“Lin'er, you are so miserable!” The words that Jiang Lin used to pity Wei Yunzhao were now used by Zhou Chengwang and Du Yuling on him.

    He didn't know who did it, Wei An's playing with a prostitute even made the woman's belly big, and the news that he lost a bet in the gambling shop and his leg would be cut off by the gambling shop's people spread all over the families of officials in Shengjing overnight.
The two came to condolence to Jiang Lin.

    Zhou Chengwang: “The family is unlucky.”

    Du Yuling: “It's not nice to meet people.”

    Jiang Lin: “…
Read the book so you can success, when you studied, did you get beaten a lot before?”


Zhou Chengwang shook his head and sighed, “Lin'er, what right do you have to say about us?”

 Jiang Lin: “…” Okay, they were all scumbags, he understood.

    Zhou Chengwang also added, “Look at the script I wrote, it can be understood by anyone who can read.” Zhou Chengwang felt that it was not a matter of being beaten at all, it was a matter of being beaten to death.


    “Okay, let's not talk about this,” Du Yuling cut off the topic, and asked Jiang Lin, “Have you thought about what to do when things have turned out like this?”

    Jiang Lin pointed to Wei Yunzhao who was talking to Xun Qi, ” Listen to him.”

    After he finished speaking, he met two pairs of playful eyes, and Zhou Chengwang winked, “Lin'er, you are now marrying a chicken and following the chicken, marrying a dog and following the dog, and you are obedient to your husband's orders.”

    Jiang Lin rolled his eyes, “This is the matter of the Wei family.
He is the head of the Wei family now, so I naturally listen to him.
Although I really want Wei An to fend for himself outside, the old lady of the Wei family will trouble me “Jiang Lin didn't want to face her every day.


    Du Yuling was more reliable, “If there is anything we can do to help, please ask someone to pass a message to the concierge.”

    Then, the next sentence, “By the way, how is your script? Everything was sold out last time and wait for the next one.
Don't interfere with our earning money.”

    Jiang Lin: “…” This momentary brotherhood, not worth mentioning!

    Jiang Lin became furious and pushed the two to the door to drive them away.

    When he turned around, he happened to meet Wei Yunzhao's gaze, and he heard Wei Yunzhao said, “Madam looks very happy,” he used an affirmative sentence.

    Jiang Lin didn't deny it either, he said: “It feels good to be cared by someone,” even if it was momentary, it was not very reliable.

    “As long as Madam is happy,” Wei Yunzhao said, and then stretched out his hand to Jiang Lin, “Then Madam is willing to accompany me to the gambling shop.”

    Jiang Lin blurted out, “Please beg me.”


“Well, please,” Wei Yunzhao said with a smile, and Jiang Lin could even hear a bit of pampering.

    So he came to the conclusion, “Young Master Wei, you are in a good mood.”


    Wei Yunzhao pushed the wheelchair to Jiang Lin, “Let's go, if you don't go out now, you won't be able to leave in a while.”

    Jiang Lin was about to reach out to push the wheelchair, he caught a glimpse of the shadow at the gate of the yard, and sighed to Wei Yunzhao, “It's too late.”

Old madam Wei came in almost running, shouting, “Yunzhao, Yunzhao, good boy, go and save your Fifth Uncle, he will die if you don't go.”


Approaching, Old madam Wei took a few breaths and continued, “Take it as grandmother begging you.
grandmother has only one son left.
You can't leave your fifth uncle alone.” Maybe it was because she was worried about her son and didn't sleep well at night.
Old madam Wei looked a little more haggard than yesterday, and also looked a little more sincere begging for help.

    “Didn't the old lady insist that she will no longer recognize Wei Yunzhao yesterday? Why are you here again today?” Jiang Lin thought of Wei Yunzhao's sad appearance yesterday, so he didn't want to give the old lady any face.

    Old madam Wei rolled her eyes, almost subconsciously wanting to stare at Jiang Lin and even scold him, but thinking of Jiang Lin's help in saving her son, she resisted it.

    “Cuixiang,” Old Madam Wei called out, and Ye momo next to her took two steps forward, holding something wrapped in a handkerchief in her hand.

    Ye momo opened the handkerchief with shaking hands, and Jiang Lin and Wei Yunzhao could see clearly what was on it.
A fresh toe with wet blood stained the handkerchief.

    Old madam Wei cried on the spot when she saw the toe, she took out a letter and handed it to Wei Yunzhao, “Yunzhao, that's your fifth uncle's toe, they want your fifth uncle's life, please, grandmother beg you to save your fifth uncle.”

    Wei Yunzhao opened the letter, and it read: 150,000 silver for two legs.

    The price had risen overnight.

    Wei Yunzhao showed Old madam Wei the way, “The gambling shop can’t kill people, grandmother can go to the Yamen to sue them, and someone will save your son's life.”

    He also tore up the letter, “When a person dies, he can't get up even if he has legs or not.
Come on, so there is no need to spend the 150,000 taels in vain, and grandmother still can save her dowry.”

    Old madam Wei's face changed, and she pointed at Wei Yunzhao, probably to scold him for being heartless, but she asked for something, but she asked for a long time.
Then he choked out a sentence, “Yunzhao, that's your uncle, how can you bear it?”

    Wei Yunzhao stared into old madam Wei's eyes, “Isn't it your decision to bear it or not, grandmother, or grandmother doesn’t remember what you did yesterday?”

    Old madam Wei's face paled instantly, she obviously didn't expect Wei Yunzhao to get the news so soon, she hurriedly explained, “Yunzhao, listen to grandmother’s explanation, grandmother is not…”

    Wei Yunzhao interrupted her directly, “What? Is it intentional? Or because the other person not born to you, so it doesn't matter if you have a broken leg or an arm, as long as your son is fine?”

    “Grandmother really impresses grandson! “

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