“The young madam is back.
The general must wait for the young madam to come back to eat the chicken soup just brought by the kitchen.
Please sit down, young madam.”

As soon as Jiang Lin entered Zhaoyunyuan, he heard Xun Qi's earnest call.

    Wei Yunzhao was sitting in front of the table.
On the table was a crock pot of steaming chicken soup, which smelled delicious.

    The person who wanted to drink the soup frowned, as if disgusted.

    Jiang Lin sat down beside him, “Why, isn't the confinement soup good?”

    Jiang Lin smiled and brought a bowl to Wei Yunzhao, “Come on, come on, the general had a hard pregnancy in October, drink more to replenish your body, we can have a second child when you are well-raised, and we will spread the branches and leaves for your Wei family.”

    Wei Yunzhao: “…”

    Wei Yunzhao put on a straight face.

    Jiang Lin laughed straight away, “Your reaction is too uncute, look at you now, you can't walk, you can't walk outside the door, you eat this soup and that soup three times a day, What's the difference when you are in confinement? “

    “Right?” Jiang Lin raised his chin at Xun Qi, seeking approval.


    Xun Qi, who wanted to promote the relationship between the general and the young madam, spoke wittily, “The soup is not important, what the matter is who drinks it and who feeds it.”

    “Get out!”

    The person who wanted to drink was angry.

    “Hahahaha,” Jiang Lin laughed out of embarrassment, Xun Qi was really talented.

    “Come on, general, I'll feed you,” Jiang Lin held the bowl forward and handed it over.

    And Wei Yunzhao's gaze was on Xun Qi, as if to say, your life was gone.

    Xun Qi hurried out of the room, expressing his determination not to disturb the general and young madam’s love affair.

    Inside the room, Jiang Lin was still feeding the soup thoughtfully, “Come on, Dalang has some soup, you will get better after drinking it.”


[大dà: big; 郎láng: a youth]

    “Drink it quickly, this is the soup that the kitchen specially made for you to nourish your body, Dalang, you drink it.”


 The voice was delicate and seductive, and there were a few muffled voices, which gave Wei Yunzhao a headache. When he was about to open his mouth to drink, the door of the room was suddenly pushed open, “What a vixen, you will seduce Zhao'er to do such a lowly thing!”

    Jiang Lin and Wei Yunzhao raised their heads at the same time, and saw old madam Wei leading a group of people to block the door, all the members looked like they caught them on the bed.     


Jiang Lin put down the bowl, and looked at old madam Wei in puzzlement, “Your grandson is a lowly person when he drinks a bowl of soup.
is there something wrong with your family?”

Old madam Wei poked her cane hard on the ground, and kept cursing Sangmenxing, vixen.

    “Grandma,” Wei Yunzhao said with an unhappy expression, “Jiang Lin is my wife, the daughter-in-law of the Wei family.
He has the same status as my grandma.
I hope my grandma will speak carefully.” 


“Speak carefully? My good grandson actually doesn't even recognize me as a grandma because of a vixen, the Wei family is really capable,” said old madam Wei with a sad and disappointed expression on her face.

    Wei Yunzhao sighed, “Grandson has no intention of disobeying grandma.
It’s grandson's crime to displease grandma.
Please grandma to punish grandson.”

    “Humph, punishment, you are now the head of the Wei family, how dare I, an old woman, punish you, thank God you don’t kick me out of the house.” Old madam Wei started to speak yin and yang.

    But her good grandson didn't follow what she said, but asked: “Grandma came here because the matter of copying Buddhist scriptures?”

    Wei Yunzhao said: “Grandson is a junior, so I really shouldn't bother my grandma to copy the scriptures and pray for me.
Jiang Lin only talked casually, so my grandma doesn't need to take it to heart.”

    Yun Zhao choked her, although she really didn't want to copy Buddhist scriptures, let alone go to the ancestral hall, but she couldn't say this in front of Wei Yunzhao.

     Old madam Wei's face froze, she held back her anger and said, “Let's not mention the Buddhist scriptures for now, Jiang Lin, let me ask you, did you let someone strip your fifth uncle and tie him on the tree?”


 Here, Jiang Lin picked out his ears and knew it was for this matter, he said gently: ” Grandma, what you said is wrong, I didn’t tie him up, but he did it himself, I'm kind and I gave him a pair of shorts to hide his shame, otherwise it will dirty a lot of people's eyes.”

     old madam Wei said angrily: “You are so brave, you dare to treat the elders like this, do you take me and your fifth uncle seriously?”

    Jiang Lin said seriously: “How can grandma say that? If I don't take you seriously, grandma, I will definitely not care about this matter.
It’s said that the fifth uncle is a man in his dozens of years old, and he can't even dress himself, and he has to be chased by two concubines to dress him.
How embarrassing it is if the words spread.”

    “Look at Yun Qi, he's just a five-years-old, he knows that he has to get dressed before going out, but fifth uncle, “Jiang Lin shook his head and sighed, “It's too embarrassing, people outside will scold fifth uncle for not being taught by his mother.”

    “Shut up, shut up, why doesn't he know how to wear clothes? You know your fifth uncle was…”

    “Grandma!” Wei Yunzhao interrupted her with a sullen face, “Since grandma knows what's going on, she won't be ashamed and come here to question Jiang Lin.”

    “he doesn't know how to wear clothes and doing prostitute in the yard, which one does grandma think is good to spread?”

    “If grandma doesn't listen to me, then grandma can ask fifth uncle’s colleagues, how many people are willing to work with him, and then ask who is willing to marry a girl who grew up listening to his father and his concubine’s  intercourse!”

    “Grandma, I call you grandma because you are the grandma of the grandchildren of the Wei family, not the mother of Wei An alone.”

    Wei Yunzhao stared coldly at  old madam Wei, and the shocked old madam Wei even took a few steps back.

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