The matter of Jiang Lin's dowry was simple.
Everyone in the general's mansion saw it yesterday, and they carried it in with the sedan chair. But yesterday when they entered the door, it was almost dark.
Although they saw it, they didn't pay much attention to it, because most of their attention was absorbed by the fact that the person who entered the door changed from a young lady of Anyang Houfu to a young master.

    Old madam Wei threw several teacups in anger yesterday, saying that the Anyang Houfu didn't take the Wei family seriously.

    The eldest son was gone.
Although the old lady liked the youngest son, she also knew what kind of virtue Wei An was.

    The descendants of the next generation were already thin, the first room had two sons, one was Wei Yunzhao and the other was Wei Yunqi, and Wei Yunqi was only five years old, so he couldn't handle it. So Wei Yunzhao was now the hope of the entire Wei family.

    The Wei family was already in a hurry because of Wei Yunzhao's comatose, and the Anyang Houfu was still playing with them at this moment, so old madam Wei can't be angry?.

    But if Wei Yunzhao didn't wake up, the Wei family would have no one to rely on.
In addition, there were rumors from the palace that even if they married a male daughter-in-law, the Wei family would have to swallow this breath.

    Unexpectedly, the Anyang Houfu sent the handle to the door by itself.
The General's Mansion carried so many dowries out, but the dowry sent by the Anyang Houfu was only two bedding.
As soon as the old lady heard Zhou Shi's words, she had a plan in her mind.

    She glanced at Jiang Lin, “Do you want to go back to the Anyang Houfu?”

    “You and Zhao'er are both men, so it's not reasonable.
You married involuntarily according to what you said just now.
If you want to go back to the Anyang Houfu, I’ll have the cheek to explain it for you.”

    Old madam Wei didn’t want Jiang Lin, a son-in-law, but she couldn’t say it clearly, so she wanted to play Jiang Lin’s idea, and used his unwillingness to marry as an excuse to refund.

    Jiang Lin knew it as soon as he heard it, but he was not stupid.
The replacement of the Anyang Houfu violated the imperial decree, although Jiang Lin didn't know what method the Anyang Houfu used to make the emperor not pursue it. But if the Wei family dared to fight, it would be to despise the decree.
The emperor wouldn’t tolerate their repeated provocations.

    As for Jiang Lin, it also couldn't please him, the Anyang Houfu didn't want him to go back.


    Before Jiang Lin could answer, madam Wei, Li Shi, spoke first, “Mother, this is inappropriate.
If the emperor is offended, our Wei family…”

    Li Shi didn't finish speaking, but everyone understood the meaning .

    “Sister-in-law, what's wrong? It's because of the Anyang Houfu’s fault first.
The imperial decree said that their daughter would married, and now the good daughter was replaced by an unfavored son.
Can’t we say anything?”

    “Besides, we didn't say anything about the replacement at the beginning, and we endured it, but you look at the dowry given by the Anyang Houfu, and they didn't pay attention to our Wei family at all, so should we keep silent and endure it?.
Sister-in-law, you are not afraid that when you endure it, others will directly throw shit and pee on your head.”


 Zhou Shi's least favorite in the Wei family was this sister-in-law, she thought she was too weak and preoccupied. But there was no way, whoever made his man useless, the whole Wei family had to rely on the big room to live. Even if Zhou Shi didn't like Li Shi, she didn't dare to show it too obviously. But Zhou Shi didn't want to let this matter go.
Wei Yunzhao could marry any woman, but he couldn't marry a man who couldn't have children.
What's more…

Zhou Shi gave Jiang Lin a disdainful look.
Everyone had their own xiao Jiujiu (plan, scheme) in their hearts, and no one had to convince anyone.     

Jiang Lin took the opportunity to make a statement, “Grandmother, mother, I’m willing to stay at Wei's house and take good care of the general.
I will go back to the Anyang Houfu to ask for an explanation about the dowry.
Is grandma willing to listen to me?” .”

    Old madam Wei was still in charge of the house, and she was the only one who have the most face to others when she went out to talk, especially the one in the palace.

    Jiang Lin knew very well that if he married the Wei family, he would have no chance of going back to be the eldest son of the Anyang Houfu.

    The Wei family had Wei Yunzhao, and he didn't want a military general who fought for the country and to die under the scheming of others.

    The words were whispered to old madam Wei, she didn’t agree but didn’t refuse, but asked Jiang Lin to continue to offer the tea and receive the gifts.

    There were four people of the same generation as Wei Yunzhao.
Wei Yunzhao had a pair of younger siblings.
The younger sister, Wei Yunjia, was thirteen years old. The younger brother Wei Yunqi,  Li Shi's youngest son, is only five years old and had a soft and cute appearance.

    In addition, there were two girls from the fifth room, Wei Yunxue and Wei Yunwan, one was the same age as Wei Yunjia, and the other was slightly older than Wei Yunqi.
Not as conflicting as their parents.

    After offering the tea, or to be more precise, receiving the gifts, Jiang Lin left with two maids carrying a bunch of things.

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