Jiang Lin complained to the author in his heart, seducing so many men was not enough, and he didn't even let go of the grass beside the nest.
It was really a cannon fodder setting.
He thought that people would die, and there would be no day when he would face such an embarrassing situation.

    After thinking about it, Jiang Lin still opened his eyes and said something nonsense, “Don't worry, I'm calm now, I only love Wei Yunzhao, no matter what, it’s difficult for others to catch my eyes.”

    Then he felt that the two people around him were clearly breathed a sigh of relief, “That's good, that's good.
From now on, we will be the same as before you got sick.
We know that you are having a hard time, so just ask if you have anything to do, and I will definitely help if I can.”

    It was very sincere.

    Jiang Lin smiled slightly, “Really, that's really great,” Jiang Lin pulled up his sleeves, and a corner of the book was exposed from the cuffs, “Do you know the secrets of the Houfu?”

    The first page of the book was: In the south of the Yangtze River, apricot blossoms were lightly raining.
He who was not master Hou at that time, was fascinated by the human fairy on the boat.
At that time, there was only one thought in his mind, he wanted to marry her!

    “And then? Did he get married?” the man in green clothes asked.

    Because Jiang Lin's behavior was too much like a peddler of banned books, the scene was silent for a while, and Jiang Lin didn't want the masterpiece he wrote last night to be aborted, so he took out the book, and opened the first page, letting the two people read the first paragraph.

    Jiang Lin didn't answer, and the man in red clothes opened his mouth, “You don’t read the words on the front page, she died on the day the child was born, she must be married, and the woman died of dystocia.”

    Jiang Lin closed the pages of the book, “So do you want to read the back?”


The two nodded without thinking, a veritable dandy, who must never read serious books, and was only obsessed with these kinds of travel notes.

    Jiang Lin: “I would like to trouble you to do me a favor,” Jiang Lin asked the two of them to get closer, and whispered a few words.

    “Hey, isn't this Jiang Lin and his two concubines? Jiang Lin, you are already married and you are so disrespectful.
You are not afraid that Wei Yunzhao will divorce you?”

    “That's not what he wants.
Huh just came out to seduce men.
I'm afraid that he will be lonely and empty after being detained in Wei's house these days.”

    Just as Jiang Ling finished whispering, before the three of them had time to raise their heads, two disgusting voices rang in their ears.

    Jiang Lin raised his head and saw who was coming, Xu Tianming and his dog-legged servant.

    This one also had a background, Jiang Jinyue's loyal licking dog, and his father was a minister of the Ministry of War. In Shengjing he was famous as a playboy, he had done all sorts of dirty things.

    The reason why he didn't get along with the original owner was that Jiang Jinyue called the original owner big brother, and Xu Tianming felt that the original owner’s reputation was too bad to be Jiang Jinyue's brother, so he started to find fault with Jiang Lin everywhere.

    The brain circuits of dog licking didn't need to be too normal, they just need to pay silently for the heroine and remove the stumbling blocks on the road for the success of the heroine.
The death of 'Jiang Lin' in the original novel also had a lot to do with Xu Tianming.

    Just now outside the Wangfu, Xu Tianming was one of those idiot men who wanted to help Jiang Jinyue. Maybe it was out of face, or because another idiot man, the crown prince, appeared too quickly, Xu Tianming didn't stand up at that time.

    “Fuck your mother, Xu Tianming, if you and your bastard servant can't speak human words, then shut your mouths and don't come out and bark!”


The people on Jiang Lin's left and right stood up, The green clothes finger pointed at Xu Tianming and cursed.

    Red Clothes also looked at Xu Tianming and the others with an unkind expression, obviously ready to scold at any time.

    Xu Tianming laughed foolishly, “You’re  so angry, then I'm right.
You guys used to hang out all day long, and you probably rolled on the bed long ago.
Zhou Chengwang, Du Yuling, and Jiang Lin, do you feel good?”


 “Xu Tianming, let your uncle do the shit!”  the man in green clothes, that was Zhou Chengwang, had a fiery temper, and when he heard Xu Tianming's words, he immediately rolled up his sleeves and wanted to fight him.

    Jiang Lin stopped him, “I'm coming.”

    He got up and walked to Xu Tianming, “Did Jiang Jinyue come back after going back on her word?”

    Jiang Lin asked: “You have been Jiang Jinyue's licking dog for so long, has she given you a taste of her?”


    Xu Tianming blushed and warned: “Miss Jinyue is your sister, how can you slander her name like this.”

    Jiang Lin laughed, “So, you say she is my own sister, it's up to me.”

    “Xu Tianming, have you ever heard a saying, lick the dog, lick the dog until you have nothing left, so no matter what you do for Jiang Jinyue, you won't get her,” Jiang Lin stretched his neck closer to him “Because Jiang Jinyue has long been the crown prince's woman.”

    “You fart!” Xu Tianming's eyes turned red from the stimulation, and he raised his fist to fight Jiang Lin.

    Jiang Lin caught his fist with one hand, “It's just right, let's try the results of this period of time.”

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