After feeding Wei Yunzhao, Jiang Lin also drank half a bowl of water, and took out an apple to pad his stomach.
The original body was sent to the sedan chair after being knocked out, but at the General's Mansion, Wei Yunzhao was unconscious, and the General's Mansion didn't think about him, so the original owner was sent directly to the bridal chamber, without eating all day.

    After eating the apple, Jiang Lin took out a pear again, put the core back in the space after eating, Jiang Lin got out of bed, rinsed his mouth and washed his hands, and then he was going to lie down and sleep.

    However, the people outside the house probably didn't hear what they wanted to hear from the room for a long time.
The old woman directly opened the door and came in, she asked Jiang Lin, “What are you still dawdling about? Why don't you go to the general's bridal chamber? If it’s too late to do chongxi, can you bear the consequences?”

    Jiang Lin, who had just been lying halfway down, said, “…”

    Jiang Lin sat up again, looked at Wei Yunzhao and then at the old woman, pointed at Wei Yunzhao and said to the old woman, “Are you sure your general can stand up?”

    And asking him to do this to a dying person, wasn't it too beastly?

   The old woman was very dissatisfied with Jiang Lin's words, “The general is just unconscious, and it's not that he is useless, why can't he get up.
Didn't I leave you a picture of avoiding the fire before? You can learn from it, it was sent by the housekeeper,  this thing is specially prepared for you.”

[避火图 The picture of avoiding : A scroll full of pictures of yin (woman) and yang (man) harmony in different poses.
On the beam, the god of fire will shy away from the room, thus preventing the house from burning down.]

    Jiang Lin: …
Thank you?

    But it didn't have to be!

    Seeing that Jiang Lin still didn't move, the old woman went straight to the bed, “Here's the picture, take it out, since you don't know how, I'll stay and teach you, today you have to have bridal chamber with the general no matter what!”

    Seeing that the old woman was about to search him, Jiang Lin quickly stopped, “I don't know who you are, let alone what status you have in the General's Mansion.
If you dare to talk to me, the General's wife, I will blame you for this.”

    “I'll tell you one thing right now, if you want your general to survive tonight, then I'll obey you and get married right away.” Jiang Lin said, and began to undress his clothes.

    It was just that he hasn't worn this thing before, so it was a bit troublesome to untie it.

    When the old woman heard Jiang Lin's words, she asked him with a calm face, “What do you mean?”

    Jiang Lin felt for a while, then he untied his belt, and spread his hands, “It means that I will be a widower tomorrow, so I want to be happy before I become a widower.”

    Jiang Lin took out the fire avoidance picture from under the pillow and flipped through it, “There are so many postures, why don't I try it with your generals one by one?”

    “Yes, does your general have any favorite postures, I'll try the ones he likes first.”

The old woman didn't care about any postures for avoiding the fire at the moment, she just wanted to ask Jiang Lin to explain why the general would have accident tomorrow after having sex tonight.

    Jiang Lin looked at her and smiled slightly, “Then you should think about who said that Chongxi must have a bridal chamber, especially when the person who was Chongxi was poisoned, injured and unconscious.”

    He continued to undress, and when only the underwear was left, the old woman snatched the fire-avoiding picture, “Since you can't have an intercourse, then you should be quiet, if something happens to the general, you will not survive.”

    After the woman warned Jiang Lin, she hurried out with the fire avoidance picture, fearing that if she was too late, Jiang Lin would really do something to the general.

    Jiang Lin pulled the quilt and lay down next to Wei Yunzhao, thinking that the people in the general's mansion were also quite interesting, Chongxi was going to consummate the house, and still with a comatose person, they didn't know whose lies to believ.

    And it didn't seem like they liked him very much, but thinking about it, the original owner had a bad reputation.

    It was only February now, and it was still very cold, Jiang Lin wrapped up the quilt tightly, planning to talk about something tomorrow.

    But he forgot one thing.

    The next day, Jiang Lin was awakened by a knock on the door, and he opened his eyes.

    Then…he found out that he was black!

    The whole person, from head to toe, from top to bottom, all black!

    Jiang Lin rubbed his body subconsciously, and without any effort at all, he rubbed out a pill of the same style as Ji Gong.

[济公   Jì gōng (1130-1207), Southern Song Dynasty Buddhist monk]

    Jiang Lin looked at Wei Yunzhao, who was darker than him in the bed, feeling a little complicated.

    He obviously forgot how weak this body was, and he dared to sleep after drinking half a bowl of water.

    “Young madam, young madam, are you awake? It's time to get up and serve tea to the old madam.” When Jiang Lin was in a daze, the voice outside the door sounded again.

    Jiang Lin lowered the curtains on both sides of the bed, and then said, “Have someone bring in two buckets of water, I want to take a bath.”

    Jiang Lin could enter the space to wash himself, but he had to wash Wei Yunzhao first, otherwise Wei Yunzhao might be a widower first.

    “Young Madam, it's getting late, why don't you come back to take a bath after the tea is served.” Hearing Jiang Lin's words, the people outside the door hesitated.

    “Bring the water first! If the old lady blames me Iwill carry it myself,” Jiang Lin's tone became a little tougher.

    Then there was no sound outside, Jiang Lin waited for a while and saw the door open, someone brought water in and poured water into the wooden bucket for bathing.

    After it was finished, a gentle female voice stood behind the screen and said to Jiang Lin, “Young Madam, the water is ready, do you need someone to take care of you?”

    Jiang Lin in this appearance didn’t dare to be seen by others, he backed away, Closed the door again.

    Jiang Lin entered the space by himself, took a bath and came out immediately.

    Then he gritted his teeth and moved Wei Yunzhao into the bathtub, and stripped him naked. 

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