The blood-red ruby was strange, and Jiang Lin also showed surprise on his face.

    Qiu Xi signaled the little eunuch to come forward with a tray for Jiang Lin to have a better look at, and at the same time she said: “The empress is the kindest person in the world.
Last time when Mrs.
Wei entered the palace, he said that his biological mother had the same thing.
Wei looked at the headdress and loved it very much, so the empress gave this headdress to Mrs.
Wei to comfort his longing for his mother.”

    “Is Mrs.
Wei satisfied with this reward from the empress?”

    Qiu Xi's eyes fell on On Jiang Lin, waiting for his answer.

    Jiang Lin felt a little funny, took other people's things, and when returning the things to the original owner, she would say it as a reward, not to mention giving herself a kind person title, she really deserved to be the current leader of the harem.

    And this court lady, who opened and closed her mouth calling him Mrs.
Wei, did she really think that just one title could treat him as a woman?

    Jiang Lin faked a smile, “Aunt Qiu Xi's words are serious, the empress gives me a reward, why will I, Jiang Lin be dissatisfied with it?” Even if he did, would he say it?

    “Since that's the case, why doesn't Mrs.
Wei kneel down to thank the empress and accept the reward,” Qiu Xi put back the gentleness she had just pretended to be, put on airs, and turned into arrogance.

    Jiang Lin asked: “Am I going to kneel to Aunt Qiu Xi?”

    Qiu Xi was displeased, “Naturally, kneel to the empress!”

    Jiang Lin nodded, expressing his understanding, “That means I kneel in front of Aunt Qiu Xi on behalf of the empress.”

    As Jiang Lin said, he was about to kneel as soon as he bent his knees.
Qiu Xi thought that Jiang Lin's words were not quite right.
Didn't this mean that she could represent the empress?

    Qiu Xi subconsciously stepped aside, and the direction where Jiang Lin knelt became the door.

    But as soon as his knee touched the ground, Jiang Lin got up immediately, and asked Qiu Xi in an accusatory tone: “Why did my aunt step aside? If no one accepts it, I just knelt down to the sky.
People who don't know will think that the Empress intends to replace and want to be the emperor herself? Auntie, is this going to trap the Empress in a rebellious situation?”

    Kneeling to the sky could be said to be kneeling to the gods, or kneeling to the emperor, Jiang Lin obviously referred to the latter, which was even a bit far-fetched.


    But this kind of hat was not impossible to buckle.

    Qiu Xi's face turned pale when she was told, this kind of matter could be big or small, if it spread, it wouldn’t be said that it would affect the empress, at least it would make the emperor dislike it.


    Seeing Jiang Lin's caring eyes that he really thought about you, Qiu Xi secretly hated him.
It really was something that was born but not taught by a mother, and he had a deep scheming heart.

Wei please speak carefully, the emperor knows best what kind of person the Empress is.
Well, I have  brought what the Empress rewarded, and Mrs.
Wei will accept the reward quickly, so I can return to the palace.” Qiu Xi said with a stern face and a cold voice.

    Jiang Lin was hesitant to say anything, but in the end he didn't say anything.
He took the tray and thanked her again.

    Qiu Xi turned around and left with the people, walking fast, as if fleeing.

    As soon as she left, Jiang Lin put the tray aside, and called Baiji and Baiwei to bring him water to wash his hands.     


Wei Yunzhao shook his head, pushed the wheelchair over and looked at the headdress carefully, “The Empress shouldn’t be so stupid, she asked someone to put the poison on the tray.”

Wei Yunzhao touched a silver needle from the hidden weapon position of the wheelchair and touched the ruby with it, but the color didn’t change.


    Seeing his movement, Jiang Lin leaned over, “Not poisonous?” How could it be possible.

    Wei Yunzhao said: “That is something more terrifying than poison.” The ruby was so red and even radiating a cold air, it couldn’t be all right.

    “Gu worm?” Jiang Lin stared at the headdress in a circle, he remembered that this thing appeared in the original book.

    Wei Yunzhao pulled him down, “Don't get too close, if it's really a Gu worm, it's better to be careful.”


He heard that the Miaojiang Gu worm made by the people in the Central Plains could make the things discolored, and if they were not careful, they would be tricked.
No one knew what was hidden in it.

    Jiang Lin glanced at the red mole on his wrist, and laughed, “It's a human or a ghost, you'll know if you try it.”

    Jiang Lin turned and went out, and ran back with a water kettle after a while.
He told Wei Yunzhao to carry the kettle, he took the tray to the yard by himself and found an open place to put it. Then, he poured the water that others didn't know what was added to it on the headdress.

    There was no movement at first, but after waiting for a while, Jiang Lin saw a group of insects the size of ants landed on the tray.

    They all squirmed and tried to crawl out, Jiang Lin couldn't hold back, and blurted out a curse word on the spot.

    Baiji and Baiwei yelled in horror and ran away, Wei Yunzhao also looked serious, “

Collect them, don't let them get out.


“Why are you collecting them, you have to kill them, who knows what these things will do,” Jiang Lin's scalp was numb from the squirming insects, and goose bumps arose all over his body “

    Jiang Lin called Chang An and asked him to light a fire in the courtyard, Jiang Lin wanted to burn the worms to death.

    The worms were still small and moved slowly, and they were burned together with the tray.
The only pity was this set of headdress.

    Jiang Lin felt that the empress was just taking revenge.
He said last time that Zhao Qiuru stole his mother's dowry and gave it away.
The queen probably felt that she had been insulted, and she also had the idea that the thing she couldn't get, none of you could get it, so she directly destroyed this set of headdress.

    After all, who would dare to wear it with such a disgusting worms inside.

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