Jiang Lin said to Qinghe Junwang, ” Junwang must not want to see such a thing happen in the mansion.
This person is not from the mansion at first glance.
What is his identity, how did he get in, and who is behind the scenes? Everyone needs to be investigated, I think it's better to leave it to the yamen, the Wei family wants a result.”

    Before Qinghe Junwang responded, Wangfei couldn't wait to stop him, “Miss Wei is unscathed, nothing happened, What kind of yamen needed? I think it’s better to just let it go, otherwise Miss Wei’s reputation won’t be good.”

    “Is it Yunjia’s bad reputation or the reputation of Wangfu?” Jiang Lin looked directly at wangfei.

    Qinghe Junwang glared at his wife.
With so many people watching today, what happened to the Wangfu would make him look ugly.
If he still covered up this gangster who was trying to do something wrong, he was afraid it would be difficult for the Qinghe Wangfu to be in Shengjing in the future.

    “Send him!” Qinghe Junwang said, “Send him to the Yamen to find out who instigated it.
After finding out whoever it is, it must not be lightly forgiven.”


Wangfei’s face paled.

    The servants of Wangfu were about to carry the man away when suddenly a voice came from behind, “Slow down!”

    When everyone turned around, they saw that Zhou Chengwang and Du Yuling had also arrested someone.
They held the man's arms, one on the left and the other on the right.
As they walked forward, Zhou Chengwang said, “Don't worry, there's another one here.”

    As the man approached, Zhou Chengwang kicked the man's knee and made the man knelt down.
He said, “He was caught near the back door of Wangfu.
We saw him sneaking around, so we wanted to ask him.
We didn't expect this question really found something.”

    Zhou Chengwang kicked the man again, “Say it yourself, if you dare to lie, I will cut your tongue!”


The corners of the man's eyes and mouth were dredged, obviously he had been beaten before.

    The man trembled and said: “The little one…
The little one was here to do the task.
Someone asked the little one to take a girl away.
The little one olny takes money to do things.
He doesn't know anything else.
Please, my lords, please spare the life of the little one.” The man kowtowed.

    Jiang Lin raised his eyebrows, “Where do you will send the girl?”


“Send…to Tianhua Mountain outside the city…”

    As soon as the word Tianhua Mountain came out, someone gasped, “That mountain is full of bandits.
If a woman goes up the mountain…”


The words went on and on, they didn’t need to think about the consequences.
How could she come back innocent after going up, and even if she came back innocent, her reputation would be ruined.

    It could be said that this was a series of attempts to ruin Wei Yunjia's reputation, and let her die!

    Wei Yunjia stood next to Bai Qiang, listening to these words in a daze, with a dazed and unbelievable face, who was so cruel to harm her like this.

    Zhou Chengwang kicked the man again, “Tell me, who ordered you, and how did you sneak into Wangfu?”

    The man shook his head and kept saying that he didn't know.
Zhou Chengwang wanted to kick him, but was stopped by Du Yuling, “Forget it, I guess he really doesn't know.
After all, people who do bad things will be very cautious, so we only need to send them to the yamen together.”

    “Anyway, this matter has nothing to do with Wangfu, we are waiting for the news from the yamen,” when Du Yuling said this, his eyes swept over Qinghe Junwang and his Wangfei, as if to say, if the yamen didn't give the news, it must be what Wangfu did.


    Junwang’s face was livid, he didn't know whether he was ashamed or angry, he waved his hand and asked his servants to take the man away, and said in a stern voice: “Take care of him closely, if something happens, I will ask you.

    He expressed his attitude, but Wangfei still wanted to persuade him, but the face of Qinghe Junwang was really ugly, and Wangfei was forced to swallow back the words of obstruction.

    Something happened here, and the crown prince also came with someone, but his expression was not good, and he looked at Jiang Lin with piercing eyes, as if he wanted to kill someone.

    “Jiang Lin, you are so courageous.
Just because of an unwarranted farce, you dare to hurt others in public, and you dare to be disrespectful to Gu, you are guilty!”

    Jiang Lin bowed to the crown prince, “Your Highness, it’s true that I was too anxious, being impulsive, Jiang Lin apologized to Your Highness here.”

    As for the crime, Jiang Lin didn’t admit it.

    The crown prince's eyes were gloomy, “Jiang Lin, you just want to make an apology for the matter of you insulting Gu, it’s wishful thinking, insulting the crown prince is to despise the royal family, Junwang, do you think he should be punished?”

    Qinghe Junwang looked carefully.
He gave the crown prince a look, “It's disrespectful, you should be punished.”

    “In that case, come, someone pull Jiang Lin out and beheaded him,” the crown prince ordered.

    The people behind the crown prince immediately stepped forward and captured Jiang Lin.


    Wei Yunjia and Zhou Chengwang wanted to stop them, but Jiang Lin shook his head at them, signaling them not to say anything, and was taken away obediently.

    He didn't justify a word, but the crown prince felt that something was wrong, and stopped him again, “Stop, Jiang Lin, do you have any last words?”

    Jiang Lin shook his head, “The king wants the minister to die, the minister has to die, the crown prince wants the people to die, of course I dare not disobey, Xiaomin has no last words.”

    After speaking, Jiang Lin took the initiative to walk out.

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