Zhou Shi didn't expect Jiang Lin to turn around and leave without hesitation, and became anxious on the spot.

    Turning his head and shouting at Jiang Lin's back: “Stop!”

    Jiang Lin turned a deaf ear and walked faster instead.

    Zhou Shi's face was full of displeasure, but she was also afraid of Jiang Lin's claim that she paid for the women in the yard by herself.

    She knew what Jiang Lin had done these two days, and with Wei Yunzhao's backing, he even dared to touch the people in her aunt's yard, not to mention that their fifth room had never dealt with Jiang Lin.

    She believed that Jiang Lin was telling the truth.

     Zhou Shi looked back at the two concubines who had been stripped of their coats and tied to the tree, cursed inwardly as a slut, then suppressed her unhappiness, and chased after Jiang Lin.

    “Jiang Lin, fifth aunt doesn't mean that.
fifth aunt is doing it for your own good.
These women only came in to spread the branches and leaves for the general's mansion.
If they are rushed out like this.
Fifth aunt is afraid that others will say gossip about you.”

    Zhou Shi accompanied Jiang Lin on the way with a smile, and he was quite able to bow and submit.

    “Then did they bloom or loose leaves?” Jiang Lin stopped and asked Zhou Shi.

     Zhou Shi showed hesitation, “This…”

    Jiang Lin didn't bother to pretend with her, “The only woman in this yard who gave birth to two daughters is only you fifth aunt.
They can't give birth, or he is not a good man and can't sow seeds.
Fifth aunt, what  do you think the reason?”

    Jiang Lin cast his eyes on Zhou Shi, who was made speechless by him, on the bright side Jiang Lin was saying that these women were incapable of giving birth or that there was something wrong with their health and safety, but in fact, every sentence implied that she had done something wrong.

    Jiang Lin's eyes fell on Wei An who was still struggling on the tree, “Since it's useless, what are you doing keeping them? for the New Year?”

    “But fifth aunt is right.
They have been with fifth uncle for so many years.
They really shouldn't be driven away by me as a junior.
Then let fifth aunt handle this matter.
After all, fifth aunt is the master of this courtyard.
Whatever you do is justified, fifth aunt, I’m optimistic about you.”

    After speaking, Jiang Lin chuckled and strode away.


    By the time Zhou Shi realized it, he had already gone far away.

     Zhou Shiwas so angry that Jiang Lin directly made her took the blame for the expulsion, “Bitch! Auntie is right, this is a loser, and the Wei family will be destroyed by him sooner or later.”

    Bai Shao, Zhou Shi's close maid, was also very worried, and carefully supported Zhou Shi, “Madam, you won't really drive these people away, right?”


For many years, she couldn’t get married because she and Wei An also had an affair.
Both Wei An and Zhou  Shi promised her to be a concubine after two years. Zhou Shi couldn't leave her, and Bai Shao was not worried about being kicked out, she was just afraid that she wouldn’t be able to become a concubine, and would be an unnamed and undistributed concubine for the rest of her life.

    Zhou Shi sneered angrily, “Of course we have to chase them away.
This is what our general's wife personally said.
He wants me to be the bad guy, and it depends on whether I want to.”

    Leaving the fifth room’s courtyard, Jiang Lin didn't return to Zhaoyunyuan, instead he went to Wei Yunjia's courtyard.

    When he arrived, the three little girls were talking on the couch.
There were only three girls in the mansion.
They didn't have to fight for property or grab men, and there was no distinction between WIFES and concubines.
There were rarely conflicts on weekdays, and their relationship was good.

    When Jiang Lin called them to the courtyard, Wei Yunjia looked very angry, obviously it was the two sisters Wei Yunxue and Wei Yunwan who told her about it.

    “Sister-in-law,” the three little girls called obediently.

    Wei Yunjia was a little more familiar with Jiang Lin, and asked directly, “Sister-in-law, have you dealt with fifth uncle?”

    When Wei An was mentioned, the little girl had some unconcealable disgust.

    Jiang Lin nodded: “He doesn't dare to mess around in the yard from now on, don't worry.”

    Then he said to the two sisters Wei Yunxue and Wei Yunwan: “You stay here for two days, and I'll have someone tidy up a yard for you alone.
After coming out, you won’t go back to live in the fifth room.”


The two sisters were very sensible, and thanked him obediently.

    “Although it's not appropriate for me to tell you this thing in my capacity, your mother is not very reliable, and she probably won’t tell you anything.
Girls, remember, men can't control their lower body, most of them are sick.
Just cut the sickness and they will be fine.” Jiang Lin opened and closed his index finger and middle finger, demonstrating.

    The three little girls stared wide-eyed, and they didn't even care about being shy.
It was obvious that they had never heard such shocking words.


    Three pairs of big round eyes with the same expression of surprise, Jiang Lin watched their reactions with a smile on his lips, so cute.

    Jiang Lin also thoughtfully added to the two sisters, “It's like your father.”


    Wei Yunxue and Wei Yunwan didn't dare to answer these words.

    Wei Yunjia, on the other hand, turned her eyes and looked worried, “Sister-in-law, if my eldest brother has someone else, are you going to cut him off too?”

    Jiang Lin stroked her head, “It's really smart.”

    Wei Yunjia was terrified, sister-in-law was so ruthless!

    Wei Yunjia silently prayed for his elder brother in his heart, be strong, didn't do things that made the sister-in-law unhappy, otherwise the sister-in-law would use the scissors.

    Jiang Lin got up, “Okay, I will be the housekeeper in this mansion from now on, if you have anything to do, come to me.”

    He knew that the matter wouldn’t stop so soon, after all, there was an old lady who loved her son so much.

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