When they returned home, they passed by the wheelchair shop, there was a portrait of Wei Yunzhao hanging outside the door, and there were quite a lot of people coming in and out, business was good

    Jiang Lin said: “If we have no money in the future, I will push you to the street and let them touch the real person.
They will be charged at least 30 copper coins per person.”

    Wei Yunzhao paused for a moment and asked: “Then Madam will count , I have been touched by you from top to bottom, how much money should I charge you?”

    Jiang Lin snorted, “Wei Yunzhao, you may not understand one thing, I’m your savior.”

    “So Madam wants me to promise you with my body?”

    Jiang Lin: “That's not necessary, as long as you let me touch you casually.”

    Wei Yunzhao: “Sure, as long as Madam likes it.” Mr.
Wei was as easy to talk to as ever.

    It made Jiang Lin felt like a hooligan molesting good women and men, although he didn't feel any guilt at all.


    Not long after Jiang Lin and Wei Yunzhao returned home, Wei An was brought back and placed at the gate of Wei's mansion, bloody, looking half dead.

    Not long after waking up from coma, Old madam Wei learned that her precious son was back, and immediately went to the door to pick him up with a cane.
Then, seeing Wei An's miserable state, she almost fainted again.

    Wei An weakly called his mother, “Son…
son has lost his legs, and he's not…
a man anymore.”

    Zhou Shi, who came with old madam Wei suddenly screamed, “What did you say? You said you're not a man anymore ?”

    Wei An didn't know whether it was the pain in his body or the pain in his heart, his face was covered with snot and tears, his eyes were red and swollen, it was very miserable.

    Hearing what Zhou Shi yelled again, he burst into tears and called mother again and again.

    Jiang Lin and Wei Yunzhao were also there, but they were not too close.
When Jiang Lin heard Wei An calling his mother, he shook his head, “A person in his decades is still not weaned.”

    Old madam Wei also knelt down and hugged Wei An , One mouthful of my son and crying sadly.

    But Zhou Shi's focus was completely different from them.
She kept pushing Wei An, “What you just said is true or not? Are you really not a man?”

    Wei An just kept crying, yelling that he was in pain, and completely ignored her, Zhou Shi was dissatisfied, and stretched out her hands to pull Wei An's pants, “Take it off and let me see, if you are not a man, what is this old lady going to do with you?”

    Wei An's leg was smashed and crippled, but he could still feel the pain.
When Zhou Shi moved him, Wei An screamed, “It hurts, it hurts, you poisonous woman, do you want to murder your own husband, poisonous woman, you are so cruel.”


Old madam Wei felt sorry for her son, and hurriedly pulled Zhou Shi away, “What are you going to do?, this is your man, don't you see his pain? “

    Jiang Lin complained again, “If you really care about Wei An's life and death, you should bring him to the house and invite the doctor, instead of howling like a pig at the gate.”

    Except for Wei Yunzhao, there was no one who heard Jiang Lin's words, and at the gate, Zhou Shi, Old madam Wei and Wei An had already quarreled.

    The theme of the quarrel was that Wei An was no longer a man, and Zhou Shi looked disgusted and didn't want to get along with him.

    Then Wei An's mother and son scolded Zhou Shi for being vicious, and Zhou Shi was also straightforward, gave Wei An a bad mouthful, and walked outside with the maid.

    The rest was the scene of mother and son hugging each other and crying.

    When Old madam Wei finally thought of bringing Wei An into the house to lie down and invite a doctor, a group of yamen came from outside, and the leader raised his hand and said: “By the order of the governor, Wei An, as an official of the court, In disregard of the laws and regulations, openly playing with prostitutes, coming and going in and out of the gambling shop, and now he is going to be taken back to the Yamen for trial, and those who have nothing to do with him will quickly retreat, and if there are anyone who violates the order, they will be taken away and taken into custody together.”

    The two who were crying bitterly were stunned, and after the leader finished speaking, he was about to pull Wei An, Wei An waved his hands and struggled, calling his mother repeatedly.

    Old Madam Wei naturally refused to let her precious son be taken away, she got up to stop them, “What are you doing? This is Wei's mansion, the majestic General's Mansion, what are you?, you dare to arrest people at the gate of the General's Mansion.”

    The leader laughed, “Old madam Wei is still dreaming, the Wei family is no longer a general's mansion.
If you dare to stop me, I will take you away together.”

    As he said that, he stretched out his hand towards old madam Wei, who was startled and took several steps back.

    “It seems that the old lady is also afraid.
If you are afraid, don't hinder the official business, take him away!”

    Wei An struggled and was taken away.
The old lady Wei realized and she was going to chase someone, and it was Ye Momo who was beside her who stopped her, “Old lady, calm down, you can't be arrested together, who will save the fifth master, old lady, you are the only one in this house who is thinking about the fifth master.”


Old madam Wei immediately responded , “Cuixiang, you are right, I have to save An'er, I have only one son left, I have to save him!”

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