Jiang Lin looked at Wei Yunzhao, who had woken up slowly, with doubts on his face, “Are you really fainted?”

    Wei Yunzhao's performance at the gate of the general's mansion made Jiang Lin realize that Wei Yunzhao going out with him was not as simple as a matter of touching porcelain, he had another purpose.

    Jiang Lin was not happy that he was being used, and planned to settle accounts with Wei Yunzhao after everyone else had left, but Wei Yunzhao's appearance of just waking up made Jiang Lin felt strange, he knew the spiritual spring water he fed him, Wei Yunzhao shouldn't be so weak.

    Wei Yunzhao nodded slightly, “I drank the medicine.”

    Jiang Lin: “The bowl of medicine that the imperial doctor gave you this morning?”

    Jiang Lin felt that this matter was a bit mysterious, “Didn't you wake up in the morning and take the medicine?”

    Before Wei Yunzhao could speak, Jiang Lin quickly realized, “It wasn't this morning only, there was a problem with the medicine before, right?”

    Although he was asking Wei Yunzhao, Jiang Lin was very sure.

    Wei Yunzhao nodded, with a guilty expression on his pale face, “I'm sorry, I took advantage of you.”

    Although he sympathized with Wei Yunzhao's being drugged, he was still a little angry when he mentioned it.
“We just met and haven't established any trust yet, but I’m your savior anyway, is this how you treat your savior?”

    “It's my fault, it won't happen again in the future,” Wei Yunzhao promised very seriously.

    “Look again, although I can guess the reason why you did this, but you shouldn't use me without my permission, I'll make a note of it.”

    Going out in a wheelchair was nothing more than telling some people that he couldn't walk with his legs and that he was no longer a threat to them.
He coughed and fainted suddenly at the door, also saying that although he was awake, he was very weak and might die at any time.

    It was nothing more than to let those who stare at him and wish him die to relax their vigilance, and didn’t  rush to kill him and the Wei family immediately.

    But Jiang Lin felt that he was a stingy and vengeful person.
Anyway, he had made a score with Wei Yunzhao, and he would settle it with him slowly in the future.

    And before that, he had another account.
Jiang Lin put his hand on his knee, which was the place where Old madam Wei hit him with her cane before.
He said, “Do you understand what I mean?”

    Wei Yunzhao was silent, after a while he said, “The Wei family is no different from before.
It's time for a change.
I won't stop you.”

    Jiang Lin was quite satisfied with this answer, “I have only respected respectable people, regardless of age, so this account I will definitely count it.”

    “Oh, yes, since you used me, the meals that was agreed before is gone, General Wei, go to bed.” Jiang Lin turned on the bed.

    Also because of anger, Jiang Lin didn't restrain himself when he went to sleep, and the consequence of not restraining himself was – stuffing himself into Wei Yunzhao's arms, using Wei Yunzhao as a pillow, and pulling away his clothes to touch him, all night long.

    He had a good night's sleep and woke up refreshed the next day.

    And Wei Yunzhao, who had been tossed all night and didn't close his eyes much, was black and blue under his eyes, and he looked particularly haggard.
He didn't need to pretend at all, and he looked like he was dying soon.

    He even frightened the imperial doctor who came to give Wei Yunzhao acupunture.
Jiang Lin saw his reaction and felt that the other party might be wondering if the dose of the medicine was too heavy.

    Jiang Lin clicked his tongue softly, feeling that this novel was really full of malice, there were few good guys, but a lot of bad guys.

    He didn't bother to see the imperial doctor's hypocrisy, so he went to the kitchen to make breakfast, and he wanted to reward himself.

    Of course, Wei Yunzhao didn’t have his share, so Jiang Lin brought four siumai to the ancestral hall to see the little girl Wei Yunjia.

    Old madam Wei was also really cruel.
Wei Yunjia really knelt in the ancestral hall all night.
She didn't even give her a quilt at night, and the little girl was shivering from the cold.

    Jiang Lin handed her the siumai, “Eat it, then kneel down when you're full.”

    Wei Yunjia folded his arms and felt aggrieved, “Sister-in-law, you don't know how to comfort people at all.”

    Jiang Lin curled his lips and smiled, ” Your elder brother doesn't have his share.”

The siu mai exuded a tempting aroma, and the little girl who had been starving after kneeling all night couldn't resist the temptation, picked and put it in her mouth.

    “What kind of food is this? It's so delicious,” the little girl praised while eating.

    “Siumai, eat more if it tastes good.” It was made with spiritual spring water, and the taste was naturally nothing to say.

    Jiang Lin stared at Wei Yunjia's lips that were blue from the cold, “Your mother doesn't care about you? And the servants around you don't even give you a quilt?”

    Wei Yunjia ate siumai slowly, when she swallowed it, she shook her head, “I don't know, maybe they were detained by someone, so they didn’t  come.”

The little girl lost her mind for a moment, and immediately cheered up again, “It's not the first time I knelt down, I've followed daddy and elder brother practicing martial arts since I was a child, so it's fine.”

    ” Ah Choo! “It was just that the slap in the face came too fast, and she sneezed loudly as soon as she finished speaking

    Wei Yunjia looked at Jiang Lin in embarrassment.

    Jiang Lin snatched the siumai from her hand and put it back on the plate, and pulled her up, “Silly girl, let's go.”

    Jiang Lin directly took her back to Zhaoyunyuan, then asked Baiji and Baiwei to wait on her to take a bath and change clothes, and then went in to find Wei Yunzhao.

    The imperial doctor had already left, and Wei Yunzhao was talking to Xun Qi, as if he was asking Xun Qi to investigate something, but Jiang Lin didn't hear the details, Wei Yunzhao just let Xun Qi go out when he entered the door.

    While Xun Qi passed by Jiang Lin, his eyes were fixed on the plate in Jiang Lin's hand, and he thought he was whispering: “I didn't eat the breakfast made by the young madam, it was the general who ordered me to go!” , It sounds particularly resentful.

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