In the original novel, the Wei family had no role to play, so Jiang Lin didn't expect that the Wei family had hidden such a big and superb old madam Wei.

    Of course, Wei Yunzhao also took him a little by surprise.
He didn't expect that he was also a good debater, and he poked someone’s heart out when he got angry.

    Jiang Lin really wanted to applaud him and praise his excellence.

    But there were so many people, and the main reason was he was afraid to make his popularity even worse, so Jiang Lin held back.

    But he held back, which didn't mean that old madam Wei could bear it.
After the shock, old madam Wei quickly adjusted and looked back at Wei Yunzhao sharply, “Presumptuous! Wei Yunzhao, you are accusing your grandmother, right?”

    She stretched out her hand and pointed at Jiang Lin, “You don’t even pay attention to me as a grandmother just because of such a vixen, the Wei family raised you, and that’s how you repay the Wei family”


    Jiang Lin couldn't help but interjected, “Then how do I repay it? Do you want me to learn from Wei An and engage women in the courtyard?”

 “Pull him out for me, strip him naked and tie him on a tree, I want to see today, how dare you act wildly in my Wei family!”

    Old madam Wei brought someone over, and as soon as she ordered, Ye momo started to roll up her sleeves, she led people towards Jiang Lin.


    But they didn't take two steps, and all of them knelt down as soon as their knees softened.

    Then they heard old madam Wei suddenly yelling, “Xun Qi, what are you doing? Don't forget your identity!”

    Standing outside the door, Xun Qi respectfully replied, “

Old lady, Xun Qi is the general's personal guard, and only obeys the general's orders.”

    Although Wei Yunzhao didn't give any instructions in the house, in Xun Qi's heart, the young madam was the general's wife, how could they bully the young madam in front of the general, the general would lose face.


    Xun Qi said that he wanted to fight for the general!

    Then old madam Wei got angry again, and said, “It seems that this old lady can't control this family anymore, everyone is good, you all want to turn the world upside down!”


    Jiang Lin kindly reminded her, “It's not that you can't control it.
But the housekeeping had been handed over to me.
You are not qualified now.”

    “Shut up!”


Didn't know if she was stimulated by the sentence that she was not qualified, Old madam Wei suddenly broke out, picked up the cane in her hand and threw it at Jiang Lin, her mouth was not idle, “It's all because of you, the dead star! You deserve to die.” The cane flew over suddenly, and the incident of being hit last time came to his mind, Jiang Lin reached out and wanted to take the cane and throw them back.

    But Wei Yunzhao moved faster than him, pushed Jiang Lin away, raised his other hand high, and got hit by a cane firmly.

    Wei Yunzhao seemed completely indifferent, picked up the cane, pushed the wheelchair to old madam Wei, suppressed the anger in his heart, and said indifferently: “Grandmother wants to make trouble, then tell me how you want to make trouble, grandson will accompany you!”

    Wei Yunzhao looked down at the cane in his hand, and with a sudden force, he broke the cane in two. The broken cane was thrown on the ground casually, and when it hit the ground, it made two 'pops'.
The cane bounced on the ground a few times, and the weaker and weaker the sounds seemed to hit the apex of the heart, crushing the people present.
They didn't even dare to make a sound.

    Wei Yunzhao met old madam wei’s fierce gaze, and said, “If Grandmother thinks it's not embarrassing enough for fifth uncle to be tied up in the mansion, then move him outside the door, Xun Qi, go and take fifth uncle and those two concubines together.
Take them to the gate of the General's Mansion.”

    He looked serious, not joking at all.

    Xun Qi said yes loudly, then turned around and left.


    old madam Wei trembled when she heard the words, “You…you really want to disregard the face of the Wei family, Wei Yunzhao, are you worthy of the ancestors of the Wei family?”

    Wei Yunzhao replied: “I'm sorry for the Wei family.
aren't the ancestors of the Wei family good sons raised by grandmother? What does it have to do with grandson?”

    “If the grandmother really puts the ancestors of the Wei family in her eyes, she will take good care of her son.
It’s good if meet the ancestors in a hundred years, you have an explanation to give them.”

    “Baiji Baiwei, send grandma back!” After Wei Yunzhao finished speaking, he directly named the maids and asked them to send old madam Wei away.

    The other people who came with her didn't even had a chance to speak.
old madam Wei came here to trouble Jiang Lin from the very beginning. But Jiang Lin was not easy to bully, the most important thing was that Wei Yunzhao was not on old madam Wei's side.

    Wei Yunzhao asked old madam Wei to leave, old madam Wei was naturally unwilling, but Wei Yunzhao asked Baiji and Baiwei to take her to the gate to see Wei An, and old madam Wei was forced to be honest.


    No matter how rampant she was in the mansion, she was still afraid that her most beloved son would be tied up at the gate and everyone would watch him.

    After they left, Wei Yunzhao was still stern, but Jiang Lin breathed a sigh of relief, “Your grandmother is really capable,” she had the ability to bring down the entire Wei family by herself.

    Jiang Lin gave a thumbs up and praised him, it's amazing.

    Wei Yunzhao rubbed the center of his brows, a little tired, he really didn't expect old madam Wei to be so unreasonable, and she thought Wei An was right even after he was like this.

    No wonder he could raise a son like Wei An.

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