Jiang Lin's backhand was an over-the-shoulder throw, directly throwing Xu Tianming to the ground, and Xu Tianming was stunned on the spot.

    But at the same time, it also completely angered him, his eyes turned hard, Xu Tianming quickly stood up with his hands, and made a move with Jiang Lin.

    The dandy belonged to the noble family, Xu Tianming had also learned martial arts since he was a child, and he was not bad.
In addition, he had fought with other dandies for so many years, and had a rich practical experience.
He hit Jiang Lin when he came up.

    Jiang Lin hadn't actually practiced since he transmigrated.
First was that his current body was not strong enough and needed to be recuperated. The second was that he had been so proficient with those moves that they were engraved in his bones, and he could regain his feeling as long as he moved.

    During this period of time, he had been drinking the spiritual spring water and eating the fruits and vegetables in the space.
Jiang Lin felt that it was time to verify the results.

    Xu Tianming was ruthless, and Jiang Lin was also merciless.
The two fought back and forth fiercely, and at the same time the other people around them was dumbfounded.

    Jiang Lin clasped Xu Tianming's wrist with one hand to prevent him from moving, and with the other hand, he punched Xu Tianming's face directly and hit him head-on.
He moved so fast that Xu Tianming didn't even have a chance to react.
He kicked Xu Tianming's knee, Xu Tianming suffered from the pain, his knee softened, and he knelt down on one knee.

    Jiang Lin chuckled, put Xu Tianming's hands on the back of his back, and then shouted at Zhou Chengwang and the others, “Go find a rope, we'll tie him.”

    But Xu Tianming was already aggrieved.
He wanted to kill Jiang Lin directly, but he didn't expect Jiang Lin to tie him up.
Xu Tianming roared with red eyes, “Jiang Lin, how dare you!”He shouted to his group of followers: “Are you all dead? Hurry up and pull that bitch Jiang Lin away.”

    Before the dog-legged followers could make a move, Jiang Lin pressed his knee hard on Xu Tianming's back, Xu Tianming was caught off guard and knelt down without the support of his other leg.

    “Believe it or not, I can destroy you before they do anything.” Jiang Lin said in a gentle voice, “I heard that your Xu family has nothing but more sons.
Do you think your father is willing to fight against the Anyang Houfu and the Wei family for you?”

    “Xu Tianming, the sons of your Xu family are all very promising, what do you think will happen when the Xu family loses one son?”


The expression on Xu Tianming's face gradually changed from fury to panic, “Jiang Lin, what do you want to do?”

    Zhou Chengwang's entourage brought the rope, Jiang Lin tied Xu Tianming's hands behind his back, he smiled slightly, and answered Xu Tianming's question, “Guess?”


A long section of the rope was left and held in Jiang Lin's hands , as long as he pulled, he could directly treat Xu Tianming like a dog.
Of course, Jiang Lin didn't intend to do this, he just moved the rope for Xu Tianming to watch.

    Xu Tianming's face turned pale and then red, red and white again, extremely ugly, he gritted his teeth and warned Jiang Lin, “Jiang Lin, don't go too far, if you dare to insult me, I will never let you go.”

    Jiang Lin let go the rope slipped from his hand, “I never intended to insult anyone, and I didn't want to have anything to do with you.
It was you who wanted to be Jiang Jinyue's licking dog and provoke me for her.
Xu Tianming, it's nothing for me to hold this rope, but you are a dog in Jiang Jinyue's hands.”

    “She will keep using you until you…
are worthless.”

    Zhou Chengwang walked to Jiang Lin's side, looked at Xu Tianming and said with disgust: “What's the use you say that? He is determined to be a dog by Jiang Jinyue's side.
Let him do it if he wants to.
Anyway, he will bear the consequences.”

    Xu Tianming: “

Damn!You are only against me because you didn't hook up with me, and you are jealous of my admiration for Jinyue girl.
Don't sow discord here! “As soon as he made his statement, Zhou Chengwang bumped into Jiang Lin, “Did you see? He doesn't appreciate it.”

    Then he kicked Xu Tianming directly, “Hooking you up, are you worthy of Jiang Lin's hooking up? Look at yourself.”

    Jiang Lin sighed slightly, “I'm still too kind “

    Jiang Lin picked up the rope, dragged him away, Xu Tianming had no strength to resist, Jiang Lin didn't even give him a chance to stand up, dragged him for a long way, Xu Tianming cursed, “Jiang Lin, you bitch, let me go, or I will kill you, let me go!”

    Jiang Lin turned a deaf ear, walked faster, and stopped when he reached a pond, and slapped Xu Tianming with his hand on both side of his face, “Your mouth is too dirty, I'll wash it for you.”


    “How dare you!” Xu Tianming opened his eyes wide, his pupils shrank, full of fear.

    Jiang Lin pulled the man up and stood facing the pond.
He lifted his foot and kicked the man down the pond, “I'll let you up after you wash your mouth, or you can stay below.”

    Xu Tianming knew how to swim, but his hands were tied and he couldn't move, he panicked when he stepped into the water, his legs thumped under the water, and he was still cursing Jiang Lin.

    The others followed Jiang Lin all the way here, and Xu Tianming's dog-legged followers didn’t dare to stop Jiang Lin.
Now it was really urgent to see Jiang Lin throwing people into the pond. Several people divided into groups, half of them went to find someone to get Xu Tianming up, and half of them went to Jiang Lin and asked him to pull him up.
The rope was still in Jiang Lin's hand.

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