in-law, and I’m a younger sister, so I should protect you.”

    She was very serious, and what she said was not a lie.

    Jiang Lin thought, the little girl was quite touching.


    “I'm a vixen.
I specialize in seducing men like your brother.
You see, he only wakes up in the morning, and in the afternoon he's willing to follow me back to my mother's house to be my backer.
I'm so capable, and I might ask him to do something out of the ordinary in the future.”

    Wei Yunjia turned her head to look at Jiang Lin, “You are all married, so it's not called seduction.
And if you have my big brother in your heart, you won't go outside to flirt with other men, which is a good thing.”

    Jiang Lin grinned, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, he reached out and rubbed the little girl's head, “Fortunately, your Wei family still has you who sober, otherwise Wei Yunzhao alone, even if he had three heads and six arms, can't save these people.

    Wei Yunjia: “Brother is not alone, he still has you, sister-in-law, you will help him, right?”

    Like he said she was a smart little girl, so she would be her brother's helper in this way.

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