As soon as Jiang Lin turned around, the Empress' face turned cold.

    The big court lady Qiuxi was still fanning the flames, “This Jiang Lin is too ignorant of flattery, how dare he said such things in front of the empress, he really doesn't take the empress seriously.”

The Empress got up and went straight to the bronze mirror, ordered the maid to take off her headdress, and ordered Qiu Xi: “Go and ask Zhao Shi (Zhao Qiuru), where did this headdress come from? If it’s really stolen from someone else's dowry, then return it.
I can't afford to lose this face.” “

    Qiu Xi was stunned for a moment, and hurriedly followed, “Your Majesty, you love this headdress so much, do you really want to return it?”

    Without even asking, Qiu Xi could guess that Jiang Lin's words were not false, that woman Zhao Qiuru must have stolen it.
He took the dowry of Anyang Hou's deceased wife, and then gave it to the Empress as a birthday gift.

    When the empress saw this headdress, she liked it very much.
She also rewarded Zhao Qiuru with a lot of things, which also made Zhao Qiuru showed off a lot of limelight. Even the Empress didn't expect that this headdress was actually stolen from a dead woman's dowry.


    The Empress couldn't hold back her breath, and with a wave of her hand, she threw all the things on the table to the ground, “What kind of thing is Anyang Houfu, opposed me one by one, and dared to give the things used by the dead woman to me as a gift for my birthday, I have really underestimated this family.”

The Empress' eyes became more and more serious, “Qiu Xi, you go and help me with something.”

    Qiu Xi leaned over and heard the Empress said a few words in her ear, Qiu Xi Xi's heart skipped a beat, but she didn't show it at all on her face, “this servant is going now.”

    Qiu Xi turned around and went out the door holding the Empress's headdress that had just been removed, and the Empress felt better when she thought of what she had ordered Qiu Xi to do.
The Empress snorted softly, lowered her head and played with her fingers, “If you want to get the dowry, I want to see if I give it to you.
Do you dare to accept it?”

    Speaking of it, she hated Jiang Lin even more for not knowing how to flatter her, and he insisted on speaking out.


    On the other side, Jiang Lin and Wei Yunzhao breathed a sigh of relief when they got out of the palace and got into the carriage.
From the Changning Palace to the gate of the palace, the two of them didn't say a word.

    The main reason was that they didn’t  dare, the emperor didn’t want them well, neither did the empress, and there was someone hiding somewhere who wanted to eavesdrop on them.

    After the carriage walked for a while, Wei Yunzhao said first, “Is the headdress worn by the Empress today really a relic of your mother?”

    Jiang Lin nodded, “Yes, I saw it when I was a child, and the people who accompanied my mother to Anyang Houfu as dowry, I've seen everything in my mother's dowry.”

    Zhao Qiuru didn't rely enough and was not so courageous in the first few years when she entered the mansion, Yun Wanyan's dowry was managed by her dowry momo, and Zhao Qiuru couldn't get it.


[momo: wet nanny]

    Momo was a foresighted person, and since the original owner could remember, she often took him to see his mother's dowry, and asked him to remember them one by one, and made two copies of the dowry list, so he should keep an eye on it.

    Later, after Zhao Qiuru's eldest son entered the palace and became the crown prince 's companion, Zhao Qiuru had enough confidence.
She drove away the members of the Yun family who entered Houfu, and Yun Wanyan's dowry fell into her hands, and then it became Zhao Qiuru' own' dowry.

    The original owner didn’t really care about his mother's dowry than what he did to gain the attention from Anyang Hou, so he naturally didn't know what happened to the dowry.

    Jiang Lin curled his lips and smiled mockingly, “No wonder there is no movement when the seven days are up.
It turns out that she has given something away to a big shot.
She thinks I don’t dare to make trouble with her.

But she never thought, will these big shots be willing to accompany her to lose face?”


Stolen things wold have to be returned sooner or later.
Today's empress forgot about beating him because of a headdress, which showed that sometimes people's face was much more important than money.

    Wei Yunzhao asked, “Should we go now or tomorrow?”

    “Tomorrow,” Jiang Lin said, “I have to go back and prepare a generous gift to honor them.” He had to think carefully about what to give.


    “Okay, I'll accompany you tomorrow,” Wei Yunzhao said gently.

    Jiang Lin smiled with crooked eyebrows and eyes, “Okay, Mr.
Wei, I will invite you to watch a good show tomorrow.”

    After returning to Wei's mansion, Wei Yunzhao was going to discuss matters with old madam Wei and others.
From now on, Wei's mansion could no longer be called the General's Mansion , it could only be called Weifu.

    Jiang Lin didn't want to look at those faces, so he went straight back to Zhaoyunyuan.

    As soon as he entered the courtyard, Jiang Lin saw Wei Yunjia leading Wei Yunqi, waiting for them in the pavilion.
Seeing Jiang Lin came back, Wei Yunjia hurried over and handed an invitation to Jiang Lin, “Qinghe County Wangfu For the flower banquet, please go with me, sister-in-law.”


[王府wáng fǔ: prince's mansion]

    Jiang Lin flipped through the invitation, and saw a name that caught his eyes, Jiang Rou.

    This was really someone gave you a pillow when you were sleepy.
The Jiang family was related to Anyang Houfu, and the invitation was specially sent to him.
Jiang Lin knew it was Jiang Jinyue's handwriting at a glance.

    He was so happy, Jiang Lin immediately called Chang An, “Go find someone, I want all the musicians and the beggars last time, and let them go to Qinghe County Wangfu tomorrow.”

    Jiang Lin ran in again and wrote on the paper, he said “

Let them memorize these words thoroughly and develop a sense of rhythm.
If the effect is good and there will be a big reward.”

    Wei Yunjia didn't know what Jiang Lin was going to do, so she went over to look at the content on the paper curiously, she saw and it was: Jiang Jinyue, ask your mother to come out and give back the dowry!

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