Wei Yunzhao had good hearing, so he heard these words clearly, cast a cold look at him, and I almost said fuck off.

    Feeling threatened, Xun Qi took one last look at the siu mai on the tray, and quickly walked to the door, closing the door behind him.

    Stupid, General Wei regretted it again, it was not good for him to keep anyone by his side, he insisted on keeping Xun Qi!

    Compared with Wei Yunzhao's remorse, Jiang Lin felt that Xun Qi's behavior was not bad, and could add a lot of fun to life.

    He sat down by the bed and talked to Wei Yunzhao, “I brought your sister back from the ancestral hall.
Does your grandma have any objections to her? I heard from your sister that this is not the first time she has been forced to kneel in the ancestral hall.”

    Pyramid-like memorial tablets, anyone who was timid could be scared to sick if it was changed to another person.
Wei Yunjia was only thirteen now, and she was smaller before.

    Wei Yunzhao frowned when he heard this, “I don't know,” he said truthfully, “She never mentioned Yunjia, and neither did the servants in the mansion.”

    He used to be away from home all year round, so he didn't know many things.
Wei Yunjia was also a girl's family, he was surrounded by rough men, it was not easy for Wei Yunzhao to send someone to follow Wei Yunjia.

    Jiang Lin lowered his face, “Didn't your mother say anything?”

    It was impossible for madam Wei to know nothing.

    Wei Yunzhao said: “I haven't heard of anything from her.
She is a bit soft-tempered.
Although she is the eldest daughter-in-law, she has never been the housekeeper for so many years.”

    In short, her status was average, and her words had no weight.

    “My mother…
doesn't like Yunjia learning kung fu from my father and me.
She thinks it's too vulgar for women.”

    “So your sister is actually an orphan,” Jiang Lin answered mockingly, and kindly explained what an orphan was.

    “It's just that there is no father and no mother.”

    This was not pleasant to say, but Wei Yunzhao didn’t refute.

    It was not just a simple problem when all the men of the Wei family dying in battle, and it started to fail from the inside.

    “And your younger brother, who is still young, can't see anything, but if you continue to let your mother teach him, who knows if we will have another fifth uncle?”

    Jiang Lin felt that the mess of the Wei family was too bad.
He even began to regret why he didn't just run away when he first transmigrated.

    “It's because I've been too negligent of my family these years,” Wei Yunzhao said with remorse all over his body.

    If we really wanted to talk about responsibility for this matter, it couldn’t be counted on Wei Yunzhao's head.
Not to mention that his parents were still there before, and he was still fighting in the border.
After going there for several months or even years, the transportation and communication was inconvenient.
He couldn't control what he wanted to do.

    But now that his father was gone, the mother was unreliable, so he put all the responsibilities on himself.

    Wei Yunzhao was only twenty years old, and it was really pitiful that he was held back by the women at home after nine deaths and one survived on the battlefield.

    Jiang Lin hooked his fingers, “Wei Yunzhao, why don't you beg me, how about I help you with this?”

    Seeing people frowning, Jiang Lin felt a little sympathetic.

    Wei Yunzhao bowed solemnly to Jiang Lin, “Wei Yunzhao begs Madam to take care of me and reorganize the Wei family.”

    Wei Yunzhao didn’t raise his lowered head, and his tone was sincere, he was really begging Jiang Lin.

    Jiang Lin felt a little uncomfortable when he played back like this, but he still had to hold it on his face, Jiang Lin cleared his throat: “Cough…
since you said so, then I agree, you have someone send a gift to the elders of your family.
The things that should be handed over are handed over to me this morning.
Also remind them by the way, don't play against me, or I might not be able to hold back.”

    As soon as he said, Jiang Lin began to move his wrist.

    Wei Yunzhao had seen this action before, the day he just woke up, Wei Yunjia had told him to treat Jiang Lin well because of Jiang Lin's order.

    For a moment, Wei Yunzhao couldn't figure out whether Jiang Lin knew kung fu or had other means, but he didn't dare to neglect Jiang Lin's words, so he immediately called Xun Qi in and asked Xun Qi to pass on the message to his grandma and others.

    Xun Qi went to deliver the message, and Old madam Wei came with a group of people behind her.

    She didn't even ask Wei Yunzhao how he was when she entered the door, and began to accuse Jiang Lin, “Fox, you are indeed a vixen, you know how to seduce men, a low thing, and it take you a short time to seduce my grandson.
Even the housekeeping is given to you.
I will ask the monk to burn you to death, you vixen…”


    Wei Yunzhao said with a chill on his face, “It’s my intention to let Jiang Lin be the housekeeper.
If you acknowledge me as the patriarch, then act according to my will from now on.”

    “If you don't want to admit it, then I won't take care of the Wei family, and let this family rot completely!”

    After Wei Yunzhao finished speaking, madam Wei, He Shi and his aunts shouted quickly.

    “Zhaoer, don't do it!”


    And old madam Wei also looked anxious, “Good, it's very good, you don't even recognize your grandma because of this mourning star, and my Wei family raised a baby of white-eyed wolf, it's really good.”

    “You want this fox to be a good housekeeper, okay, from now on I don't care about this house, let him take care of it, I want to see how capable he is!”

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