Jiang Lin was also very confident that Wei Yunzhao would like it, so as soon as he saw someone, he immediately asked Wei Yunzhao to try it, he pushed Wei Yunzhao around in the courtyard, and said: “I said I will give you a wheelchair that you can use to save your face, didn’t I do it?”

    This wheelchair was more beautiful than the broken wheelchair before, and the wheels were higher, so it was easy to push, there was still a place to put your feet underneath, so you wouldn’t get tired if you hang your legs all the time. The most important thing was that this wheelchair could be equipped with hidden weapons, and the hidden weapons could fly out with just a light touch of the hand.

    Wei Yunzhao also liked it very much, and thanked Jiang Lin with a smile.

    Jiang Lin smiled brighter than him, “You're welcome, I'm only happy if you use it well, you have to remember to ask Xun Qi to push you out for a stroll, and let more people see it.”

    Wei Yunzhao keenly realized that there was something wrong, Jiang Lin didn't hide it, and said, “The shop that made the wheelchair for you has a good eye, and thinks that this wheelchair is a good thing, so we negotiated a deal.
In order to earn a few more copper coins, I agreed.
I’m your contemporary spokesman.”

    Jiang Lin pushed Wei Yunzhao to the middle of the courtyard, and then asked Chang An to put the pen, ink, paper and inkstone on the stone table in the pavilion, and he went to draw, and Wei Yunzhao was his model.

    After a while, Jiang Lin dried the paper, and held it up to Wei Yunzhao as if offering a treasure, “It looks good, the people of Shengjing will definitely come to buy the wheelchairs after seeing your portrait.”

    The painting was very realistic, the face and the whole body were almost like Wei Yunzhao himself, but the first thing Wei Yunzhao noticed was the words mentioned above: General Qianwei uses it as well, and there was a thumbs up.


[前卫qián wèi: advanced guard; vanguard; avant-garde;]

    Wei Yunzhao: “…can I ask how much I'm worth?”

    Wei Yunzhao didn't expect that he would be in a wheelchair one day and would have to sell his appearance.

    Jiang Lin patted him, put away the portrait, and asked Chang An to give it to the shop owner, “Well, it depends on how much you can sell in the end, don't worry, I'm a real person, and I'll give you half of the money when I get it.”

    General Qianwei, who felt that it would be useless to resist, chose to accept, “Thank you, Madam.”

    Jiang Lin was very satisfied with such a timely response, “You're welcome, you earn it on your own.”

    The next day, Jiang Lin followed Wei Yunjia went to the banquet.
He slept very late last night and yawned all the way.
If it wasn't for today's good show, he wouldn't have left so early.

    When they arrived, the others hadn't arrived yet, so Jiang Lin deliberately didn't let the carriage stop directly at the gate of Wangfu, but led Wei Yunjia to watch the play.

    The people he asked Chang An to invite had already arrived, a music band and beggars holding a placard, all standing neatly a dozen meters away from Qinghe County Wangfu.

    The cymbals and wooden boards for playing music were hidden behind, and they hadn’t been exposed yet.

    After waiting for a while with the wind blowing, a carriage finally arrived.
A young girl was helped out of the carriage by a maid.
As soon as her feet touched the ground, the cymbals began to collide, and the beggars shouted in unison: “Welcome, Welcome, warm welcome!”


The young girl was taken aback and was about to get angry, when several middle-aged women appeared on both sides, each carrying a basket, and sprinkled a handful of flowers on the young girl, and when the petals fell, It was so beautiful, like the fairy had descended to earth.

    And so the ignition just dissipated.

    The young girl also said to her maid: “Qinghe County Wangfu is quite good at making arrangements, but it's a bit stingy and found a group of beggars.”


After the words fell, another carriage came, the second carriage, and the third, all the girls who came down were as beautiful as flowers and jade.
Dayue folk customs were open, and girls didn't need to wear any veil to cover their faces when they went out.

    These three girls received the same treatment as the first one.
It may be that the fairy's praise made them happy, and they also praised the arrangement of the Qinghe County Wangfu’s servants who came outside to welcome the guests.

    And the servants of Qinghe County Wangfu were also very confused.
They didn't seem to have such an arrangement, but maybe it was arranged by the housekeeper.
Those servants didn't know much about it.

    The ladies who came earlier didn't enter the door, and stayed at the door to watch the excitement.
As more and more carriages arrived, the entrance of the County Wangfu was very lively.

    In the midst of this excitement, another carriage appeared.
Chang An immediately gestured when he saw it.
The beggars moved quickly, and when someone got off the carriage, they raised the placards and shouted loudly: “Jiang Jinyue, tell your mother to come out! Pay back the dowry!”


The cymbals rang rhythmically, and the slogan continued to be shouted, changing the content three times in a row, Important things must be said three times: Jiang Jinyue, your mother stole the dowry and hasn't returned it yet; Jiang Jinyue, your mother stole the dowry and hasn’t returned it yet; Jiang Jinyue, your mother stole the dowry and still hasn’t returned it yet!”

    Jiang Jinyue had just touched the ground when she heard these words of urging to return the dowry one after another, her face turned pale, and her whole body froze as if she had fallen into an ice cellar.

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