As soon as the people from Houfu left, Zhou Shi said, “Nephew-in-law, even a servant from Houfu dares to talk to you like that.
It seems that you are not doing well in Houfu.”

    Jiang Lin: “If life is good, why would I marry into the Wei family? Fifth Aunt, am I right?”

     Zhou Shi lowered her face, “What do you mean by that? Do you look down on the Wei family?”

    Jiang Lin couldn't help but smile and said nothing.


    Zhou Shi became even more angry, and immediately turned to Wei Yunzhao, “Yunzhao, listen to what he said, he looks down on the Wei family so much, why don't you hurry up and discipline him.”

    Wei Yunzhao raised his eyes, “Fifth aunt, is there anything in the Wei family that we can look up to?”

the Wei family is a hero of Dayue.
They have fought in the battlefield for so many years and have made great contributions to Dayue.
They have produced so many famous generals, so which one doesn’t make people look up to to?”  Zhou Shi said very proudly.

    Wei Yunzhao poured a basin of cold water, “Fifth Aunt, that’s in the past, not the present.”

    “The Wei family is nothing now.”

    He was rational and calm, and he was sober that made people felt distressed.

    Zhou Shi opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but she didn't make a sound for a long time.

    When Wei Yunzhao opened his mouth, Jiang Lin stopped talking to Zhou Shi, and ordered Chang An and the others to carry the things to Zhaoyunyuan.


    As a result, just after moving a box, a voice came from outside.

    Jiang Lin looked at the door and saw old madam Wei leading the female family members of the Wei family.

    “Tsk,” the money really touched people's hearts.
Earlier, when he and Wei Yunjia had an accident in the banquet, and no one came to ask about such a thing.
Today, the dowry was brought to the door, and they were all poured out.



old madam Wei asked Jiang Lin as soon as she entered the door, “What are you going to do with these things? The Wei family is not as good as it used to be, now that you have entered the Wei family and presided over Zhongfu, you should understand what I mean.”

    Jiang Lin really understood, “The old lady asked me to take the dowry to support you.”

    Jiang Lin poked Wei Yunzhao's shoulder with his fingers, “When did your family have this rule? Have you used up all the dowry of your mother and your aunts?

    Wei Yunzhao said blankly, “I don't know, please ask grandma to be clear.”


Old Madam Wei snorted coldly, “I used to be in charge of the affairs of the mansion, and the expenses of the family are always paid out of my dowry.
Now that there is a new person in charge, it’s natural for him to pay.

Wei Yunzhao frowned, looking unhappy, “I remember that grandfather's salary, father's salary and several uncles' salary, as well as my salary and the court rewards were all given directly to the family.
The Wei family has several shops in Shengjing.
There is also Zhuangzi, the income is enough to support the family, and even has some money left.
I don’t know how poor the family is, and it needs to use the grandmother’s dowry?”

    Jiang Lin immediately called Chang An’s name and asked him to go to invite the accountant in the mansion, and remembered to bring all the previous account books.


     old madam Wei was refuted by Wei Yunzhao in public, she had a long face, and was very unhappy, “Why, are you going to interrogate me? Do you think I'm greedy for the money in the house?”

    “Grandson dare not, when the accountant comes, check the accounts and you will know where the money spent, so don't worry, grandmother.” Wei Yunzhao said.

     old madam Wei : “That's enough! Now you only believe in the words of this funeral star, and you don't even have your grandmother in your eyes.
Since you are determined to protect him, what's the point of me saying anything? Since he is reluctant to part with his little dowry, well , the big deal is to tighten your belt and live a life, no one will force him.”


She said it in a high-sounding manner, and wanted to leave after speaking.

    Jiang Lin was the first to block the door, “Why is the old lady so anxious? The old lady is only thinking about the Wei family, and she used her own dowry for the family.
Don’t we need to know where the money was spent and how much it benefits us? So we can thank the old lady.”

    He smiled, and focused his eyes on old madam Wei, old madam Wei felt as if she had been seen through, and didn’t dare to look at Jiang Lin.

    The accountant came soon, and the account book was also brought over.
Jiang Lin showed Wei Yunzhao that the payment was recorded clearly, but Wei An's name was on it every few days, at least one or two each time, as many as a few hundred taels, and even thousands taels.

    From the book's point of view, Wei An's spending alone could be worth the combined spending of other people in the mansion.

    Jiang Lin briefly counted the money Wei An spent, and looked at old madam Wei, with a deeper smile on his face, “The old lady raised her son really well.”


Jiang Lin bit the word son very hard.
It was obvious who the dowry was for.

    As soon as Jiang Lin sent someone to invite the accountant,  old madam Wei  knew that something was going to happen.
She stared at Jiang Lin and cursed angrily in her heart.

    She also regretted that she should have said hello to the accountant at the beginning, and some accounts didn’t need to be so clear.

    When old madam Wei was expressing her dissatisfaction with Jiang Lin, Wei Yunzhao said, “Grandmother wants Jiang Lin to be a nephew-in-law and use his dowry to support his husband's uncle?”


Grandmother, how shameless is Fifth Uncle”

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