Hell, the more Jiang Lin thought about it, the more sinister the empress became.
He even guessed that when they met again in the future, the empress would definitely ask about this headdress to disgust him again.

    Jiang Lin really wanted to throw the headdress into the fire and burn them, but was stopped by Wei Yunzhao, who was pushing the wheelchair over, “There is something wrong with the red color of the ruby, keep it for now, and let someone check if there are other problems.”

    At the same time, Wei Yunzhao also collected a few small worms in a bamboo tube that he didn't know where he got it.

    Jiang Lin: “…What's your hobby?”

    Wei Yunzhao: “I'll ask someone to ask what kind of Gu it is.”

    Jiang Lin affirmed: “Anyway, it's not a fun thing.”


The fire had already ignited, Jiang Lin poked the tray with two wooden sticks and carried it over the fire.
Although the headdress should be kept, Jiang Lin wanted to roast it on the fire first to drive away the evil spirits.

    However, before the bugs were roasted to death, a blue fire ignited first.

    Jiang Lin's heart suddenly sank a little, this headdress were completely unacceptable, Jiang Lin loosened the wooden stick, and let the whole tray fall into the fire together.

    As a result, as soon as he let go, Wei Yunzhao called him, “Madam, pick up the headdress, it's useful.”


Jiang Lin lifted the headdress with a wooden stick and said disgustedly: “What's the use, maybe you still want to wear it?”

    The bugs made crackling noises in the fire, and their blood-red headdress were surrounded by a faint blue light, which was very penetrating.

    Jiang Lin threw the headdress on the ground and looked at Wei Yunzhao in a blink of an eye.
Wei Yunzhao focused his eyes on the headdress.
Jiang Lin walked over, “I think you should know what this is.”

    “will-o'-the-wisps,” Wei Yunzhao spat out two words, which he had seen on the battlefield.


    A place where countless heroic spirits were buried.

    And being able to ignite will-o'-the-wisps on this headdress was enough to explain where this headdress had been.

    Jiang Lin spread his hands, “So, the empress not only wants me to die, but she even chose the place where I will be buried.”

    “She really deserve to be the kindest person in the world.”

    Wei Yunzhao shook his head, “Not you, it's me.”

    Wei Yunzhao put the headdress away, and the bugs were burned to ashes along with the firewood and buried in Wei's garden as nourishment.


Qiuxi came back to the Changning Hall of the Imperial Palace and replied, “Your Majesty, it's all done.
Jiang Lin picked it up with his own hands.”

The empress was lying on the soft bed, reading a book, and responded lightly, “Does he know if there is a problem?”     

Qiu Xi thought about Jiang Lin's reaction, and replied: “Probably not.”     

Qiu Xi was a little curious, “Jiang Lin is just a fool who isn’t cared by his father and has no mother.
To deal with him like this, and to use such precious things on him.”

The empress stretched out her hand to ask Qiu Xi to help her up, and she chuckled lightly, “Who said this palace prepared this for him?”

The empress said: ” This Palace only rewards him with a set of headdress.”     

Qiu Xi thought of Wei Yunzhao who she met today, and suddenly understood, “My lady is for Wei Yunzhao.”

    The empress was supported by Qiu Xi, and walked down the stairs step by step, “The crown prince is young and soft-hearted, I, as a mother, should help him a little bit, some people are destined not to live in this world.”

    “This palace is kind, and it’s all about sending him down to renew the father-son relationship with his father as soon as possible.”

    Qiu Xi was still a little worried, “Madam, if someone finds out…”


 The empress interrupted her abruptly, “What does that have to do with me?”

    Qiu Xi Xi immediately bowed, “Yes.”

    Qiu Xi knew how powerful the bugs was, as long as it got on you, it would kill you.
There were so many people who wanted Wei Yunzhao to die, who would think that it had something to do with them.

    Qiu Xi didn't tell the empress about Jiang Lin's kneeling remarks today, he was a dying person after all, so let him live for a few more days.

    Because of the influence of the bugs, Jiang Lin didn't sleep very well at night.
The wriggling bugs kept lingering in his mind, scarier than zombies, so he subconsciously hugged Wei Yunzhao to seek a sense of security.

    But when he stretched out his hand, it was in vain, Jiang Lin immediately opened his eyes.

    At first glance, Wei Yunzhao's usual sleeping place was empty, and no one was there.

    Just as Jiang Lin wanted to call for someone, he heard a rustling sound.
There was still light in the room.
He turned over and opened the curtain to look at the source of the sound.
The bamboo tube, what was he looking at while staring at the bamboo tube?.

    Jiang Lin quickly realized that the sound was made by those bugs, he lost sleepiness immediately, got up and walked towards Wei Yunzhao.

    “You wake up,” Wei Yunzhao greeted.


    Jiang Lin hummed, and saw the bugs in the bamboo tube clearly by the candlelight, and then felt like he wanted to throw up…

    Jiang Lin ran to open the door and retched at the door.

    Xun Qi appeared out of nowhere, and looked at Jiang Lin with a complicated expression, “Young madam, do you have it?”

    “But you are a man, can men conceive and have children?”

    “Or the general is so powerful?”

    Jiang Lin: “…”

    He only hated himself for not really vomiting, otherwise he would have directly vomited on Xun Qi.

    Jiang Lin clutched his chest and fell back, took out a money bag from the small table beside the bed and threw it to Xun Qi, “If you have time tomorrow, go to a doctor to have a look at your mind.”

    After Jiang Lin finished speaking, he closed the door with a bang.


Xun Qi weighed the purse and felt it was quite heavy, so he muttered in a low voice, “Shouldn't the young madam be the one who should see the doctor?”

Jiang Lin with good ears: “…” He regretted giving him that bag of money!

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